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Running ... I Hate You, Like I Love You!

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The practice runs over the last one and half year culminated with Airtel Half Marathon on 20th August 2017. While this by no means is an end, running has just become a life style. However, the race this year was far more inspiring than last year, for this brought Hyderabad to a standstill for 6 hours. The twenty thousand runners ran for Redemption, Charity, Social Cause and what not. For once you could gather all the emotions Joy, Pain, Courage, Triumph, Perseverance, Defeat, Support, Determination, Exhaustion, Team Spirit. For me it was much more than a run as i could see a tapestry of events that happened over the last one year in the last seven kilometers of my run. As the great man said, you will connect all the dots in the end and will learn from it. Here are some life lessons that running gave me...

Always Find A Partner In Crime:

When you want something or someone, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. Its those cohorts that will help you push forward. Always surround yourself with positive, like minded friends or someone who is better than you. They will ensure you have progressed in many ways. So many runs with Sandeep, Venkat, and Tej over the weekends helped me gain that stamina and ensured the spirit to compete in a race never fizzed out.

We ran in the sun, in the rain, on the beach, with shoes, barefoot. We've run in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening and in the night. Running is a sport where human being does not flaunt his gadgets or brands. One is at his own comfortable demeanor when running, because its much more than a run. For me its pure meditation after the first KM , where my heart, mind and body actually start talking to each other