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Seven Bridges Marathon 2018 (Chattanooga Marathon) - Gear for a Stimulating Run!

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In one of the top travel destinations in the South USA, takes place the Seven Bridges Marathon in the city of Chattanooga, Tennessee. With the New York Times naming marking this destination in the “Top 45 Places to go in the World", this rocking city is tucked between the mountains of Southeast Tennessee, along the beautiful Tennessee River making it one of America’s most breathtaking cities.

So you must be wondering, what is so special about running this race? Read on!

The marathon offers a wide array of races for any and everybody to run. The wide, flowing waters of the Tennessee River are the runners’ constant companion for most of the race course at the Seven Bridges Marathon, Four Bridges Half Marathon and Two Bridges 5K run. Unlike so many other runs, 7 Bridges Marathon 2018 enjoys cutting-edge disposable bib chip timing technology with access to instant kiosk results.

So, what are you waiting for? Get every detail of this race and register yourself soon.

About the 7 Bridges Marathon 2018

Located in Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States, the 7 Bridges Marathon 2018 is being brought to you by Scenic City Multisport. Set to take place on October 21st, 2018, the 7 Bridges Marathon will begin in Coolidge Park on the North Shore of Chattanooga. Post crossing the Market Street Bridge, the race will lead runners on a scenic tour of downtown Chattanooga’s bridges and riverside neighborhoods.

The half marathon course (13.1 miles) will accompany the full marathon (26.2 miles) over three bridges, splitting off at the Chattanooga Food Bank on the Tennessee Riverwalk. While the half will return over the Walnut Street Bridge and finish in Coolidge Park, the full marathon will continue over three more bridges before returning downtown to cross Walnut for the Coolidge Park finish.

The Marathon has some fun food surprises to offer at every aid station located amidst the run. Aid stations and water stops are located after every 1.5 miles approximately and are stocked with Gatorade and Gu’s flavored energy supplements.  

Seven bridges in tennesse
Seven bridges in Chattanooga

Event Race History

Incepted in 2011, the Seven Bridges Marathon has been gaining popularity every year since. With just a few runners in the first run, the race now witnesses around 2 thousand participants each year.

This marathon emphasizes not only on men but strongly on women participation, encouraging them to run at any age.

The year 2016 saw a huge number of participants accounting around 2593 out of which 53% runners were women. The marathon that just went by in October 2017 had a total runner count of 2080 with 47% males and 53% females.

The full marathon race witnesses the highest number of participants every year. In 2016, with 509 as the total number of athletes, 414 runners finished the race with an average time of 04:46:45 whereas in the 2017 marathon there was a little less participation with 437 total runners out of which only 353 managed to finish the race.

The marathon continues to grow slow and steady with runners breaking their own personal records. It is yet to make an entry into the world record-breaking majors.

Seven bridges marathon
Seven bridges marathon

Here is how you can enter and create a record in this marathon!

Entry and Registration

The Seven Bridges Marathon, also known as the Chattanooga Marathon is open to all and the general registration process is accessible to the public right now. So, run alone or get your pacing team along, this marathon is ready to welcome all.

The registration for the Marathon can be made through the official website. Register Here!

Here is how the registration fee structure for the Seven Bridges Marathon 2018 looks like:

Name of the Race

Race Price

Convenience Fee

Registration Price Ends on*

7 Bridges Full Marathon 2018



7:00 AM, 15th Oct 2018

Desmond Doss 4 Bridges Half Marathon 2018



7:59 PM, 15th Oct 2018

2 Bridges 5k Race



7:00 AM, 21st Oct 2018

2018 1k Fun Run



10:00 AM, 21st Oct 2018

Full Marathon Relay (4) Runners



7:00 AM, 21st Oct 2018

Half Marathon Relay (2) Runners



7:00 AM, 21st Oct 2018




7:00 AM, 21st Oct 2018

For team participation, here are the entry details:

  • 7 Bridges Marathon Relay - $250 / team

  • 4 Bridges Half Marathon Relay - $135 / team

  • 7 Bridges Marathon Relay - 4-member team with varying distances from 5 miles to 8 miles, following the 7 Bridges Marathon course.

  • 4 Bridges Half Marathon Relay – 2-member team each running half of the 4 Bridges Half Marathon course.

Livingit Tip
The registration price is bound to increase post these dates. So, hurry and grab your place in the race.

Types of Races and Particulars

The marathon is not just a simple seven bridge race; trust us it’s a lot more than that! There are varied types of races being organized along the full marathon run.

Here are some details for the super fun races:

7 Bridges Full Marathon

  • Date: 21st October 2018

  • Time: 7 AM

The 7 Bridges Marathon will take runners across the Tennessee river 6 times as you navigate the city. You will run by the Tennessee Aquarium, AT&T field, Creative Discovery Museum, Cross the Dam and enjoy a stroll along the Riverwalk, then run through the Art district, Hunter Museum and Historic Walnut street bridge to finish in front of the Chattanooga Theatre in Coolidge Park.

New runners should commit to at least 4 months of training before running a marathon. Experienced runners are recommended to train for at least 2 months.

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Even if you aren’t quite ready to take on the full 7 Bridges this year, it doesn’t mean you have to forgo the day!

4 Bridges Half Marathon

  • Date: 21st October 2018

  • Time: 7:30 AM

The 4 Bridges Half Marathon course, roughly parallels the 7 Bridges Full Marathon course until approximately Mile 10, where it will turn onto the river walk to complete the last section of the Full Marathon course. The Half Marathon starts at 7:30 AM -- 30 minutes after the start of the Full marathon.

Most new runners will take 8 to 12 weeks to train for their first half marathon. Serious runners may choose the half marathon to better condition their bodies by varying their training and to prevent burn out from running too many consecutive marathons.

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7 Bridges Marathon Relay & 4 Bridges Half Marathon Relay

  • Date: 21st October 2018

  • Time: 7 Bridges Relay at 7:00 AM and 4 Bridges half relay at 7:30 AM

These relay races are an exciting new addition to the race day! You can choose the 4-person marathon relay or the 2-person half marathon relay to split up the course among your team.

It’s another great way to train your body and enjoy a team effort!

The Marathon Relay will follow the 7 Bridges Marathon course and will consist of a 4 member team, you and 3 of your friends each running varying distances between 5 and 8 miles. The Half Marathon Relay will consist of 2 team members each running half of the 4 Bridges Half Marathon course. 

Awards will be given to the fastest Women’s Team, fastest Men’s Team, and fastest Mixed Team. An award will also be given to the overall fastest Masters Team. Put together your relay team for these fun events now!

2 Bridges 5k Run

  • Date: 21st October 2018

  • Time: 7:45 AM

The 5k race will start at 7:45 AM after the marathon start. Enter and get an abridged tour of Downtown Chattanooga while still crossing two of the seven bridges. You can earn the 2 Bridges finishers medal.

Family Fun Run

  • Date: 21st October 2018

  • Time: 7:45 AM

The Family Fun Run is a special running event meant only for the families. All family members of ages 8 and up are welcome to run or walk this special 1k race. Get everyone in the whole family involved from 8 to 80 to enjoy all that Downtown Chattanooga has to offer.

The Family Fun Run is sponsored by PM Pediatrics. PM Pediatrics offers the Greater Chattanooga area the best in pediatric urgent care for infants, children and young adults (through age 18).

Marathon events for everyone and anyone
Marathon events for everyone and anyone!

7 Bridges Marathon 2018  Schedule

So now you must be wondering how the events go down on the race day and where to pick up all the essentials from. Here is a schedule checklist for the Chattanooga Marathon 2018:

  1. Event: Packet pick up from the event expo hall in the Chattanooga theatre.
    Date: October 19th, 2018 (Friday)
    Time: 4 - 8 PM

  2. Event: Vendor Expo and Packet pick up from the Chattanooga theatre.
    Date: October 20th, 2018 (Saturday)
    Time: Noon to 6 PM

  3. Event: The Marathon, Half and 5K
    Date: October 21st, 2018 (THE RACE DAY - SUNDAY)
    Race start time: 7 AM

Packet pick up can be done on the race day from 5 am to 6 am. The time slot of 5 to 9 am is reserved for Kids K only.

Route Map

The thrilling course of this race will make your mind boggle over all those beautiful bridge walks that you must have seen in an adventure Hollywood movie.

We are sure you wish to see the map of the scenic 7 bridges that you will cross during this run!

The course of the 7 Bridges Marathon 2018 is officially not released yet. You can refer to the previous race course map of 2017, where only the starting point will change in the next race for 2018.  

You can also view the venue map for figuring out the parking and other logistics on the website:

Logistics – Hotels and Travel

Stay in Chattanooga should not be that difficult with multiple hotels and lodges located around the city. And to top it, for the marathon runners, they make it quite easy!

The official lodging partner for Chattanooga Seven Bridges Marathon is Springhill Suites by Marriott and The Read House suites and inn. With a special rate available for Friday and Saturday night at the Red House, you can experience priceless attractions around Chattanooga through this historic hotel location that has hosted esteemed guests before.

The hotels offer multiple shuttles available to the event, before and after. Travelling to Tennessee is also easily routed through the nearest New York airport which is well connected to a wide range of destinations worldwide.

Training for the Marathon

Fitness is one thing you can’t buy – says a training expert from the 7 Bridges Marathon 2018. Before any long distance run courses, one needs to train one’s body well and maintain stamina enough to be able to survive a race or a marathon.

What if training is too much effort for you?

Check out about Overtraining in Running: Symptoms and Prevention Methods

With not much effort, a simple exercise regime daily can help you avoid that extra fatigue on the race day. Here are some simple steps that can help prepare your body and train well for the marathon:

  • Drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water each day.

  • You can start taking a daily fiber supplement at least two weeks before the race starts.

  • Try limiting the fiber three days before the race.

  • Try to avoid a change in your routine on race day. That means you stick to foods you know your body handles positively, avoid white flour and fatty or greasy meals, and try a new energy gel or supplement during training first.    

Finisher medal
Finisher medal

Event Expo

The Marathon run is only half the fun. As a spectator or a participant, you can also enjoy the Marathon Expo with a variety of exhibitors featuring the latest developments in running gear, fitness, and nutrition!

The event expo is the official home to the participant packet pick-up for all the marathon runners. The expo is one of the highlights of the race weekend featuring all the marathon merchandise store, product trials, and other sports additions.

  • Expo Date: October 20th, 2018

  • Expo Timings: Noon to 6 PM

  • Location: Chattanooga Theatre, Coolidge Park, Chattanooga.

The expo is open to the public and the entry is free. Participants are advised to pick their packets a day prior to the race day during the regular expo hours.


  1. How long is 7 Bridges Marathon 2018 or the Chattanooga half Marathon?
    A: The full marathon counts 26.2 miles, or 42.1 kilometers and the half marathon is 13.1 miles or 21 kilometers in length.

  2. Is the race a qualifier for Boston, London or the NYC Marathon?
    Yes. The course has been certified by USATF rules and you can submit results to Boston or NYC Marathon for qualification.

  3. What is the total time limit for the Marathon?
    The official finishing time for the Marathon is 7 hours.

  4. Can I get a refund, transfer, or defer my entry post the registration?
    The Marathon authorities offer refunds for reasonable requests until September. Post that, there can be partial refunds or transfers can be made with no extra fees. The refund amount is reduced as the race date approaches. 

  5. What is the weather like in Tennessee at the time of the race?
    Located in central southern Tennessee, Chattanooga typically sees mild to moderately warm weather in October. On race day, the average low is 9°C and the average high is 23°C.

So, lock up your sports gear and set your tempo for the 7 Bridges Marathon 2018, the perfect blend of fitness, fun and natural beauty!

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