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Michelle Khare: From Hating Running to Running a Full Marathon in 10 weeks

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Depending on how you look at it, a marathon could seem easy. After all, it’s just running? But you could not be more wrong. A marathon is not something you can wake up and decide to do one day. No matter what fitness level you’re at, training is a must. Which is exactly why the story behind this Professional Video Producer at Buzzfeed video as well as a social influencer, Michelle Khare and her first ever marathon is so intriguing!

Although it can and will obviously differentiate between runners, the minimum for first timers is normally around 16-20 weeks. Marathons take a huge toll on your mental and physical strength and to execute one properly you’re going to need patience and practice.

Michelle Khare ran a full marathon, after only ten weeks of training.

Although she didn’t go from couch potato to marathon runner in those 10 weeks (which is downright impossible without injury and over-exertion,) she still went from covering a rough guess of 4 kilometers as her maximum to a full blown Marathon of 42.2 kilometers. And that… is incredible.

Working for the popular site Buzzfeed, Michelle Khare is no stranger to sports with a passion for cycling, her competitive nature and in general being open to challenges in forms of extreme sports.

But running?

Running was something she avoided. It appealed to her as boring, a waste of time and painful.

The challenge to go from hating running to completing a full marathon in 10 weeks came about as a suggestion from her co-workers, which Michelle quickly took up. Go big or go home, right?

Michelle Khare Going about her training the right way, she not only began to work with Erik Steffens , a certified running coach (and highly recommends, if possible, that you invest in the same), she also invested in a proper pair of running shoes professionally measured out and recommended for her foot shape, size and stride to correct her pronation hence improve her running.

What is pronation? Know your Feet and Pronation.

Running Injury Statastics

If a running coach isn’t an option, running plans online can be a good guideline to get you on your way!

Her training plan was as follows. With Mondays as her day off to be spent stretching, foam rolling and icing her legs, ankles, and feet to avoid inflammation, she would be covering 72 kilometers in her 1 st week up to 113 kilometers in her 10 th week through one long run a week (19-32 kilometers) and shorter ones on the remaining 5 days.

Training for a marathon is not only about running.

It’s about perfecting your running technique, strengthening your breathing, strategizing how to space out your energy during the full marathon, finding your pace and most importantly building the stamina to last – essentially putting off the inevitable runners “wall” for as long as you can.

Just as important as your physical fitness, nutrition and mental preparation play a massive role.

Learn more about the infamous marathon “wall”: Nutrition – Your way past the Marathon Wall.

Along with her tips to:

  1. Hire a running coach
  2. Get your shoes professionally fitted

Michelle Khare also greatly recommends that you,

  1. Join a running club.

Running alone is great to get you started. Know your level and gain comfort and confidence running, but then – get into contact with a local running club. Training as a group will undoubtedly not only push you further, you’ll also begin to know what to expect at a marathon.

Michelle says that joining the LA Road Runners, a local group of runners, made her longer runs “SO MUCH MORE BEARABLE.” It also gave her a great opportunity to meet other runners, get motivated and ask questions.

Michelle Khare Aiming towards a full marathon, with no prior experience is going to be a tough goal to achieve. So a good idea is to set smaller goals looking at them as stepping stones to your ultimate goal – and this is relevant to any passion you want to pursue!

Take part in a half-marathon.

It’s the same race-day routine, it’s the same crowds and motivation, it’s the same buzzing atmosphere – but it is half the distance. A win-win situation really.

From Hating Running to Running a Full Marathon in 10 weeks

Training is tough, and it was no different for Michelle Khare – to top it off in the 2 and half months she dedicated to her marathon, her apartment was broken into, her two bikes were stolen (precious to any cyclist!), her dog passed away AND work went through an incredibly high-stress period.

Running a Full Marathon in 10 weeks

Adding a demanding workout regime on top of all that is enough to make anyone crumble under pressure.

But this is where the magic of running comes in, why it’s so popular, why people pursue it.

It became her outlet. Running forced her to get moving and get some fresh air. With blood rushing through her body, endorphins lifted her mood reminding her that no matter what life throws at her she is still capable of accomplishing her goals.

She began experiencing the ‘runners high,’ and running became her “saving grace.”

Why run? For the high. Read – The Joy of Running: A way to Conquer yourself.

10 weeks later, Michelle successfully ran her first marathon. Completing 42.2 kilometers in just over 3 and a half hours qualifies her for the Boston Marathon – a prestigious event held annually in Boston, Massachusetts. Although she doesn’t necessarily plan to take part in it – she definitely looks at running in a different light.

Running to Running a Full Marathon in 10 weeks

Running is a sport that isn’t necessarily picked up easily, but requires work, motivation, and dedication – best achieved by setting a series of goals. It is something that everyone should be trying even if the goal is simply a 5 or 10k.

It’s good for your brain. It’s good for your body.

And as Michelle knows, well-deserved cookies and ice cream have never tasted better than after a run!

Michelle Khare

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