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My First Full Marathon @ AHM 2017

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So one week is over after the First Full Marathon of mine, yesssss the first fullest 42.2 Km and that too at Hyderabad. How was it....I was asked many times and I generally used to say meekly 'Good Very Challenging'. But if my runner friends of West Delhi Runners asked me I couldn't hide my disappointment with my performance, but was I disappointed with myself ?? ...No, clear No..... Disappointed with performance may be but not with me. I still completed and Finished 42.2 Km in style with No Injury. During the full route whatever happened, I realised and analysed myself umpteenth time only for a simple 'Self Improvement'.

It all started some 4 months back when I registered for #AHM2017 after some 3 1/2 years of running experience which ranged from Half Marathon 21.1 Km to Ultra Marathon of 160 Km. Running plan was made amicably for a target of 3 hrs 30 min. ? My first failure was here as making a plan without 1. Route elevation analysis 2. Season of training run 3. Marathon inexperience 4. Time availability for training. In these 4 months of training plan only 40 % could be achieved by me which was flawed from start itself ?.

Race day, was awesome which any runner would want temp 23/24 degrees and enormous support of Hyderabad Runners ?. Race started and as per revised target of 3hrs 45 min ? started at 5min/Km pace. Initial 25Km was as per the plan. Flyovers were overrated and they were good to vary your running and relax ure muscles ?. I noticed one thing here, as most of the runners were trying to run fast on upslope and overtook me most of the time, but I did ULTA, I ran slow and steady pace on upslope and ran at faster pace downslope. This gave me enough of energy on top and downslope to increase my pace. This plan also gave me time to enjoy the drum beats of the many school bands which were there on all the up slopes. I would like to commend the organisers for tactically placing them at these places...they helped enormously. However as soon I hit 25 Km and then turned separate way, the road started varying its elevation at rapid pace. These roads are not made technically like a flyover with gradual inclination, but these are roads with sudden elevation and NO descent ?. I then revised my target to less than 4hr...but I realised it very soon that it's not gonna happen ?♂️. I continued at my pace of 5:30 min/Km or so for next 10 Km however I felt my legs are not supporting me. "How can this happen to me"- I screamed to myself. But then an Ultra Marathoner in me scolded and took over my running plan, I started regulating my energy by dropping speed to 6min/Km. Slowly I regained my energy and last 6-7 Km I just enjoyed my run ?, cheering up all the cheering team I met and enjoying the scenic beauty of the University. Saw the finish line much ahead and yess 4hr 15 min First Full Marathon done ✅ with no injury.

So what can be the lesson learnt??

1. Be realistic with ure target ?

2. Trg along with season needs to be factored in trg plan

3. Route study with elevation and energy for the same needs to kept in mind.

4. Come what may, understand your capability on race day. Don't exert beyond which you have not trained for. I could have pulled myself under 4 hr but with some injury/cramps etc should I have ??No.

5. Every race is different and has got its own challenges, never underestimate and become overconfident ?.

6. MAF works ....and I realised the way my heart rate came to normal with in 4/5 min of stopping.

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