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Wish to Run Your First Marathon after 31? Hesitate Not!

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Neither age nor distance matters, if you have the urge to run. Buck up, build up your stamina, gear up for the big run and prove it to yourself that running the first marathon after 31 is not a big deal!

31 is only a number if you have the passion to run. Just because you never participated or got a chance to participate in a marathon earlier doesn’t mean that you cannot look forward to running in an upcoming one. Without a doubt, you will need to prepare yourself well for the big run, not only physically, but also mentally. Overcome the fear of failure and avoid negative thoughts. Always remember that regular running helps you age backward, keeps you in fine fettle and lets you lead an evergreen and progressive life.

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Qualms about Running a Marathon After 31

Wish to Run Your First Marathon after 31? Hesitate Not!
Where there is a will, there is a way! Stick to your goals

With age, most of us have the tendency to lose self-confidence, especially when it comes to sports-related activities. Mention “marathon” among a 30+ group and you’ll be surprised to see the variety of responses. Some of them think they do not have the required stamina needed for a long-distance run. Some are not able to manage time to self-train themselves for running. A few others have a preconceived notion that they may be the slowest of the lot, which embarrasses them to participate in a marathon. (But does speed really matter in a marathon, unless you have “winning” as your prime objective?)

With age, there are several changes that occur in a human body, which adversely affects an individual’s running ability. Unless you are a fitness freak, your leg strength, flexibility, the length of strides, aerobic capacity, speed, energy, metabolism, muscle mass and immune system – each one of the components witness a falling graph. But none of these factors are critical enough to kill your desire of running a marathon after 31!

Tips to Keep Performing Irrespective of Age

If you are keen on being one of the runners along with other seasoned veterans in the next marathon organized in your city, let your passion drive you to the field. Nonetheless, it isn’t prudent to take part in such a long-distance run, lest you are well-equipped for it.

Wish to Run Your First Marathon after 31? Hesitate Not!

Go for a Medical Check-up – As much as age can’t be a limiting factor, do not ignore your health at the cost of running a marathon. Get the basic medical tests done for verifying your blood pressure levels, sugar levels and heart conditions.

Wish to Run Your First Marathon after 31? Hesitate Not!

Discipline Yourself – Initially, it may not be easy for you to set yourself on a strict routine, which may include starting the day with an early morning walk, following a low-carb diet, curbing on your temptations of binge eating, staying well-hydrated and going for regular exercises. But disciplining yourself to get set for the marathon is extremely important.

Wish to Run Your First Marathon after 31? Hesitate Not!

Undergo Fitness Training – Always do your warm-up exercises first before you go on to weight training, regular walking, short-distance running, swimming or cycling. End your workout with some stretching so that your muscles get adequate rest.

Set Realistic Goals – Do not try to outperform from the first day of your practice. Go slow, take it easy, set achievable targets and increase the goals as and when you meet the previous target. This way, you’ll be able to better track your daily performance, which in turn, will certainly boost your morale.

“37? I don’t think you’ll be able to run a marathon?” says who? Let Father Time do his job while you let your enthusiasm keep flying high. Follow your dream, grab those running shoes, get into the practice mode and set forth on the race course. And while you prepare to complete your first marathon after 31, we look forward to hearing about your experience.

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