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My First Marathon - AHM 2017

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Am Rajesh Narayanan, basically from Trivandrum, Kerala. Am not a born athlete, but I love to be in the zone. I love Badminton & Cricket & love to watch sports and games...

Never ever thought in my life that I will be running marathon one day. Moved to Hyderabad in 2014 September. One among my office mate Mr.Karnan Sethukrishnan told me about the Marathon event in 2015 organized by Hyderabad Runner's. Initially the guy was putting some pressure on me to register myself hence i started avoiding him in office. But he was relentless in his approach and I finally registered in last year's run. The day's were nearing, no practices happening & I was really really finding hell lot of excuses to convince my friend. But 15days before the run, he just asked me to join him for a small practice session. He literally cut down his pace, just to convince me that I can also do it. 1st day practice didn't help my cause because of severe body pain. He told me the 2nd consecutive days session will be helping me to get rid of the pain & all. Even that Raining Sunday morning didn't hamper his focus and we literally drenched while practicing. But that day's session gave me some confidence from within.

Finally the day has come. With his association & motivation, I just could complete the run clocking 2:55mins.....but the mission accomplishment gave me immense rich confidence.

Started working on my endurance by participating most of the training sessions organized by my Friend Karnan. He inspired more than 20 friends to register for this year's Run.

I have decided & declared to All my friends that I am going to run half marathon in 2:30mins. Many of my friends were not convinced with that decision since I have become one year older than last year. I reached 43 a week ago. But I was determined from within. Then the announcement of Pacers list came. My Friend Karnan only provided the detail. That day itself I have decided to follow the 2:30pacer. But was not sure about following pacer since I really was not sure about my endurance level. For the 1st few kms myself and my friends ran together. we were in touching distance with 2:30mins bus.

But I actually couldn't maintain the pace of my friends hence asked them to move on in order to ensure their own timings.

Then came the inspiration from Babitha alias JBX....

Just have decided to blindly follow her instructions and it literally paid-off. So inspiring she was, motivated the bunch of people followed her with firm belief of reaching the destination on time.

It was tough but worth trying. She's cool, effortlessly Running the mile, &the Bangda dance in between JBX. Her smile just helped us move on though the body and mind was tiring and saying NO from inside.

Finally I completed the race as desired. Many thanks to my friend JBX for her relentless push/inspiration to help me achieve this feet. Am really feeling proud to be one among your team members during the run though unnoticed by yourself until I reached the finishing point where we received medals together and had our personal clicks as well.

Many thanks to the organizers Hyderabad Runner's for this wonderful event. Looking forward

43years young Rajesh Narayanan

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