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Marathon Etiquettes: Most Runners are NOT Aware of Them. Check if You Know?

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What is race day etiquette? How important is it? Race day etiquette is a significant aspect of taking part in any marathon; this is because it is a consolidated event where everyone wants to experience the best! It often becomes difficult for novices to cope up with the know-how of marathon etiquettes and thus, is often treated scornfully by the veterans.

No one likes to be looked down upon; neither should one allow himself to be belittled by a fellow human being. Read on to get a profound knowledge about how to behave on the race day, effortlessly.

Untold Marathon Etiquettes

Before you participate in a marathon, consider the following untold marathon etiquettes...

There are certain aspects that you must consider before you prepare to participate in a race or prepare for one, as:

  • Consider what to wear on race day beforehand as last minute purchases do not always work out in our favor. The fabric of jerseys may not suit your skin and end up in disgusting chafing. Also, purchasing your proper race day attire beforehand would let you get accustomed to it making the running experience on the day of the event quite easy and effortless.
  • Consider having a collection of runner’s bibs handy for they are extremely convenient when it comes to running. Besides, it a running manner to put on your registration number on your bib for the ease of the organizers.
  • Hydration packs are extremely useful when it comes to running on the D-day. Hydration packs are convenient to carry as your backpack making your forelimbs move freely. Do not drink a lot of fluid as you may end up with an ache in your stomach. The key idea is to keep you hydrated and not full up to the brink. 
  • Again, bathroom breaks must be avoided while running. So, it is greatly advisable that you do not have too much of water.

Racing etiquettes call for several “dos and don’ts of running a marathon” that would save you from any dishonor that may stain your first impression as a beginner runner.

marathon etiquette
Marathon Etiquette for every racer

Marathon Etiquettes - Do's for Every Marathoner

Make sure to follow these “DOs” before hitting the track

Do: Use your own towel

Never think about borrowing a fellow runners bib or towel. It not only is unhygienic but also points to your lack of being completely focused on the subjectivity of the race. Always carry your essentials as it is considered as a road running etiquette.

Do: Be polite

Do not be an annoying runner by not getting along with your line up. If you are a fast runner do not get impatient. Instead, run with the runners who have a pace as same as yours. Similarly, find out the group of runners who match your medium or slow pace respectively to avoid any sort of anomaly or problems.

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Do: Keep your attire ready

It is considered unlucky if you start running putting your event shirt on as your race jersey. Racing jersey and event uniforms must be kept separately. It must be kept in mind that putting on untested racing gears may also prove uncomfortable that might result in nipple chaffing and the like. Always wear something that makes you feel completely at ease.

marathon etiquttee
Keep attire and other essentials ready for the race

Do: Be cautious

Water station stops might confuse you. Be extremely cautious while passing by any water station. Try not to spill water on the road as it creates chaos and confusion for other runners behind you. Also, keep an eye for spilled water everywhere around a water station as you would not want to step into a puddle of water nor would you want to skid and fall down in front of everyone, known or unknown.

Do: Be grateful

Be very generous to the volunteers. Try complimenting them open heartedly and genuinely with a simple “thank you” whenever they reach out to you for attending you. Remember they play an immensely significant role in a smooth run of the racing event.  Be very gentle and kind towards all the supporters. A kind smile or wave at the supporters is enough to show your appreciation.

race aid station
Be grateful to volunteers who encourage you

Do: Finish at the finishing line

Do not stop abruptly in the chute as you are nearing the finishing line. It is customary that to touch the finishing line. Besides, coming to a halt all of a sudden may cause other runners behind you bump against your back, causing a chaos.

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Do: Be punctual

Make sure that you reach the starting point of the race on time. In fact, it is always advisable to reach the spot at least 10 to 15 minutes before the race starts. This way, not only do you prove yourself as a disciplined runner but also you get time to start peacefully by not rushing to the spot. Again, by proving your sense of punctuality you cast a positive impression others and also you feel confident. 

Do: Prepare

If you are a beginner who is really into running then it is advisable that you start running by participating in smaller races; running in lengthy races at the first few ‘go’s may not help you to reach the completing line on time. This way your heart may get broken and your interest to take part in such healthy way of promoting awareness may get curbed down forever.

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Do: Consult a dietician

Do make sure to consult your dietician at least before a month before the race starts. You need to acquire a fit body for participating in races. Ensure to take healthy food for good maintenance of nutrition. Know about the Top Foods for Runners

Do: Have the right amount of food

Do not have something that is extremely heavy to be broken down fast while racing as it may make you feel nauseous. Again, starting with an empty stomach too is not really very commendable. You may feel weak dizzy and weak while running. No one appreciates a running experience that results in swooning.

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breakfast for runners
Eat right amount of food

Do: Practice, practice, practice

Start practicing running at least a few months before your racing event. You must have to be flexible and fit to run in any racing event. Being prepared would boost your confidence making you feel good about yourself.

Do: Follow traffic rules

Run while facing the traffic as this the usual running etiquette to know on which side of the road you must run. Running against the traffic would let you run safely. Try considering running on the road laws to ensure a smooth and worthy experience.

Do: Skip the headphones

You need not look cool by putting on your fancy headphones. Besides, it would be extremely rude on your part if you do not pay heed to the announcements by putting on music. Again, loud music may pose danger too; you would not be able to hear out the traffic horns and whistles.

Do: Pay for your spot

It is absolutely imperative that you pay for the spot that you have reserved. This is because it must be kept in mind that the organizers have to make arrangements for various amenities, while you run or rest. Veterans would not make you aware of this fact.

However, they would definitely be disappointed if you do not come overlearned. No one acknowledges a runner who tries to bandit any race. This is one of the most significant running etiquettes.

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Marathon Etiquettes - Dont's for Every Marathoner

Make sure to follow these “DON’Ts” before hitting the track

Don't: Overtaking is a bad idea

Never try to forge your way out into the foremost corral or the one that is in front of you. As a corral is composed based on the ability of the runners; that is, runners having more or less the same speed is made to form a corral. The composition also depends on the strength and stamina of the runners.

marathon etiquette
Start and finish the race gracefully

Don' t be noisy

Carrying anything that jingles are very rude. This means it is better that you do not carry your keys or coins in your pocket. This is because, every time you run with these pieces of metals in your pocket, the jingling sound would distract everyone including you!

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Don’t block roads

You must never make it difficult for other runners by blocking the road. Try not to move by keep two abreast. This way a healthy running would be ensured.

Overfeeding or underfeeding before the race is a strict NO.

Have only that much of food that has been allotted for a single runner. Gluttony is strictly looked down upon at the events of races. Know what to eat before the race. The idea is to provide your body with adequate nutrition and not compete in a food challenge.

Also, do not try to sneak out food or beverage for you to be eaten later. It is considered extremely unmannerly to gulp down or store food from the counters, unnecessarily.

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5k Etiquettes and Running Manners You Should Keep in Mind

Follow all these running manners religiously as they are bound to guide you through the entire process of running especially if you are a beginner, as:

  • Be extremely careful in choosing your race. Do not get carried away by a sense of false self-pride for having to run with a group whose pace is not very speedy. 
  • Find an ideal running group for yourself; maintaining a proper etiquette becomes easier when everyone in a group yearns to attain and reach similar goals. 
  • Schedule for a working out and running regimen that would be befitting as per your usual timetable. Do not try to rely on your understanding of your body type or ability. Consult a trainer for the best experience.
  • Drinking water is always imperative. Overloading your stomach with unnecessary amounts of carbs is absolutely a no-no! Consult a dietician who would set a food intake chart for your perusal.
  • Find out the pace that you are comfortable with. It would a take a bit of time to understand your natural pace for which you must invest time regularly.

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When you are the spectator...

If you are cheering your loved one participating in a race, do not get too carried away; always ensure not to block the roads while watching the race. Be very enthusiastic giving the runners their space.

Running for a better tomorrow... 

Running is just not for pros. The experts had once been an amateur before advancing as a pro. Never consider backing out as running a marathon demands a few running manners to be followed because these are very simple as casual.

Try to stay fit and inspire others to join you in running for staying fit for a healthier future.

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