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Running 101: How to Enjoy Running Alone

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I remember when I first took up running – I hated it! Every step I took reminded me how much weight I had to lose before I could run “normally” again. But then, didn’t I take up running to lose all that weight in the first place? What a perfect Catch-22 situation! So I did what I had to do – I ditched the gym and faced my fear of running out in the open. Alone. No way I was going to share my daily embarrassment with a buddy!

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Now being a helicopter mom to one of the most notorious preschoolers in the history of mankind, running was the only workout routine I could take up to stay fit and active around my child. And since it got me out of the house for 40 blissful minutes every day, it was all the “Me” time I could enjoy. So as much as I hated running alone, I took it up and made it my mission to enjoy running alone. And here’s what I did.

Why it’s better to Run Alone!

Start Running Alone to Beat Your Fear
Just begin running! ( Image Source )

Running alone means I wouldn’t have to wait up for anyone or take someone else’s preferences into consideration. If you’re working, be it a 9 to 5 job, a night-shift employee or a mom, or someone who has a really busy lifestyle, you know what I’m talking about – every minute counts! So planning is mandatory. If you’re anything like me, follow these steps to become healthier by learning to enjoy running alone.

Choose the Right Place to Run:

A park is great, as long as it has a level terrain and you don’t have to navigate through an obstacle course. Most gardens and parks have uneven grounds, so I’m more comfortable with roads. The rhythmic pounding of my feet on the concrete soothes and calms my mind, just like meditation. The roads within my apartment complex are great for running, plus I feel safer too.

Wear the Right Running Gear:

Running Gear
The correct gear is essential. ( Image Source )

Sometimes it’s difficult to decide what pisses me more – stares from leering strangers or the nosy auntyjis in the community who don’t back down from sharing a comment or two as you pass them by! While I can’t pound on them (just because I don’t want my daughter to believe violence is the solution!), I try to wear the right running gear that I am comfortable with. A good sports bra and a pair of running shoes are a must! Trick is to have two pairs of running shoes that you can alternate for obvious reasons, especially in the winter season when shoes take longer than usual to dry out the stink. And no salwar-kameez, please! Cotton just sticks to the sweat, keeps damp and ultimately make me feel colder. Wearing sweat resistant or sweat wicking clothes instead is so much better.

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Run Right:

Running doesn’t necessarily mean running at top speed till you feel like your heart is going to pop out of your mouth! Listen to your body when you run and you’re going to do great.

I always stretch before and after running. This way my body responds better while running, and is less prone to injuries. And since I run alone, I set my own pace and just go with the flow. There’s no side conversation to distract me, and no competition to care about. It’s my time all the way.

Post Workout Stretches
Don’t forget to stretch ( Image Source )

And this was my story about learning to enjoy running alone. Now I don’t even let anyone tag along with me. Those 40 minutes are solely mine, and mine alone. And the bliss I feel as I rinse out from the sweat, like a new Phoenix rising from its ashes, ready to face the world head-on!

Why don’t you give it a try? Or just tag along with me here as I take you deeper into my world of running and more. Stay tuned.


Ankitaa, Guest blogger at Livingit

Ankitaa Gohain Dalmia – Guest Blogger at Livingit

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