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Running Gear: Keep Running with the Winter Running Gear Essentials

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A brisk winter training can bring solitude during your regular exercise routine.Keeping in mind the weather conditions, one must be covered from head to toe to avoid the cold wind. You must be wondering what to wear while running. Here are some of the best winter running gear that you’ll need to protect yourself from the cold.

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List of Best Winter Running Gear


One of the most primary winter running gears is the jacket. One must not confuse a jacket with a coat. A jacket is supposed to resist both wind and water with an extra bit of lining to keep you warm. A jacket is a lifesaver during the winter months as it keeps your core warm. So, a jacket is one of the most needed running accessories in winter.

best winter running gear 2017
Winter running jacket

Running Tights - Base Layer Running Tights

Layers are very important when you are searching for your winter running gears. The base layers usually tend to be very thin and light. These help you immensely in stretching, running and even hiking. If you are choosing to wear the base running tights, then you must wear the base layer under another layer of running tights.

cold weather running tights
Running Tights

One of the most useful winter running gear, the base layer running tights will keep you warm and help you in stretching. These base layer tights are the necessary cold weather running pants that you must not ignore.

Sprint Insulated Vest

Adding another item to your best cold weather running gear is the Sprint insulated vest. In winter, keeping your core warm is very necessary. So, this insulated vest does just that. It is very lightweight and allows you to move freely while preserving your body heat. You can also include it in your winter athletic clothing list if you want to.

winter athletic clothing
Sprint insulated vest

Crisp Run Glove

Gloves are very useful during the winter months. You cannot ask for a simpler item to be added to your winter running gear list than these crisp run gloves. A mandatory part of your running accessories in winter, these fleece hand warmers keep your wrists and forearms warm. You also have the option of rolling the sleeves down for extra warmth.

affordable winter running gear
Running gloves

Knit Hat

Originally made of wool, the knit hat is specially designed to keep you warm during the winter months. Gloves and hats are one of the simpler, yet important things that you cannot miss to include in your winter running gear. It protects your ears from the cold and doesn’t let your body heat escape through your head.

extreme cold weather gear
Knit Hat

Neck Gaiter

It is really essential to cover your necks on super cold and windy days. A neck gaiter, just like the jacket is a lifesaver. During extremely cold days, don’t leave your neck exposed to the cold wind. Tack in one of these neck protectors and you can also cover your nose and mouth during cold and windy days.

affordable winter running gear
Neck gaiter

Micro Sock and Nathan Light Spur

There are certain things you cannot miss wearing during the cold days and one of them is a pair of socks. But, you wouldn’t want your feet to be so sweaty that you face problems while running. These micro socks are one of the most affordable winter running gears that are lightweight thereby keeping your feet dry.

winter athletic clothing
Micro Sock

The Nathan Light Spur adds color to your outfit. It may be dark during the night time, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be visible. These Light Spurs come in different colors and all you have to do is attach it to the back of your shoes and watch your feet glow in the dark.

Miscellaneous Items

One of the main things that runners tend to neglect is a pair of comfortable and lightweight shoes. Choosing the right pair of winter running shoes is essential in protecting your feet. The other necessary item to include in your winter running gear is goggles.

There were times when your eyes froze shut. Well, not anymore. Pick up some suitable goggles from your nearby store and wear them while running.

As we have narrowed down the most required winter gear for running, let’s sum up the entire list in one go. Starting with the most affordable winter running gear, the crisp glove and the micro socks, which keeps our hands and feet warm. Then we have some of our upper body gears, like the jacket and the sprint insulated vest, which keeps our core warm.

For our lower body, we have the base layer tights and also flash tights. The later one being one of the men’s winter running pants. Last but not the least, the mandatory items in our list are the neck gaiter and the knit hat, protecting our neck region and our nose from the cold winter breeze. This concludes the list for best winter running gear.

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