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Embarrassed of Running in Public? 9 Tips to Overcome the Anxiety!

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Running has something refreshing about it. Doesn’t a healthy and fit body make you feel like new? You can easily fit into your old favourites and flaunt your fitness! You love running for health and rejuvenation. However, when it comes to running in public, you instantly sideline the idea, stopping yourself from indulging in one of your favourite activities.

If you are a beginner, it’s natural to feel awkward, however, it’s wise to overcome the awkwardness and only focus on your goal. Some people are aware that running is the best cardio exercise and that they want to do it; they want to follow their passion but the embarrassment of running in public prevents them to do so. Conquer the anxiety with these easy tips. Here are nine ways to overcome the embarrassment of running in public.

9 Tips to get you Running outside your Comfort Zone

  • Remember, Most People You Pass By Do Not Look at You: When conscious about ourselves, we feel that people on the road scan us. The fact is, they don’t. Just like you, everyone is busy engaged in their own activities. So, stop giving yourself this needless importance and enjoy a zealous run!

  • Put on Your Earplugs: Enqueue your favourite playlist, put on your earplugs and forget about who’s looking. Run to your desired location, detox your body and continue your journey for a fit and healthy physique.

  • Dress Like a Pro: Wear for your comfort and confidence. Get yourself proper running shoes, smart track pants and a comfortable T-shirt/ sweatshirt. Keep a water bottle with you at all times, feel like a professional and keep your spirits high. Dress like a Pro, and over time become a pro! (Also read: 8 Ways Running Improves Your Health .)

Run in comfortable clothes
Be Comfortable and Confident
  • Run with a Friend: Everything becomes fun around friends and this goes for running in public as well. Plan your workout with a friend and do away with the embarrassment amidst all the excitement.

  • Interact with People Around You: You are not the only one who’s striving to become a runner. Interact with other runners like you and listen to their experiences. You will find that public running isn’t just your struggle. You might develop a good friendship with a few. Now you will be running among friends, eliminating the awkwardness.

  • Take Your Dog Along: If you pet dogs at home, take them along for your little endeavour every morning. Running with your dog can be tiring, but pleasing at the same time. It will not remain just a health enhancing activity, but also a means to connect with the little special member of your family!

Take you pet along for running
Run along with your pet
  • Run in the Dark : Run at a time when there are fewer people around. You can select a time before dawn or after dusk and forget about the embarrassment of running in public.

  • Motivate Yourself : Remember why you opted for running in the first place. Recall your goal and stay focused. Look at the bigger picture and hush away petty issues, such as p, to achieve something lasting. If you’re still hesitant, we’ve got 5 Fantastic Books That Every Runner Should Have on Their Bookshelf to get you going.

  • Choose Your Running Location Wisely: Run where you feel most comfortable. Choose a location which brings out the best in you and overshadows the gawkiness. Best is to run at a familiar place where you do not feel like an outsider.

If all this while, running in public has restricted you from making the most of the activity, you’ve just got your share of solutions. Tell us how you got over the embarrassment of running amidst people and be an inspiration for your fellow runners!

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