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Running in the Rain: Tips and Techniques You'll Need

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Nothing should stop you from doing what you do and that includes your daily run as well. Many of us might skip our routine runs because of a slight drizzle or a gentle shower. But let us tell you that if you got the spirit to sprint in the rains then we’ve got the tips for running in the rain. With the appropriate gears and garments, running in the rain is possible, even long distance races like marathons!

To begin with, it’s better to skip the road and hit the treadmill on a rainy day. But if you do not have a treadmill or wouldn’t want to budge from your regular workout then just do it but be careful, the rains can be tricky.

Keep reading to learn tips on how to gear up for running in the rain.

Read On to Know:

  • What Clothes to Wear
  • What Shoes to Wear
  • How to Protect Your Running Gadgets
  • How to Run in the Rain
  • Lubing Up is Essential
  • When to Not Run in the Rains
  • Things to Do After Running in the Rain

What Clothes to Wear

Clothes for running in the rain
Clothes to Wear While Running in the Rain (source)

Rain or storm, a runner’s spirit shouldn’t get dampen at all! And so, the first step to running in the rain is to pad up well against the element. Put on layers of clothing but strategically. It is advisable that you understand what kind of rains you are going to run in.

Is it humid and wet? Or Cold and rainy? Figuring that out is your first move because the rain conditions will determine your “running-in-the-rain” get up. So, check out the weather before taking off.

Dress Smartly

Choose lightweight wicking garments for the layer close to your skin. Wicking apparel soak moisture from your body and keeps you relatively dry. This further prevents chafing and blisters. Avoid loose garments and the cotton fabric. Wear tighter, breathable apparels as they are less likely to chafe.

For the outer layer pick a wind- and water -resistant jacket to keep you warm. You can add another layer or wear a slightly thicker wind cheater for better resistance to the cold rainy winds. Avoid waterproof rain slickers and be careful to not overdress!

Livingit Tip:
You can wear a garbage bag for the outer layer to keep yourself dry. Simply cut armholes and a neck hole, put it on and you are good to go.

Be Visible

Wear Reflective Garments in Neon Colours While Running in the Rains (source)

Often rainy days give forth a grey landscape that reduces visibility. Hence, wear tracks in dark or neon colours. Garments with reflective strips are advisable for cloudy days.

Put on that Hat

Wear a hat with a brim to keep the rains out of your eyes and your head dry and warm. To run faster in rains, you need to see clearer. Consider the type of rains you are stepping into – if the weather is warm and rainy, wear a visor or hat with plenty of venting. If it’s cold and chilly kind of rains then opt for a thicker head gear and a fleece headband to cover the ears.

What Shoes to Wear

Choose Shoes with Rigged Surface
Choose Shoes with Rigged Surface (source)

Shoes are very important, especially when running in the rain. Pick up that trusted pair of running shoes with grooves on the soles that are deeper than one millimetre. This will offer you a better grip on the slick roads. Select running shoes that are crafted from waterproof fabric (like Gore-Tex) and feature a mesh that allows your feet to breathe, running can easily cause blisters. We’d understand if you’d pull out the dishevelled pair for the rainy run but the risk is more than the rains ruining your shoes.

If shoes are important than socks are indispensable. Go for a thin pair of wicking socks to prevent chafing and blister situations. Cottons are a big NO. Always remember that wet shoes will weigh you down while wet socks will breed blisters.

Livingit Tips:
Stuff newspaper inside your shoes to draw out extra moisture. You can also spray water repellent (24 hours prior to run) on them. Do not forget to carry extra socks, just in case.

How to Protect Your Running Gadgets

Protect your running gadgets
Seal Your Running Gadgets in Ziploc Bag (source)

A few of us like to pump up our runs with music beats while others love to track the work done. Hence to protect your iPod, smartphone, and other electronics from damage, seal them in a Ziploc bag and strap it to your waist or arm.

Use wireless earphones and we hope that GPS watch is waterproof too.

How to Run in the Rain

Running in the rain
Keep Your Running Strides Shorter (source)

Expert and professional runners advise shortening your strides while running in the rain. The shorter and quicker your running strides, the less time your feet are in contact with the wet ground. By reducing the contact time between your feet and the wet surface, you minimize your chances of slipping and sliding.

We would also suggest not to indulge in speed workouts during a rainy-day run. Firstly, the risk of injury is high in the rains and secondly, the unkind weather will bog you down. Pro runner, Scott Jurek says, “The rain could add as much as two minutes per mile to your time.”

There a risk of injury while running, more so while in the rains. Aside from the danger of slipping, the sleeky roads increase the probability of Achilles and hamstring injuries. The wet roads are very hard on the leg muscles and the connective tissues.

To avoid the risk of such grave running injuries, experts recommend bending the knees 10 degrees more. This lowers your centre of mass and inhibits your body from turning rigid.

Livingit Tip:
Watch your every step and stick to a familiar route. Avoid running on fresh asphalt, pedestrian crossings, white painted lines, and metal utility covers.

Lubing Up is Essential

Running in the rain makes you prone to chafing. And that is not good. Rub Vaseline or body glide on your body parts such as waistband, toes, underarms, legs, and especially your feet.

And chafing doesn’t only happen in the mentioned areas. Women have sports bras to cut off nipple chaffing. Guys can wear sweat proof nipple guards such as Nip Guards to control nipple chaffing.

When to Not Run in the Rains

Avoid Running on A Foggy Day
Avoid Running on A Foggy Day (source)

Now it shall be really foolish to go running in a thunderstorm or a very windy day. Even if you are a hardcore runner, stay inside if there’s a thunderstorm. It’s all right if you lived a day without running than to not live at all.

Again, hit the pause button if it is a very windy, rainy day. While it might be quite fun to run against the wind, it is equally dangerous too. First up, your body will cool down quite quickly in such conditions and secondly, trying to match up against wind gusts above 40mph can impede your workout by messing with your form.

Things to Do After Running in the Rains

Once you finish your run, quickly change out of the running gear and shoes. Take a warm shower and put on a fresh set of clothes. If you are at a race then bringing a heat sheet would be a wise idea.

Heat Shet
Runners Wearing Heat Sheets (source)

Our body tends to cool off more quickly in the rains than in the dry conditions. Hence, to avoid a case of hypothermia carry a heat sheet. It will keep the rain from continuing to soak you, and also help you to retain body heat.

Avoid tossing your running shoes in the dryer to dry. It will ruin the shoes – its rubber, foam, and everything else completely. Instead, let it dry naturally. You can speed up the process by removing the insoles and putting old newspaper or paper towels in the shoes.

Running in the Rain can be Fun! (source)

The joy of any accomplishment is unmeasurable – be it conquering the Everest or facing the rains while running. That you did not give up in the face of a light sprinkle can motivate you to overcome greater obstacles in life. However, do not take the weather condition frivolously. Be a little careful while running in the rain, follow the tips to eliminate the risk of hypothermia and other running related injuries and you are good to splash some puddles in the face of the rain.

Good Luck!

If you have any more tips for running in the rain do write to us. We'll be happy to share them.

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