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Overseas Marathon Packing List: An Ultimate List for Global Marathoners

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There is nothing more thrilling than traveling abroad and participating in a world-class marathon abroad. The treks are challenging and each route is chosen to test your skill, endurance, and to show you some of the most beautiful sights in the world. Marathon enthusiast often must travel across the globe to participate in their chosen sport. Meeting people from various countries, with their own habits, gear, and language is exciting in itself. But, realizing you are all connected through your love of the sport is bod that instantly unites you as a team-mate.

There are 6 World Marathon runs of the highest significance also known as World Marathon Majors. Participation in these major events is the goal and dream of runners around the world. This sometimes leads to moving abroad for opportunities that are unique to the UK.

But the physical act of moving abroad can be overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be. We have compiled a marathon packing list of items you will need to move abroad. We recommend using an industry leader like Unibaggage that has all the information and tools needed to move you from one country to another.

Check the list and start packing for an upcoming marathon abroad.

Marathon Packing List: Your Carry On Bag

In order to ensure that you have everything you need for your marathon event, it is recommended that you take the essentials in your carry on bag. It is unlikely that your belongings will be delayed or that you will face unexpected situations that make you short of time. But if that happens, you will not miss your important event. Anything else can be worked around, but the marathon will begin with you or without you. 

Here is what we suggest you put in your carry on bag:

For Marathon

This is the list for your carry on bag. It looks like a lot, but if you pack carefully and roll clothes tightly (place small items inside shoes) you can squeeze this all into your carry-on. You will place additional items in your main luggage. Your carry-on bag will contain the necessities to allow you to take part in the marathon even if your main luggage is delayed. It is important when packing this bag that you take all weather into consideration. You will dress in layers. As your run continues your temperature comfort levels will change. Be prepared. You want long sleeves and short sleeve. Coverage for the rain. (poncho listed, but whatever you feel comfortable in).

Use your carry-on for your gear. You are wearing street clothes, so you have something to wear if your luggage is delayed. Nothing is as important as your marathon and the gear you need for it.

Listed below are the marathon packing list that must be in your carry on bag -

  • Running shoes for the race
  • Flip-flops or slippers
  • Foam rollers to prep up for the race
  • Running Tights which are comfortable and relaxing
  • Running shorts for the race event
  • Running shirts that are breathable and comfortable for long distance runs
  • Running socks which are moisture wick and fits like a skin
  • Compression socks for good blood circulation and to avoid sore legs
  • Light jacket
  • Running watch to tell you how much distance you have covered
  • Anti-inflammatory meds for emergency purpose
  • All natural energy supplements to get extra energy during the run
  • Prescriptions medications (with a copy of your medical record from your doctor or pharmacy)
  • Sweatbands
  • Protein bars, trail mix, or other lightweight food items
  • Extra power pack for your cell phone
  • A collapsible gym bag
  • A lock and key for your locker
  • Sunscreen as you don't want to get sunburn
  • Deodorant
  • Antibacterial wet wipes
  • Toothbrush 
  • Toothpaste
  • Rain poncho for unprecedented rains
  • Waterproof phone case 
  • Gum, mints, or hard candy
  • Glucose tablets: These are used by diabetics to bring their blood-sugar levels up if it drops too low. If you are a diabetic you must carry these, but they are helpful to many runners who suffer the same effects of a drop of blood sugars from exertion.
marathon packing list
Ultimate marathon packing list (source)


Livingit Tip-
It is illegal to carry water bottles on flights now (unless travelling by private charter jet). Be sure you purchase a reusable water bottle and energy drinks as soon as you land. 


You need to have your paperwork with you. This includes:

  • Passport
  • Identification
  • Marathon paperwork
  • Race form
  • Waiver
  • Bib and/or chip (in advance of the race)
  • Health /immunization records
  • Visa
  • An emergency contact list of people and their phone numbers in case you are in an accident and cannot contact them yourself
  • A copy of everything in your wallet (front and back)
  • Credit cards
  • Bank cards
  • Health insurance cards
  • Automobile insurance cards
  • Drivers license
  • Student or work identification cards

If your wallet is stolen, you will need to contact all of these places to stop the use of the stolen cards and to have replacement cards issued. This is much easier to do if you have a copy that shows the numbers, and phone numbers that at printed on the cards.

Paperwork for overseas marathon (source)

Gadgets and Other Essentials

  • Electronics such as your computer, tablet, I-Pod, and chargers
  • Extra battery pack for your electronics. These are inexpensive and some are the size of a tube of lipstick
  • Adapters to convert your items so they will work with the different currents and outlets These are available online and inexpensive. Buy more than one.

Clothing and Shoes

  • If you are wondering what to carry during the marathon, then clothes should be your top priority. It is a good idea to have a backup running outfit in your main luggage in event of damage or loss of anything used in your carry-on bag.
  • Shoes- Make sure you have appropriate shoes to wear during your recovery phase of the race. This is not a beauty contest. Your feet are the most important part of your body at this point.
  • Extra prescription meds for any kind of emergency

Top Priority List After the Marathon

Your mind will be at the marathon event. All runners must concentrate and get in “the zone”. But when the marathon is completed, here are a few things that are a priority.

  • Find the branch or sister company of your bank and transfer your accounts or open a new one. (Make sure you let your bank know you are traveling abroad before you go so they will not stop unusual activity on your account.)
  • Download apps that help you with the language or differences in terms used.
  • Download apps that help you with the money conversion and denominations.
  • Research customs regarding things like who expects a tip for their service and the rate that is customary.
  • Research medical facilities that are a specialist in athletes.

Post Race Essentials: Recovery Pack

After the race, your body needs some special attention. Be sure you take a recovery pack with you. It should contain:

  • Muscle creams
  • Microwaveable heat packs
  • Anti-chafing stick
  • Disposable cold packs
  • Antacids
  • Adhesive bandages (various sizes)
  • Moist towelettes
  • Massage stick or tennis ball to massage sore muscles
  • Pain reliever of choice
  • Flip-flops or slippers to allow your feet to cool and recover
  • Clean shirt if you are going to hang around for the fun
  • Mini-deodorant
  • Sunscreen to reapply after you have toweled off
  • Identification
  • Money for food, drinks, and souvenirs  
post race essentials
Recovery Essentials (source)

This marathon packing list is a great start to prepare you for traveling abroad and participating in the marathon event of your dreams. If you follow these tips and allow yourself a little extra time for the unexpected, you will have an easy trip and a memory of a lifetime. 

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