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Passion with a mission - AHM 2017

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I am living it....

I am Living it....

With a treasureable moment of my life,

With a Run of Smiles of Marathon so called

apnaa  Airtel Hyderabad Marathon 2017


It all started with a casual walk to gardens and pursued up with a marathon run. It was my first of its kind of Marathon run. I am glad that I was part of the Airtel Hyderabad Marathon 2017.


Marathon is a mission which is accomplished with group of people but role of an individual plays a vital role in finishing it.


I have seen it on social media about Airtel Hyderabad Marathon 2017.I have registered it for 5k Run on that day itself and was so excited about it, as it was one of the major events I heard in last few years.


But for a lazy guy like me who takes a bike for even to get grocery from a nearby store, it was so difficult but Airtel Hyderabad Marathon 2017 brought a initiative and spirit in me to change myself in physical activity. 


I started preparing it with a casual walks daily to nearby gardens then slowly started jogging every morning with a slow pace and gradually increased it.


My family felt strange because a lazy guy like me who needs a two wheeler to do a single task like bringing groceries from neighborhood is a changed person


Slowly i started building my confidence and physically I was getting active .


I remember my friends use to say in our hyderabadi language "kya miya subah subah kaha chal diye"

 ( where are you going these days in the early morning ) and i use to smile and use to say

" kuch nahi bhai !!! Zindagi jeene ki koshish kar raha hoon apne hisab se( i am living a life which i have missed these many years).


On the day of event i was so excited ,overwhelmed and was full of enthusiasm. I have reached the venue on time and was nicely guided by co operative volunteers. Run started with a nice warm up session and Best part of Airtel Hyderabad Marathon 2017 5k Run Event was the venue that is Hitex grounds, a open place which is full of positive vibes,full of greenery and also the climate was good in the morning


Run Started with a bang, I could see people from all ages, kids, physically challenged people, women all running for a cause. During the run  we were supported by volunteers for the guidance of the route, encouraged by music from Dj's.


Life was looking at its large, while running I could see My Self a different guy. 

Then I was at the finish line with memories in my heart. It ended up with a pride and blush on my face with a super rich medal in my hand

Thrust what I felt had gone in minutes as the race was finished, but the glory and pride of being at finish line will last forever in me.


Selfies were waiting for me at the end of the event. I had a breakfast which was arranged by AHM. I really had a good time enjoying the event .

Now I have got a new passion. Birth of new passion in me will bring new mission in my life.


I will definitely will go and participate in all the marathons. This time it was just a 5k but I will prepare myself and practise for Full Marathon By next year.

My Wait for the next edition of Airtel Hyderabad Marathon 2018 started already………

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