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Salt tablet for runners - Is it a Good Choice?

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Dear Runners, after a long run, do you crave for salty snacks? Say potato chips packet or crackers? Then blame sweat for such cravings! Sounds absurd? But the fact is when you run, you sweat which depletes salt content in your body and thus you crave for salty snacks. Due to this reason, the runners are often seen switching to supplements to take after their running regime. In the recent times, the salt tablet for runners is quite a popular choice for most athletes, though the benefits and side effects are yet not known to many.

You can find that there are several sodium supplements in the market, the most popular one is the salt tablet for runners or for people who work out enthusiastically more than a few times a week. Read further and know all about the salt tablet for runners.

Importance of Salt Tablets for Runners

Why do athletes take salt tablets?

When you sweat you not only lose water content but even lose important electrolytes from your body. And sodium being one of the electrolytes, regulates the body’s fluid levels. Moreover, you must keep the sodium level in balance for the sole purpose of preventing your body from hyponatremia as well as cramping.

salt tablet for runner
Exhausted Runner

That’s why just chugging water wouldn’t help you regain the lost electrolytes, instead, you should opt for salt tablets. Apart from Salt tablets, there are sodium supplements for runners as well as Marathon salt tablets so as to ensure that your body is well hydrated even after running long distances.

When should Runners take Salt Tablets

To keep a positive balance of sodium in your system you must know the exact amount of sodium, needed in a human body for complete hydration after your running workout.

If you are running a marathon, ultra marathon or anything that goes beyond 4-5 hours, then it is best to have sodium supplements, aka salt tablets before the finish line. Else you might feel dizzy, weak and suffer from cramps too. The new improved salt tablet for runners which you will find on the market or via online is a great way to restore the stability of your body fluids to a great extent.

Studies have shown that running one hour will decrease approximately three thousand milligrams of salt from your body. This mineral is essential for hydration in the human body as without proper amount it can give you various running-related problems which are mainly related to it.

The quantity of salt your body needs after running depends on two things:

  • Climate-warm weather conditions with extreme heat and a high percentage of humidity
  • Physiological factor-type of your body and the functioning of your sweat glands

Hence, keep in mind these two factors the next time when you go for a run and positively remember to take sodium supplements for runners or consume something which has salt in it so that your body is rehydrated always.

Another common question that might pop up in your mind would be ‘where to buy salt tabs from?’ You can get salt tablets in the form of saltstick capsules or electrolyte salt doses. These are readily available on certified chemist shops and also stores that sell supplements and protein powders.

How much Salt Should an Athlete ingest Daily

The answer to this question is quite simple.

If you indulge in a high-intensity workout then it is ideal to have 1 gram of sodium per hour. Thus, on daily basis runners must have 2,300 mg salt content per day whereas a normal adult must ingest not more than 1,500 mg per day.

How much salt do you need
Importance of salt

Also, on heavy workout days, or a sunny day, athletes, runners tend to exceed 2,300 mg salt intake. However it is important to understand your body, know how much you sweat in an hour workout and depending on those factors you must balance the sodium content in your body.

Livingit Tip
If you are going to participate in 4+ hour race events, then it is advised to carry extra salt tablets

Salt Tablets are best available in the form of Salt Sticks that prove highly beneficial for runners and athletes. These doses have a perfectly set balance of electrolyte to compensate for the salt loss that the body incurs while sweating. Two SaltStick Caps in an hour can equate up to 430 mg sodium, 126 mg potassium, 22 mg magnesium, and 44 mg calcium per hour: Here is how salt sticks can improve your running capacity in the ideal ratio:


Average Sweat*

Saltstick Caps**

Saltstick Caps Plus**

Saltstick Fastchews**

Sodium (mg)





Potassium (mg)





Magnesium (mg)





Calcium (mg)





*per 11 oz/315 mL of sweat    **Per serving

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Hydration through Salt Tablets for Runners

For optimizing hydration after a long run, sodium supplements for runners is a must. The salt tablet is a great way to replace the amount of salt which is lost through sweating while running and is a much better alternative than sports drink as per experts.

When runners should take Salt Tablets
Hydration through salt tablets

If you rely only on sports drinks, then let us inform you that these sports drinks contain only 440 mg sodium per liter. And that’s a low number to replenish the lost electrolytes after an intense workout.

Each and every runner whether they are seasonal or regular must know how much salt do you need to restore the sodium balance in your body. Your body will be hydrated in two simple ways by means of sodium. It enhances the process of fluid intake in your body, keeping you from dehydration. The second way is that sodium helps to maintain a high volume of blood in the body of athletes, which helps them to balance their body temperature.

Livingit Tip
If you are prone to cramps, muscle pull, then it is advised to eat a healthy salty snack before the run.

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Hyponatremia: Symptoms, Treatment, Prevention

What is hyponatremia?

When the sodium level drops too low in the bloodstream, that’s when the body experiences hyponatremia, also known as water intoxication.

It causes fatal issues to the body such as coma, neurological impairments and much more.

The symptoms of this medical condition are as follows:

  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Confusion
  • Muscle cramps
  • Stomach Bloating


Want to protect yourself from hyponatremia, then salt tablets are to your rescue! Eat salt tablets well before the race day. Have them during your training sessions and increase the sodium levels in your body. If you don’t want to have salt tablets, you can even drink 10 ml of salted water and notice a difference. Also, on the race day, carry salt tablets and during the run, pop them to avoid nausea, cramps. You can also chug on sports drink which would give you an instant sodium replenishment.

Eat salt tablets well before the race day. Have them during your training sessions and increase the sodium levels in your body. You can even drink 10 ml of salted water and notice a difference.

So, the basic idea is to fuel your body with sodium content before and after the run or intense training. Plus, during the run, you can have salt tablets, Gatorade drinks, electrolytes or salty foods. For better understanding meet a physician and know all about your sweat rate and fluid needs.


Some of the easy ways to prevent hyponatremia are:

Hyponatremia: Symptoms, Treatment, Prevention
  • It is better to stay safe than be sorry!
  • Avoid drinking water. Instead drink sports drinks during intense workouts, training, and long distance running.
  • Drink electrolyte enhanced water to prevent dehydration, cramps, and weakness.
  • Before the race event, munch on salty foods such as salty almonds, olives, pretzels, cheese.
  • During the race, drink water only when you are thirsty, else you would create an electrolyte imbalance in your body.

Livingit Tip
A week prior to the race day, increase the salt intake by 15-25 grams per day.

Next time you participate in a marathon or any race event, replenish your body with sodium levels. Stay hydrated and make sure you carry salt tablets on the race day.

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Let us tell you that these salt tablet will reduce those unhealthy binging on crackers and nachos in the runner's body. Make sure to stay away from hyponatremia by drinking more sodium-rich fluids.

Happy Running! 

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