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Running in Summer: How to Beat the Heat

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Every season comes with its own set of challenges, be it winter, summer or monsoon. But let the season not be a deterrent for you to pursue your daily run. It is natural that some of you might avoid running in summer as the heat really gets to you, causing exhaustion and discouraging you from working out.

Being a running enthusiast, you can’t do without running for even a single day, can you?

No matter how occupied you are, you somehow make time for your favourite activity. Even during summer, you hit the tracks bearing the severe heat and exhausting yourself.

Stand the Heat – Steps to Follow while Running in Summer

So, why not learn a few techniques to beat the heat and enjoy running in summer.

By following the tips mentioned below, you can continue to have a great time running in summer. Let’s find out how you could keep yourself cool and energetic as you run under the summer sun!

stay cool while running in the heat

So, put on your running shoes, sweat your heart out and feel the difference with some simple steps.

Run At Dawn or Dusk

Beat the heat by running early at dawn, or late after dusk, when the temperatures are low.

An early morning run is refreshing as the air quality is better and climate is much cooler, leaving you energized for the rest of the day.

It is also a good time to run alone! (Check: Do you feel embarrassed while running in Public? )

Go Green

Places with greenery, like parks with a lot of tree cover, are much cooler and excellent places to go for a run especially in summer.

Being amidst nature will also relax you.

Get Off the Road

Avoid running on asphalted roads as they absorb and radiate heat. Instead, you can opt to run on a mud track.

Run Indoors

Use your indoor space to run, in order to avoid the scorching summer heat. It not only protects you from the heat but also favours those of you who are lazy to get out of the house early in the morning.

It will also encourage you to push yourself to take up other workouts.

Find a Water Place

Running along rivers, lakes or by the sea is perfect during summers as it is much cooler. The breezy surroundings make running by the waterfront a delightful experience.

You can reward yourself with a dip as well at the end of your run.


Run and Plunge

What better motivation than running near a pool! Get your swimsuit along to take a plunge after you finish running and let off some steam!!

Stay Hydrated

It is a mandate to increase your fluid intake while running in summer.

Whether you are thirsty or not, drink lots of water or electrolyte-filled sports drinks at regular intervals to keep yourself hydrated and make up for the water loss from excess sweating.

Having more water also helps to improve your body’s cooling mechanisms. It is a good idea to carry some fluids along with you in a water belt or pouch.

Check out some more hydration tips to help you stay energized while running here!

Go Slow

Getting accustomed to the high temperature in summer takes some time. You need to run with a reduced intensity so that you do not risk overheating.

Summer Running Tips

Until your body gets adjusted to the changing climate, go for short runs at a slow pace. By doing this, you can maintain your stamina and not get fatigued from the heat.

Wear the Right Attire

Make sure you wear loose-fitting, light coloured and synthetic outfits when you run. Avoid tight clothing as it does not allow air to pass through and will make you feel hotter. Light coloured clothing helps to reflect the sun’s rays whereas dark colours will absorb the heat.

Moisture-wicking synthetic clothing helps to stay cooler rather than cotton which will soak in all the sweat.

Choose Proper Headgear

Most of our body heat is lost through our head which is a good thing, especially in summer. Avoid wearing a tight-fitting cap as it will increase your body temperature by blocking the heat.

Instead, opt for a visor or a loose-fitting cap made of mesh or any other breathable material.

Dab Some Sunscreen

Apply a generous layer of sunscreen to protect yourself from harmful ultraviolet radiations. Some studies reveal that a layer of sunscreen helps to keep the skin and body temperature lower.


You can also try to lower your body temperature by having ice-cold water or beverages, wearing an ice-vest or being in an air-conditioned room before stepping out to run.

Drink Right

Avoid drinks with alcohol and caffeine, as these being diuretics increase your urine output thereby reducing your body’s water content. Excessive intake of these drinks in summer can cause dehydration.

Don’t Fear the heat Anymore!

You now know how to stand the heat and continue with your running routine even in summer. Sketch out a suitable workout plan for yourself and gear up for the perfect summer run.

So instead of avoiding running in summer, embrace the weather and enjoy running like never before.

We are all ears so do share your running experience with us and let us know why running in summer isn’t that bad for running enthusiasts like you!

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