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Running a Marathon? Do's and Don'ts for a Marathon

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For the ones who love running and are passionate about the same, the season of marathons begins! The year begins with the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon, also known as SCMM, in January. Almost 42,000 people are expected to participate and it will definitely be an event to remember. Are you considering running a marathon?

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SCMM is one of the most anticipated sporting events in Asia and last year it witnessed 42,379 runners at the start line. With 6,342 runners running a full Marathon, the Half Marathon and Dream Run will see 14,663 and 19,980 runners, respectively. The Sr. Citizen Run has had 921 registrations while the Champions with Disability received 433 entries. If you are one of the participants, your marathon training must have been completed and with only 5 days left, there are some do’s and don’ts that you should follow.

Do’s and Don’ts If you are Running a Marathon

  1. Take it easy
  2. Run with your Peer Group
  3. You already have got your best timing. This is not the time to better it.
  4. Keep a close watch on how the weather conditions are changing and gauge how it may be on the day of the run.
  5. Based on that, calculate the amount of fluid you will require when you run.
  6. Take more amounts of carbs and fruits
  7. Have bananas and scoop of Glucon C. This is what gives you that instant energy.
  8. Do not try anything new now. It is important that the body should be accustomed to whatever you are going to do on that day. If you have it on the D-day directly, there will be an electrolyte imbalance.
  9. Don’t push yourself while running a marathon. If you feel tired, or any pain, ache or any symptom of any illness, which was absent during your practice sessions, seek medical assistance instantly.
  10. Sleep and adequate rest are key elements as a runner. If you want to improve, getting few early nights in race week will surely protect your immune system.
  11. Avoid being a victim of peer pressure. Don’t try to match up with your peers/pace at this stage. Enjoy the run. (Take a look at 12 Types Of Runners You Come Across in a Marathon for tips on how to read your fellow runners and who to stick to or even avoid.)

Team LivingIt wishes all the marathoners a great run. Go ahead and Live your Passions!

Via Asian Heart Institute and Research Centre

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