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Pink City Marathon 2017: Run Jaipur Run!

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Jaipur’s Pink City Marathon is the next big thing to do in your list. Falling on 24th December 2017, Pink City Marathon is an international running event that brings all the thriving runners of the nation and the world together. Pink City Marathon (PCM) is Jaipur’s biggest organized marathon effort that collects people from different cultures united by a common passion- running for health.

If you want to be a part of the incredible running experience in Jaipur City then keep reading to know more!

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About Pink City Marathon

Pink City Marathon
Pink City Marathon 2018 (source)

Pink City Marathon (PCM) is an initiative by Ace Marathoner Dr. Manoj Soni along with two other pro-marathoners to promote health, fitness and carry out Community welfare activities. The aim is to cover a vast sphere of public benefit welfare activities and to meet objectives of Fit India Campaign primarily in Jaipur.

PCM is organized by the trust Anybody Can Run, a Jaipur Based Trust established in 2016. The trust is a brainchild of by Marathoner Dr. Manoj Soni; it has been operating and is registered in Jaipur under the Charitable and Religious Trusts Act, 1920 of India.

Pink City Half Marathon is organized and managed by the Trust completely. The major objective is to inculcate the sportsmanship in every citizen of Jaipur and encourage them to participate in various National and International Marathoning Events, thereby boosting the fitness culture. All the activities which Anybody Can Run Trust conducts are solely intended to benefit the individual Health Wise.

Dr. Manoj Soni says, “My inspiration for running came from my peers. If they could run Marathons, so could I. These were ordinary people out there, many of my age. I have never been very sporty even when I was younger, thus this was very inspiring. So, from never having run a single mile, I decided to run a marathon.”

After successfully completing his education (BCom Hons., M.Com, LLB, Ph.D. in Finance) & living a corporate life (Ex-Banker in ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, and HSBC), Dr. Soni started running eight years ago. And since then, he has successfully finished many Half Marathons such as marathon events in Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Bhutan, Hyderabad, Chennai, Dehradun, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Chandigarh, Jim Corbet etc.

The venue for Pink City Marathon 2017 is Albert Hall, Jaipur.

Information on Races: Types, Registration, and Eligibility

Pink City Marathon will organize three races: Pink City Marathon, Dream Run, and Sr. Citizen Run. The total distances for each of the races are:

Pink City Marathon 2017
Race vs Distance Table

The registration for PCM 2017 is going on at present. Go to the official Pink City Marathon website to register for the event. The registration fee for the race categories are:

Pink City Marathon Registration
Pink City Marathon 2017 Registration Fee

The minimum eligibility age for the races are:

  • Pink City Half Marathon: 18 years and above
  • Cool Run: 12 years and above
  • Dream Run: 12 years and above

You can collect your bib on the following dates:

  • Friday, 22nd December 2017
    Marathon Expo & Bib Pick up for Half Marathon
    Venue - Youth Hostel, Jaipur
  • Saturday, 23rd December 2017
    Marathon Expo & Bib Pick up for Half Marathon
    Venue - Youth Hostel, Jaipur

Pink City Marathon Race Route

All the race routes start from the same start point- Ram Niwas Public Garden.

Check out the route map of the races.

Half Marathon, 21K

pink city marathon 21k map
Pink City Marathon 21K Race Map (source)

Cool Run, 10K

pink city marathon 10K
Pink City Marathon 10K Race Map (source)

Dream Run, 6K

Pink City Marathon 6K race map
Pink City Marathon 6K Race Map (source)

Pune City Marathon 2017 Prizes

Among the three race categories, only the Half Marathon category offers cash prizes to the runners.

Pink City Marathon prizes
Pink City Marathon Prize List

The prizes are divided according to the age categories: 18-25 years, 25-35 years, 35-45 years, 45-55 years, 55 years and above.

Basic FAQs

  1. When is the Pink City Marathon 2017?
    24th December 2017
  2. When is the last date for registration?
    21st December 2017
  3. Is it a trail or road running event?
    Pink City Marathon is a road running event.
  4. At what time the event starts?
    The flag off time is 6 am. Reach the venue early to fetch a parking spot.
  5. Can I change my race category once I have applied/my entry is confirmed?
    No, category change requests will be entertained. Re-registration will be required to change a race category.
  6. Will medical facilities be available at the venue in case of an emergency?
    Yes, medical facilities will be available at the venue and along the race route.
  7. How can an overseas applicant apply for the event?
    An overseas applicant can apply ONLY through online registrations.
  8. How will my entry acceptance be intimated to me?
    The online applications status will be confirmed with an Email. Physical form slip will be given with your form filling. Email at [email protected] for more details
  9. Once applied can I cancel my entry and get a refund?
     Request for cancellation and refund will not be entertained.
  10. Can I run with somebody else running bib on race day?
    No. All participants race day images will be screened visually after the race and if any of the participant is found not wearing the running number bib allotted to him/her, the participant registered for that bib will be disqualified from the race and the subsequent editions.

How to prepare for Pink City Marathon

Pink City marathon
Mediation Before the Run Will Calm Your Nerves and Give You Confidence (source)

Marathon running is no kid’s play. It is an activity that tests your endurance and stamina to an extreme level. And along the way, it gets as real as it can! Hence, your daily jog experience in the park wouldn’t do the job. What you shall need is hardcore running training and some off the (run) track tips.

Here are some tips on how to do a marathon:

Running Gear

Choose garments in moisture wicking and perforated fabric to ensure faster sweat dry while keeping you 2 degrees cooler than the natural environment. Good ventilation and air flow mapping in the right zones are required for effective heat loss and increased air flow.  You can wear compression sports garments to increase agility and optimize your performance. Pick running shoes with better cushioning and flexibility.

Check out what kind of running shoes will suit you!

Stay Hydrated

Any kind of workout makes the body lose water through perspiration. Running for an hour or more can do the same. So, carry water/fluids with you. Make sure to drink 6-8 oz. every 20 minutes. During your pre-training and marathon training, weigh yourself before and after each run. Rehydrate to get your body weight back to the weight it was before the run. Do this by drinking water or sports drink within the first hours after the run. Always keep in mind- proper hydration is the mantra for runners.

Eat Well

In the last three days before the main race day, consume carb-rich food like pasta, potatoes, bread, fruit and fruit juice, low-fat milk and yogurt. Carbohydrates are important nutrition in a runner’s diet as they provide the required energy to keep it going. Include iron-rich goods as well.

Know what to eat before the race day.

Practice and Rehearse Your Run

If possible do your practice runs. Choose a route that is quite similar in the topography of the actual course. About four to five days before the marathon, do a marathon pace practice run in the proper event-day attire to provide the conditioning your body needs. And try to stay steady. During practice, don’t try to step up the ante too much even if you’re feeling really good. Increase your pace at a steadily, so that you don’t tire yourself out too soon.

Check out how to elevate stamina and endurance for marathon


Warm up stretches loosen up your muscles and get the blood flowing. Don’t get too carried away though. Try to protect the precious store of energy reserves, you shall need it later. Replace your static stretching exercises with dynamic stretching for runners, they work better!

Motivate Yourself

Keep up the motivational talk to yourself before and during the run but not out loud! Convince yourself to push harder as the rewards will be worth it and make yourself proud. At the end of the marathon, the main aim is to be proud of what you’ve achieved. Participating is half the battle.

Before you drift away, do want to know how to recover post marathon?

Are you ready for Pink City Marathon

Pink City Marathon
A Group of Pink City Marathoners Posing in the Trademark Turbans (source)

We hope the response is in positive. Marathon culture is flourishing in India at a more than a steady rate. This means that people are becoming aware of the importance of healthy living. Fitness is now a way of lifestyle- shun from junk foods and laziness, get up from that cozy seat in office or at home and get your feet do the talking at the Pink City Marathon.

See you there!

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