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Pune Running Beyond Myself 2017: Pune Meri Jaan, Let's Run!

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Pune city is growing- in size and in awareness. An elegant metropolis which is on a fast speed mode to becoming a cosmopolitan is also a hub of well-educated and cognizant citizens. And that includes health and fitness too; which brings us to the talk of the town (well Pune in this case)- the Pune Running Beyond Myself 2017.

If you are a Punite then stick around for all the event related information while for the running enthusiasts, we shall begin from its background details. So, let’s go!

Find Out:

  • About Pune Running Beyond Myself (PRBM)
  • Information on the Races: Types, Registration Fee, & Eligibility
  • Pune Running Beyond Myself 2917 Race Route
  • Basic FAQs
  • Tips on Doing the PRBM
  • Tips on Post Marathon Recovery

About Pune Running Beyond Myself

Pune Running Beyond Myself 2017
Pune Running Beyond Myself 2017 (source)

Some seven years ago a group of fitness enthusiasts, in Pune, stumbled upon a thoughtful idea of starting a marathon event. The aim of the concept was to promote healthy lifestyle and bring together individuals who share an affinity for running.

The fitness enthusiasts group came to be known as Pune Running Group and led to the establishment of the Pune Running Sports Foundation. The members of the organization are expert athletes who have participated in several national and international marathon events and are bellwethers of the Pune Running Beyond Myself initiative.

After seven successful attempts, Pune Running Beyond Myself is coming again on November 19, 2017. This year the marathon shall take off at the Balewadi Stadium. The 2016 edition welcomed a massive participation of 12000 runners! And this year, the numbers are certainly going to be a record setter.

Pune Running Beyond Myself aka PRBM has always received much encouragement from the celebrities. Last year, Milind Soman, the Pinkathon patron flagged off the prerun event and even took on the course in his trademark ‘no shoe’ running approach.

In addition, the PRBM also receives support from many corporate giants like Volkswagen India, TATA Nexon, SJ Contracts PVT LTD and charity groups like Teach for India, Nanhikali, and many others.

Information on the Races: Types, Registration Fee, & Eligibility

PRBM race information
Registrations Are Open (source)

The registration for the Pune Running Beyond Myself are open at the moment and will continue until November 1, 2017. The PRBM marathon date is November 19, 2017. All interested participants should gather at the Balewadi Stadium by 4 am in the morning.

Unlike most marathon events, PRBM hosts five race categories- Full Marathon (42 km), Half Marathon (21 km), 10K, 5k, and 3K.

Registration Fee for the races are:

PRMB registration fee
PRBM 2017 Registration Fee 

Race Timings:

  • 3K - Flag off: 9.00 a.m
  • 5K - Flag off: 8.30 a.m
  • 10K - Flag off: 7.00 a.m
  • Half Marathon - Flag off: 6.00 a.m
  • Full Marathon - Flag off: 5.00 a.m

The eligibility age to participate in PRBM full marathon is 18 years. On the other hand, minors can run all the other races except for the full marathon.

So, kids of all age can get their guardians of any age to run around the beautiful Pune city and set an example to the entire nation.

On successful registration, all runners must collect their running bibs/kits from the marathon expo on the 17th and 18th of November, 2017. The expo venue is Weight Lifting Hall, Balewadi Stadium, Mhalunge-Balewadi, Off Mumbai Bengaluru Highway, Pune.

Bib Collection Dates and Timings:

  • 17th November 2017 from 4 pm to 7 pm
  • 18th November 2017 from 9 am to 7 pm

Pune Running Beyond Myself 2917 Race Route

The Pune Running Beyond Myself race route encompasses most parts of Pune city. The incredible full marathon race route starts at Shaniwarwada and ends at the Balewadi Stadium (Chattrapati Shivaji Sports Complex). While the other races start from the Chattrapati Shivaji Sports Complex or the Balewadi Stadium.

Please Note: The Route Map will be Updated soon

Basic FAQs

  1. When is the PRBM 2017?
    19th November 2017
  2. What is the last date of registration?
    1st November 2017
  3. Can I register on the day of the event?
    Requests for registration will not be entertained post closure of respective registrations dates.
  4. What does the registration fee cover?
    The registration fee covers timing chip (for 10K, Half Marathon and full marathon runners) bib, finishers medal, on route refreshments and complimentary breakfast.
  5. Is the registration transferable?
    Registrations are NOT TRANSFERABLE
  6. Is there a refund if I cannot participate?
    No refunds will be given.
  7. How can I check my registration status?
    Please check your registration status here. (townscript registration / login). Use the same credentials you used to register earlier.
  8. How will my entry acceptance be intimated to me?
    You will also receive a confirmation email. If you do not see it in your inbox, please check your spam folder.
  9. Can I register for my friend?
    No. An applicant has to sign the waiver himself/herself. You cannot register on your friend's behalf.
  10. Where do I collect my race kit?
    Collect your bibs and other accessories for the race at the expo venue, Weight Lifting Hall, Balewadi Stadium on 17th and 18th November.
  11. Can I collect my bib on the race day?
    No. Bibs and timing chips will not be given out on the race day.
  12. Do you facilitate bulk/corporate registration?
    Yes, please email to [email protected] for group/bulk registrations of more than 25 runners.

Tips on Doing the PRBM

How to train for marathon
Train Well Before the Main Race day

Marathon running is no kid’s play. It is an activity that test your endurance and stamina to an extreme level. And along the way it gets as real as it can! Hence, your daily jog experience in the park wouldn’t do the job. What you shall is hardcore running training and some off the (run) track tips.

Here are some tips on how to do a marathon:

Running Gear

Choose garments in moisture wicking and perforated fabric to ensure faster sweat dry while keeping you 2 degrees cooler than the natural environment. Good ventilation and air flow mapping in the right zones are required for effective heat loss and increased air flow. Contemporary running attire goes beyond just a tee-shirt and pair of shorts. You can wear compression sports garments to increase agility and optimize your performance.

Check out what kind of running shoes will suit you!

Stay Hydrated

If running for an hour or more, carry water/fluids with you. Make sure to drink 6-8 oz. every 20 minutes. During your pre-training and marathon training, weigh yourself before and after each run. Rehydrate to get your body weight back to the weight it was before the run. Do this by drinking water or sports drink within the first hours after the run.


In the last three days before the main race day, consume carb-rich food like pasta, potatoes, bread, fruit and fruit juice, low-fat milk and yogurt. Carbohydrates are important nutrition in a runner’s diet as they provide the required fuel.

Know what to eat before the race day.


If possible do your practice runs. Choose a route that is quite similar in the topography of the actual course.

Rehearse Your Run

About four to five days before the marathon, do a marathon pace practice run in the proper event-day attire to provide the conditioning your body needs.

Stay Steady

During practice, don’t try to step up the ante too much even if you’re feeling really good. Increase your pace at a steadily, so that you don’t tire yourself out too soon.


Warm up stretches loosen up your muscles and get the blood flowing. Don’t get too carried away though. Try to protect the precious store of energy reserves, you shall need it later.

Motivate Yourself

Keep up the motivational talk to yourself before and during the run but not out loud! Convince yourself to push harder as the rewards will be worth it and make yourself proud. At the end of the marathon, the main aim is to be proud of what you’ve achieved. Participating is half the battle. So, what’re you waiting for? Get those running shoes on and do the PRBM 2017!

Tips on Post Marathon Recovery

Marathon recovery
Stretch to Loosen Up Tight Muscles

In general, the human body takes minimum two to three weeks to recover from the strain of running long distances. But that’s on an average. Listen to your body and if you feel it needs more time than give it- rest abundantly to rebound grandly.

Having said that, here are some golden post-marathon recovery tips, check out!

  1. Soak your tired feet in hot water for pain relief. Add Espom Salt in it.
  2. Stretch well after that.
  3. Catch a nap for 1-2 hours immediately after the run
  4. Post marathon you might want to laze around more but do walk around a little in between your rest.
  5. Light massages will help loosen your muscles.
  6. Replenish the body with lots of water and fruits. Eat protein and iron-rich foods.
  7. Shun from sports drinks, energy boosters, and junk foods.
  8. Give running a break and keep it to walking for a few days.
  9. Avoid Complex Stretches. Do some easy post-run stretches for some days after the marathon.
  10. Go for Yoga workouts and Cross-Training Activities to recover quickly.

And that’s how you do a marathon like a pro. The Pune Running Beyond Myself is one of the best running events in the country. Register now to run this amazing marathon route and earn a validation for yourself! Marathon running is no less than an obstacle and trust us the after feeling of overcoming the obstacle is a grand satisfaction.

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