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Yoga for Runners: How Yoga Can Improve Your Running

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Almost all the runners like you get suggested to do yoga by experts at some point. If you are a professional runner then it is obvious you have got the same suggestion from many. Yoga is an age-old form of exercise that many people around the world practice for many reasons. Especially for the athletes, yoga gets highly recommended. Yoga for runners brings many positive effects. Hence, both amateur and professional runners would get a lot of benefits by practicing it. Let us discuss what basic benefits yoga can offer to the runners.

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How Can Yoga Benefit Runners

Yoga asana
Yoga for Runners

Running can lead to injuries due to its repetitive nature. This results in musculoskeletal imbalances and on a physical level, yoga restores balance and symmetry to the body, making it the perfect complement to running.

Here's how runners around the world can benefit from regular yoga doing.

Yoga Brings You Strength

Participants of long races and sprints know how physical strength is necessary. Runner yoga can superbly enhance your overall physical strength. And you will be able to complete the competitions successfully

The core muscles and the less used muscles get the boost that they require. The professional runners depend highly on the body parts like hip flexors, quad, core, and hamstrings. They get ideally moved by practicing the very form of exercising.

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Yoga Makes Body Flexible

Flexibility is one of the key features that the body of a runner requires. Apart from physical strength agility is very important for the runners. Yoga for runners is ideal because it provides exciting agility of body to the athletes.

Flexible body lets them run for long easily. The joints, ligaments, tissues, and muscles get the softness which is vital for any athlete. As a result, runners who practice yoga, complain less about having pains.

Yoga increases body flexibility
Yoga Increases Body Flexibility

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Yoga Improves Breathing

Hatha Yoga is the key that can enhance your breathing. Slow motioned breathing makes us feel relaxed. And faster breathing makes us feel energised. Proper breathing can let you intake suitable amount of oxygen.

Stable breathing also keeps you away from anxiety. Thus, when you participate in a tough race, you feel comfortable than others. Now you have a better breathing technique.

Yoga Offers Balance

As a runner, it is vital for you to maintain a balance between body and mind. It does not matter how hard you train every day. You can include yoga for runner to your fitness regime. Both your body and mind will surely get the balance and healing that they need.

Yoga maintains body balance
Yoga Maintains body Balance

Yoga Enhance Posture

Posture plays the pivotal role in running. Speed and flexibility of a runner, depend largely on his or her posture. If your posture is not right, your hard training can go in vain.

It is the spine that you depend on majorly while running. A disciplined practice of yoga lets you broaden your spine. It will improve your overall posture without creating any physical trouble. Yoga lets you get an ideally aligned body that is superbly beneficial for any runner.

Yoga Keeps Back Health in Track

A lot of professional runners complain of having severe back pain. There are many yoga exercises that are truly good in keeping back pain under control. You can practice runners yoga properly under the supervision of an expert. You will get relief from back pain. And you will be able to keep many running injuries away that occur because of lack of mobility of the back.

Yoga Prevents Stress

A lot of people think Yoga is something spiritual. Actually, there is meditation process involved in this form of exercise. It lets you feel free of the tensions and anxieties that any man normally keeps.

You feel that your mind is clear from all kinds of negative energy. And get a feeling of mental comfort and emotional harmony. A lot of trainers try to add yoga for runners in the training routine to keep the athletes away from the worry of race.

Yoga busts stress
Do Yoga to Bust Stress

Yoga Offers Mental Strength

It is your mental strength that pushes you forward to undergo hard physical training. Meditation and other forms of yoga let you have a positive outlook. It can charge you up mentally and keep you out of stress. You automatically become able to let go all your negative thoughts. You feel free from the fear of failure once you start meditating to achieve a positive attitude.

Being a runner, you are already aware of the benefits of running. Now if you ask what are the benefits of yoga that an advanced level runner can get the answer will be ‘many’. There are three significant results that you can avail as an advanced level runner.

Mobility and Motion Become Enhanced

According to the experts, yoga for runners is pretty effective. It enhances the agility and flexibility of the runners. People who lead a corporate life and practice run as a hobby, often lack mobility. As they sit for long in the office, their core muscles don’t get worked out much.

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This is why more or less 60% of people come across either major or minor injuries while running for long. Yoga can provide the required suppleness to your stiff muscles and tissues. You get rid of the rigidness of your body. And you ultimately feel confident while running.

Yoga improves your mobility
Yoga Improves Your Mobility

You Become Aware of Your Body

You can start practicing yoga before running regularly. You would start feeling good changes in your body and mindset. The practice makes you able to be aware of your own physical condition. Hence, it becomes easier for you to gauge your own moves in a race ideally.

Landing of your foot and swing of your arms get done suitably with your running. When you become more aware of your physical condition, you would get to know your body better. If you practice yoga and running in a balanced way you are bound to get impressive results.

You Become More Compassionate

Yoga and running are two different activities. But still, the exercise is great for the runners. Once you become aware of the wellbeing of your own body, you will be more compassionate towards it. You will start treating your body with a lot more love.

Your mindset will become able to leave the negative thoughts behind. Your mind and attitude become more positive. And you feel more capable of avoiding negative thoughts and negative affirmations.

Top Yoga Poses for Runners

When it comes to running, there are certain postures of yoga that be quite advantageous to runners. It also quickens the recovery phrase and builds strength, flexibility, and mental focus.

Postures that the runners should practice extensively are as follows:

Warrior 1

Warrior yoga pose
Warrior Yoga Pose

This is a simple posture. On the mat, keep your right foot back and keep it out 45 degrees. Keep the left foot in front in 90 degree angle. Raise the arms fully upward and join the palms. Look straight and start breathing in and breathing out slowly.

Legs up the Wall

Leg up wall yoga pose
Leg Up Wall Yoga Pose

If you want to do yoga after running to give relaxation to your legs, then ‘Legs up the Wall’ is ideal for you. You have to lay straight on the mat. Then your backside and both the legs must be starched out on the wall. You can breathe slowly in this position. The posture can offer relaxation not only to your legs but to your overall body.

Downward Facing Dog

Downward Facing Dog Yoga pose
Downward Facing Dog Yoga Pose

To stretch a little, you can do yoga before running. Among many postures of Yoga for runners, ‘downward facing dog’ is good to do before a run. On the mat, keep your feet width apart.

Now bend and place the palms in front. Stretch the fingers forward. Come to an almost push-up position and lift your back so that your hips can face the ceiling. Pull chest towards the legs and hold breath for a few seconds.

Pigeon Pose

Pigeon nose pose
Pigeon Nose Yoga Pose

Begin in the downward facing dog position and raise your right leg so it extends away from your body. Then, slide it forward to the back of your right wrist. Position the right shin under your torso and bring your right foot to the front of your left knee. Slide your left leg back behind you. Straighten it and let the front of your thigh sit on the ground. Lower the outter edge of your right buttock to the ground. Place your hands on either side of your leg. Inhale and rise up on your fingertips. Pull up your spine. Lengthen your lower back by pressing your tailbone down and forward. Exhale and lay your torso down over your right leg. Hold this pose for 4-5 breaths before releasing.

Also, get onto doing some dynamic stretching to reduce injury and improve your running.

Summing Up

yoga relieves you of stress
Yoga Gets You Relief

Yoga is a powerful tool when it comes to restoring the body and mind after a long day of workout or stress. You get to learn the Pranayama, a breathing exercise. It lets you excel all the negative emotions and excel the positive ones. The Savasana lets you feel completely relaxed. It also lets you feel free from all the negative emotions.

If you were not aware of the benefits of yoga for running, then now you know them. If you have been doing yoga for long, then write us what benefits you have found from it. If you get complete renewal in yoga and experience nice results, then share your thoughts with us. We would like to know how fantastically you utilize the results of yoga while running.

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