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Best Running Apps for iPhone to Track your Run

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There is a huge difference between running on a treadmill in the gym and running in the outdoors in the sun, rain, and cold. It isn’t as easy to track speed, distance and calories burnt while running in the open as on a machine. Tracking the success of fitness goal achievements, apart from pace and distance run, comes easily with the right running apps for iphone.

Discover the Best Running Apps for iPhone to Track Your Run

If you are an Apple user, then the following running apps for iPhone will provide you the best way to track your daily runs.

Nike+ Run Club

Nike+ Run Club - Running app for iphone
Nike+ Run Club

This is a very popular running app for iPhone to not only track runs, but also as a social media tool and music player. Being a running cadence app, it helps runners increase their stamina as well as improve timings. The app helps to measure speed, distance, and according to personal targets, numerous coaching plans can also be modified. Post-run statistics can be shared using stickers and data with friends. The inbuilt music player also plays encouraging messages from pro athletes, and friends can also send in cheers in audio mode.

Cost: Free!


Runtastic Pro - Running app for iphone
Runtastic Pro

If you are one of those people who have high expectations from your running app, then Runtastic is for you. It is one of the best running apps that supports a number of fitness activities such as snowboarding, kayaking, running, skiing, biking, etc. These are included in its well-designed interface. Real time tracking of all fitness activities is complemented by the maintenance of a detailed log that enables progress tracking and challenging of own records. Goal achievement is aided by consistent guidance through the challenging aspects of running, such as interval training, with the help of an inbuilt audio coach.

Runtastic helps achieve running goals that can easily be set in the app in terms of calories lost, distance run or speed. It offers both pre-and-post workout help and support. Picking tracks and scheduling training sessions are made easier by pulling in information on temperature, weather, sunrise and more.

Hydration recommendations are also offered by the app once the session is over, based on the information logged in apple health module. It also comes with value additions such as performance boosting, with the help of an integrated music player called powersong. It has automatic session pausing when you stop, real-time tracking and cheering by sharing images and progress with friends, and a leaderboard to keep you on your toes.

Cost: Free as well as paid ($6.99/ month) version available.


Runkeeper - Everyone. Every run. Top iOS Running App
Runkeeper for IOS

Runkeeper offers extremely accurate speed, distance and steps tracking and thus is a favorite for professional runners. It is a great speed tracker app that offers real-time workout tracking and continuous updates about total mileage, calories, speed etc. in audio form. Progress tracking can be done by setting personalized goals and an advanced training plan is included to help in improvement of overall fitness.

You can match the rhythm of the music to your run by integrating the iTunes or Spotify library. This multifunctional app offers ease of access and syncs well with all fitness gear.

Cost : Free as well as paid ($9.99/ month) version available.


Track your running distance, pace, and calories burned with Pumatrac on iPhone
Pumatrac for iPhone

PumaTrac is one of the easiest to use and simplistically designed free runner apps. Intuitively designed in a minimalistic manner this makes the app have a black and white look and a clutter-free interface. It is a perfect blend of simplicity and functionality. And can be used to track more than 30 fitness activities which save the hassle of having to use various apps by auto-syncing with iTunes or the Spotify library.

The app can connect runners to the local running community through an inbuilt social newsfeed. It also instills a feeling of competition by maintaining an internal leaderboard that offers continual insights about the activities of other active runners. Navigation is enabled through various routes in the area and each run is user-defined, thus providing access to routes explored by runners.

Constant rewards for runners and unveiling milestones is Puma’s way of unleashing runners progress. Key insights of every run accompanied by run statistics help in the understanding and visualization of progress. A plethora of amazing features makes it one of the best free running apps for iPhone that offers a lot more than just pace tracking and distance logging.

Cost: Free!


Endomondo iOS Running App for iPhone - Best for tracking and personal training
Endomondo Fitness Tracker and Personal Training App

Endomondo incorporates a simple interface which offers extreme ease of access and is a finely-designed app. Using this app makes it easy to track and record over 40 activities, including running.

It comes with an inbuilt audio coach that guides you towards your time, distance or calories goals. Pairs easily with other fitness devices and Apple’s health app and makes workout data tracking easier. Apart from data tracking, it also offers social media integration and enables you to send and receive audio files including motivational pep talks amongst friends, and even race with them.

If a simple app is what you seek, then Endomondo is the best bet that comes power-packed with functionality to reach your running goals. It is best suited for beginners who are looking for apps that measure distance and speed without the frills.

Cost : Paid version $5.99 per month, free version is also available.


Mapmyrun running app for iphone for tracking and sharing your running goals
Mapmyrun – Run. Better Than Ever.

One of the most popular running apps for iPhone is MapmyRun. This app boasts of a huge community of over 30 million fitness enthusiasts and supports more than 600 activities. It has the best route tracking apps feature to help you choose and remember your course of the run.

It enables automatic syncing with other fitness apps and devices, and also tracks other vital fitness statistics apart from pace, distance, and calories with the help of the iPhone’s inbuilt sensors.

Also, it allows you to add athletic shoes to track their mileage, and hence indicates when they are due for replacement. It helps connect with millions in the running community, compete with them in a friendly manner through the Mapmyrun live tracking, and helps them go up in the leaderboard and win prizes. It connects seamlessly to other gear and if your workout regime is a lot more than running, you can track all your activities in one app.

Cost : Paid version $5.99 per month, free version is also available.


Record your running activities and compare performance with Strava app for runners on iPhone
Strava for iOS

Runners who are enthusiastic about competitive running, challenges and setting personal records can benefit greatly from Strava. It is suited for those who wish to work on interval timing and pace distribution, and don’t focus much on long term goals. It has an amazing feature called goal tracking that lets runners assign goals to themselves on the go. Other performance metrics like suffer score, race analysis, and power meter analysis help take the training a step further.

The amazing live activity map helps track the distribution of pace in different segments of the run. Visually, you can compare your performance to other runners. The app makes connections with other runners and socialization possible. It also ranks runners based on their weekly and monthly performance, that can be compared with other runners in the vicinity or with friends.

You can access the profiles of other runners and networking is made possible to make way for competition and self-improvement. It is best suited for advanced runners who want to perform distance and pace tracking as well as keep the competition going.

Cost : Paid version $5.99 per month, free version is also available


Rockmyrun ios running app adjusts the tempo of your music based on your running speed,
Rockmyrun – Music Fitness App for iOS

Nothing is more motivational for a workout than good upbeat music. The biggest turn off amidst a good workout session is skipping through tracks or slow uninspiring music. According to research, the impact of lively music on performance is huge. It is the differentiating factor between losing motivation and giving your best. Rockmyrun is a great runner app that provides amazing workout music to maintain the energy and motivation while running.

Renowned DJ’s curate playlists and a unique workout experience is ensured by the songs and mixes. The running app for tracking runs also adjusts the rhythm and tempo of the songs to match your steps. As soon as you start using the app, the difference in workout passion and intensity is felt. To track progress and workout statistics, it has to be used in union with other workout apps such as Runkeeper.

Cost : Paid version $4.99 per month, the free version is also available.


Couch to 5k Running app for iphone is designed for new runners
Get off the couch and get running – Couch to 5k

Sometimes we can get so swept away by the excitement of starting a new workout that we do too much too soon, causing ourselves pain and injury. The couch-to-5k is a popular running app that helps to avoid injury by planning the work out effectively. Best suited for beginners, it designs three 30 minute workouts per week and steadily trains you for longer distances.

It is a distance measuring app that offers pace tracking as well as guidance through a virtual coach. The app also enables tracking via data logging to The newsfeed feature keeps you informed about the activities of friends, and helps keep the motivation high. It is a perfect running app that offers everything you need to ensure a pleasant running and workout experience.

Cost : $2.99 for the paid version.


Bonus Running Apps for iPhone

Check out more from the Apple Appstore, to find some interesting and fun running app for iPhone.

RunGo : It is the only app that offers turn by turn voice directions, where you can make your own path, find existing paths, and share your runs on social media or live tracking with your friends. Download RunGo for iOS HERE

SmartRunner: This app allows you to track your runs along with distance, speed, duration, elevation, and maps the track you run. You can join the SmartRunner World League to compare times, distances, and compete against other runners on the app. Checkout SmartRunner for iOS HERE

Charity Miles: Earn money while you walk, bike, or run that will be donated to charity. With over 40 charities to donate to, you can make a difference and stay healthy at the same time! Download Charity Miles for HERE

Garmin Connect Mobile: With features set to measure every aspect of your workout, you can also receive feedback from the app as well as the community of runners that use Garmin. Get daily insights to improve yourself, and sync with multiple apps to update your records on multiple platforms. Download Garmin Connect Mobile iPhone App HERE

iSmoothRun Pro: With a GPS and Pedometer, this app is literally following you everywhere. Compatible with all iPhones, it connects to multiple running communities and social platforms. It has a Caloric Calculator and the feature Ghost Run, where you can run against your previous times. Get iSmoothRun Pro for iOS HERE

Runmeter GPS: An easy to use interface specifically for the iPhone user, and compatible with most Apple devices including the Apple Watch. It supports all types of sports like skiing, skating, cycling and more. Check out Runmeter GPS for iOS HERE

Spring: Design your own training programs and customized playlists that sync the music with your rhythm to improve cadence. A great running app for tracking runs, with customizable graphs of your performance during and post run. Get Spring for iOS HERE

Wahoo Fitness: Get personalized heart rate information and calorie burn count while you run, cycle, or exercise. Also available with audio feedback for every run. Get Wahoo Fitness for iOS HERE

Zombies, Run!: This augmented reality cum exercise app helps you lose weight in the most fun and frightening way possible. Audio cues of zombie noises and warning signs make you run faster and collect items required to save humanity! Get Zombies, Run for iOS HERE

While running as a workout helps with various fitness goals, instilling and maintaining interest in it isn’t easy. A free running app for tracking your run can help you stay motivated and help compete with others. Paid apps are also available to suit advanced needs. And all this is available with just a few clicks if you install one of the apps mentioned above.

Running shall no longer be something that you always wanted to take up but didn’t because of some reason or the other. Seamless support from these apps will go a long way in achieving your targets and keeping you fit. If you’re not an iPhone user and use an Android phone, don’t worry we got you covered! Here’s our list of Top Android Running Apps for running enthusiasts.

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