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Running Motivation: 16 Proven Strategies to Make You Run!

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They say stay young, stay foolish. We say stay motivated, start running! Not in love with running? You may have many excuses; it’s hard, it’s boring, life is busy and it’s lonely. But look no further, here we present to you several running motivation tips to help lace up your shoes and rock the pavement. Let’s learn, how to get motivated to run!

Staying motivated to run ain’t an easy feat!

It requires constant motivation and dedication that you can get only from one person that is YOU!

There are plenty factors that can stop you from running but only you can overcome those factors and push yourself to look and feel better. Running is one exercise that helps you lose those muffin tops, love handles, flabby arms in a jiffy! We aren’t joking, from boosting your confidence, reducing depression to weight loss, preventing diseases, running has tons of benefits that can help you achieve the best body and mind.

Top Running Motivation Strategies

Need running motivation? Then let’s dive and find out ways to stay motivated for running. Most of the points mentioned below are suggested by our community of runners who initially believed that they could never run!


Motivation to start running: Discover a New Path Everyday

No one likes monotonous life and same goes with running. So why not stay motivated in running by exploring new running tracks? Look for lakeside paths, parks with running tracks or pavement to your favorite coffee shop. This way you wouldn’t feel running a mundane workout and you would feel excited about finding a new spot.

Motivation to go running: Picture the Fitter You

This is the best running motivation! If you have a goal to shed some pounds then picture yourself owning a toned body or fitting into the dress that you want.

Once you can picture that, ask yourself how can you achieve the goal? The answer is running! Running will drop off the extra flab easily and we bet once you gain the motivation to run you would definitely reach your goal.

Motivate yourself to run: Try Zen Running

It is the world of gadgets and it is hard to find a runner who isn’t calculating steps, monitoring heart rate and running literally on the needles of the clock.

Instead of pressuring yourself with gadgets, opt for Zen running. In Zen running, you focus on the present and understand your body better. Leave your gadgets at home and focus on your breathing, hand and leg movement and treasure the fact that you can run. This way you would appreciate your life and motivate yourself to run.

How to get motivated to run: Use Reminders

Just like scheduling office meetings, an appointment with your doctor, schedule a reminder in your phone to run. Isn’t that easy?

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Reminder to Run Source

You could either set a daily alarm or use sticky notes and stick them on your fridge, bedroom and this way you would be constantly reminded to go for a run. You could also go for running posters, motivational quotes that would motivate you to start running.

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Motivation to get up: Run Trails

As quoted by Long Beach, California coach Todd Rose, “ Trails are a fantastic way to give your running training a change of pace ”. It is advisable to run trails with a partner and carry a phone to stay safe.

waking up early to run, go for a run, running trails
Trail Runner Source

So, you should also run trails to challenge your body and mind. Added bonus is that you are close to nature, you breathe fresh air!

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How do you stay motivated: Well, bring on your Playlist!

Do you know why we love listening to music during a workout?

Well, the rhythm of the music motivates you to pace up during running and the music distracts your body from the pain it endures during running.

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Motivational music while running Source

So, let the music play and motivate you to run!

Motivate yourself to run: Run an Errand

Need running motivation? Then run an errand!

It is not necessary to lace up your shoes every morning or evening. You can incorporate your daily activities into your running schedule; run to get cash at the ATM or drop your car off at the garage and run home. You can also run 10 to 12 miles, and then refuel at a restaurant before hopping on the subway to ride back to the starting point.

Go for a run: Be Social

Run with a friend to keep your running motivation high and see time fly. A running buddy provides extra running motivation on those days when you “don’t feel like running”.

go for a run, motivation to start running

If you don’t have a friend to run with, check out community websites for local running clubs or groups. You can also be creative with your buddy to prevent boredom and burnout.

Livingit Tip
Try playing a game while running such as finding all the letters of the alphabet on the street signs.

How to have motivation: Go out for a Running Group’s Weekly Run

Don’t have the motivation for running? The best solution here is – Join a running group!

Search for a local running group online or on social media and become a member so that you get a group of runners that would motivate you to stay in shape! These running groups will give you an extra push that you needed. A daily reminder for running and you wouldn’t skip running ever!

Waking up early to run: Run Solo

While some can’t do it alone, there are some who prefer doing things on their own. If you are the one who is waking up early to run; the motivation here would be to explore on your own. Sometimes it’s good to be alone as you’ll be able to listen to your body and reap the much-needed recovery. Along your way, you will come across runners who will make you want to pick up your pace.

How do you stay motivated: Reward Yourself

A reward can be a powerful motivator. When you do succeed, reward yourself with a new shirt, a watch, a dinner at your favorite restaurant, or a trip with someone special.

reward yourself, motivation for running

Make a massage appointment for the day after your long run. Be good to yourself and the ideas will come flying once you give wings to your imagination.

Motivate yourself to run: Add Technology to your Steps

Although you don’t need to invest in running gear, yet these certainly can keep you motivated. There is something special about wearing branded gear; it just makes you feel powerful. You may visit a running store and your motivation will be lifted in an environment that supports your goal. Various options are available; from shirts that sponge the sweat from your skin to heart rate monitors that measure your pulse while you run.

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Motivation to get up: Funky Workout Clothes

Want to know how to motivate yourself to run? Buy workout clothes!

It might sound off beat, but people who love splurging on clothes should try buying workout clothes, running shoes that will actually make them feel good and motivate them to run! We all love new clothes and won’t leave a chance to wear them out, so why not buy new workout clothes and try them while running? This way you would stay motivated to run and feel happy about your new clothing!

Motivation to go run: Run for a Cause

It is much easier to get out of the door if you run for a reason. Chose a charity like helping kids with diabetes to raise awareness and get fit.

motivation to start running, how to get motivated for a run
Run for a cause Source

As stated by philosophy lecturer Jon Pike, “There’s a great deal to commend in running for charity. But there’s also plentiful value in running for its own sake”.

When you are running for a cause, your mind and body feel charged up about reaching the finish line for something you believe in and this indeed motivates you to get up and get going.

Motivation to run in the morning: Start Today!

Don’t delay anymore. The present time is the right time to start running.

Would you ever want your body to stop being fit? Then running is the small steps that you take for a healthy and a fitter life! You have got the gift to run, so don’t ignore it and start running right away!

Find a race: Enter a Marathon

Want to know how to motivate yourself to run? Then find a race and enter it! Now, this may sound challenging but it is definitely worth the challenge.

find a race, go for a run

Start for a short distance marathon or half a distance and then gradually enter big marathon races. Once you register for a marathon race, start focusing on your fitness so that your body is prepared for the upcoming marathon. The adrenaline rush will make you head over heels in love with running after which you are never going back!

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Maybe running isn’t for everyone and it’s hard to get out of the door, but you won’t know until you try and we are sure that you will. Becoming a runner is all about recognizing the value for each step that you take along the way. Go out, rise with the sun, meet your neighbors, hit the trails, and channel your inner cheerleader. Remember it’s always worth it!

We would love to hear your running experiences in the comments below!

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