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Vizag Navy Marathon 2017: Marathon Madness Begins!

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A big shout-out to all my marathon friends- Spruce up your running shoes because Vizag Navy Marathon is on its way! Typically falling in November every year since its inception, Vizag Navy Marathon 2017 is happening on 12th of November- in exactly a month!

Keep reading for more insights on the Vizag Navy Marathon.

Find out:

  • About Vizag Navy Marathon
  • Information on the Races: Types, Eligibility, & Registration Fee
  • Vizag Navy Marathon Race Routes
  • Basic FAOs
  • How to Prepare for Vizag Naval Marathon
  • How to Recover Post Marathon

About Vizag Navy Marathon

Vizag Naval Marathon
Vizag Naval Marathon 2017(source)

Running, one of the healthiest ways to stay fit has garnered a fair amount of popularity lately. For the fitness enthusiasts across the world, long-distance running such as marathons and 10 K races have developed to form an important part of exercise regime. It has transverse from tracks to laymen’s life and has morphed their lifestyle completely. And why wouldn’t it? A daily running can not only make you feel fit and fabulous but also sharpen your mental abilities.

With an aim to connect Indians with the spirit of running, Vizag Navy Marathon, organized by the Eastern Naval Command, is in the pursuit to bring together souls who have an affinity for running as well as those with a “sporty kind” of life approach.

Born in the “City of Destiny”, the Vizag Navy Marathon was first organized in the year 2014. And since then it has set a milestone in Andhra Pradesh. In fact, Vizag Navy Marathon was the first organization to introduce a full marathon category in the state!

And now the annual event, Vizag Navy Marathon is scheduled to run its fourth year on November 12th, 2017. Last year, the marathon event saw an amazing gathering of almost 8000 participants.

Hopefully, there would be more this year!

Information on the Races: Types, Eligibility, & Registration Fee

Race info Vizag Naval Marathon
Mark the Date (source)

Vizag Navy Marathon organizes four categories of running- full marathon (42 km), half marathon (21.1 km), 10 K and 5 K races.

If you are a beginner and have a mind to do the 5K race this year then here's a quick 5K reference guide for you.

The participants for Full Marathon or Half marathon must be above the age of 18 years. There is no upper limit for the race categories.

The registration for the Vizag Navy Marathon has been opened since July 2017 and online registrations close 5th November 2017 (by the end of the day).

The registering fees for the various race categories are as follows:

  • Full Marathon (42.2 Kms): INR 1500/-
  • Half Marathon (21.1 Kms): INR 1300/-
  • 10 Kms race: INR 1000/-
  • 5 Kms race: INR 600/-

You can also opt for running t-shirts while registering up.

It is also mandatory that participants should carry supporting age proof, such as passport copy, drivers license, or Adhaar card when collecting the bibs for the event.

Over the years, Vizag City has made an amazing progress in the endurance sport. The growing reception and participation testify the fact that people love and want to be a part of the marathon. An annual running event, Vizag Navy Marathon is scheduled in the month of November every year. The fourth season has been scheduled for and we hope to see more runners joining at Vizag from all over the world.

Vizag Navy Marathon Race Routes

Vizag Naval Marathon map
Vizag Naval Marathon (source)

Vizag Navy Marathon is famous for its scenic running routes. The race courses run along the Beach Road which is one of the greatest USP of the Vizag Marathon. The refreshing and mind soothing sights along the route offers the participants with the ultimate high and the much-required motivation.

Every year, the Vizag Navy Marathon sees a great response from local as well as many offshore participants. By returning year after year with greater zeal, Vizag Navy Marathon is doing its best to place Visakhapatnam on the running map of the world.

The Vizag Navy Marathon will start at the RK beach. The starting point for all the marathon categories (5km, 10km, Half Marathon and Full Marathon) will be the same.

Starting time for each race category is:

  • Full Marathon: 4:15 Hrs
  • Half Marathon: 05:15 Hrs
  • 10 Kms: 06:15 Hrs
  • 5 Kms: 06:45 Hrs

Basic FAOs

  1. When does the Vizag Navy Marathon event start?
    November 12th, 2017
  2. How is the terrain/run route?
    The race is along a beautiful route that runs quite close to the sea!
  3. Are headphone/iPods allowed?
    Yes, because what is a good run without good music.
  4. Can the registration fee be refunded, transferred, or donated?
    No, there is no registration fee refund policy. And it is non-transferable as well.
  5. How will I be notified of my application acceptance or submission?
    Once the application is successfully submitted online, you will receive a confirmation message via Email and SMS. For offline registration, a receipt will be given.

How to Prepare for Vizag Naval Marathon

How to prepare for marathon
Hydration is a Key Marathon Mantra (source)

As the season of marathon ushers in India, why don’t you also sign up for any of these long distances running events?

Yes, marathon running isn’t like jogging in the park but it not very different either. You just need to train yourself well and let us tell you that you do not need a professional trainer to help you.

Just follow this immensely helpful marathon training guide and you shall be on the right track!

With that, here’s a bonus checklist of all the do’s and don’t of marathon running, check out!

Do’s and Don’ts If you are Running a Marathon

  • Take it easy
  • Run with your Peer Group
  • You already have got your best timing. This is not the time to better it.
  • Keep a close watch on how the weather conditions are changing and gauge how it may be on the day of the run.
  • Based on that, calculate the amount of fluid you will require when you run.
  • Take more amounts of carbs and fruits
  • Have bananas and scoop of Glucon C. This is what gives you that instant energy.
  • Do not try anything new now. It is important that the body should be accustomed to whatever you are going to do on that day. If you have it on the D-day directly, there will be an electrolyte imbalance.
  • Don’t push yourself while running a marathon. If you feel tired, or any pain, ache or any symptom of any illness, which was absent during your practice sessions, seek medical assistance instantly.
  • Sleep and adequate rest are key elements as a runner. If you want to improve, getting few early nights in race week will surely protect your immune system.
  • Avoid being a victim of peer pressure. Don’t try to match up with your peers/pace at this stage. Enjoy the run.

Take a look at 12 Types Of Runners You Come Across in a Marathon for tips on how to read your fellow runners and who to stick to or even avoid

How to Recover Post Marathon

Post marathon recovery
Take a Break from Training (source)

And last but not the least to mention- the post-marathon recovery phase. Post-marathon recovery is very crucial as it helps you to heal faster and get you back to your best running at the earliest.

We put our best foot forward when training for a marathon, letting the body go through all kinds of rigorous workouts. But hardly do we plan in prior to its revival process which is essential after running a marathon.

To avoid any injuries, it is crucial to recovering from sore muscles, cellular damage and suppressed immune system caused due to running a long distance.

Here are eight things to do for quick recovery after marathon running:

  1. Cool yourself with an ice bath
  2. Catch a nap for 1-2 hours immediately after the run
  3. Walk around a little in between your rest.
  4. Replenish the body with lots of water and eat protein and iron-rich foods.
  5. Shun from sports drinks, energy boosters, and junk foods.
  6. Do slow and easy training for a while.
  7. Avoid Complex Stretches. Do some easy post-run stretches.
  8. Go for Cross-Training Activities

And that’s a wrap my marathon enthusiast!

If you read that then we figure you are still with us- which is good but rush my friend!

Go register for the Vizag Naval Marathon and experience the awesome feeling of running along the sea.

Don’t forget to share your Vizag Naval Marathon experience with us. Maybe create a selfie marathon story.

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