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2018 Lake Placid Marathon and Half Marathon: All Details You will Need

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All you Marathon lovers, get set going for the 14th Annual race which is back with much more excitement and fitness. The Lake Placid Marathon 2018 is all set to gear you up on the 10th June 2018 at the Adirondack Park, the town of Lake Placid situated at the northernmost corner of northern New York.

This annual marathon summons more than 2000 runners every summer for a series of events including annual marathon run, lake placid Half Marathon, and the relay event.

Ranked as the 2nd best destination race in the United States, you are sure to witness a varied arena of places around the town of Lake Placid which had hosted the Olympic Games twice earlier.

Here is all you need to know about Lake Placid Marathon and Lake Placid Half Marathon

About Lake Placid NY Marathon 2018

Known for its scenic fitness regime, Lake Placid Marathon, and Half Marathon is one the most significant marathon events that happen in the United States. This Marathon is being held on 10th June 2018 and is expected to host a large mass of people from all around the world, like every year.

The full marathon is 26.2 miles while Half Marathon is a 13.1-mile run. This marathon attracts runners from over 40 states in the US as well as neighboring countries like Canada and Europe.

What is special about this Lake Marathon?

Well, the scenic tour that one witness around the rocky mountain roads and archaic villages that serve you the perfect spot for your winter vacation. From a series of activities and events to choose from, you are guaranteed an array of adventurous and entertainment filled hustles this summer.

Did you know?
Lake Placid hosted the Winter Olympic games in 1932 and 1980 and is famous for it's skiing and winter outdoor activities.

All the participants will be honored with the scenic wilderness of this historic Olympic town as the race track passes through some popular destinations including the Olympic Aki Jump, Horseshow arena, National Sports Academy and Speed-Skating Oval Arena.

This journey is also a house to some hilly terrains with a few plain land stretches that dwell with outstanding local charm and outdoor sports areas.

With some big NGO’s supporting this Marathon including Tri-Lakes Humane society and Behavioral Health Services North, Inc, this event is being majorly sponsored by PenAir as the official airline partner and Golden Arrow resort as the official hotel partner. A few others incorporate UPS Store, Lake Placid Pub and Brewery and the Fallen Arch.

lake placid marathon
Lake Placid NY Marathon (source)

Entry Details: Fees, Registration, and Eligibility

The general entry registration for Lake Placid Marathon and Lake Placid Half Marathon will be opening soon and can be made through online mode only.

The full marathon run only allows athletes who are 18+ years of age wherein Half Marathon consents all age group runners, with a consent waiver form signed by parents of runners under the age of 18. This form is a mandate and needs to be represented at the Athlete-Check which happens prior to the beginning of the race.

Did you know?
The Lake Placid Half Marathon is a sanctioned event by USATF and is a Boston Qualifier

Check out the Boston Marathon Qualifying Times and Races 2018 - Updated!

The two types of races in this Marathon include:

  1. Lake Placid Full Marathon Run
  2. Lake Placid Half Marathon Run

The basic difference in both these run routes is the distance covered and the amount of terrain and elevations one needs to cross during the Marathon.

The application fee has some alluring offers like ‘Early Bird payment schemes’ and here is further information on the same:

Early Bird Registration – Began on November 1st, 2017:

Half Marathon run = $82
Full Marathon run = $92

Regular Registration – Began on December 1st, 2017:

Half Marathon run = $92
Full Marathon run = $102

Late Registration - Begins April 2nd, 2018:

Half Marathon run = $102
Full Marathon run  = $112

Livingit Tip-
Please note that the registration fees paid for this Marathon are non-transferable and non-refundable.

lake placid marathon
Lake Placid Marathon (source)

There are some rules and checkpoints that this marathon follows, certain practices it prohibits and all of these should be taken care of by all the runners taking part in this event.

These are:

  • No use of jogging strollers.
  • No undue support from cyclists, inline skaters or unregistered/extra runners.
  • Dogs are prohibited in this Marathon.
  • Beware of the bandits, or being one yourself.

And the most important of all -

The race number tag should be visibly tagged to the front of your running jersey and should be clearly noticeable at all times.

This year ahead of the 14th Grand Lake Placid annual race, the course record for 2017 -

  • Lake Placid Half Marathon was set by Joseph Norton, who completed the run in a net time of 1:18:29.
  • The Lake Placid Marathon run was topped by Anthony Uzwaik, who finished the run in a gun time of 3:07:26.
  • Lesley Paterson managed to top the women’s list in the Half Marathon run by completing the race in the gun time of 1:23:26.

Course Map

The Lake Placid Marathon run is a route housing some varied scenic attractions and hilly terrains that you would find moderately challenging. The ski jump near mile 5 which is almost the start of the run and Lake Placid High school near the end of the race, host the most significant hills over the route.

The runner’s course is mostly paved, traffic free and the popularity of this route lies in the Mirror Lake waterfront bordering the Whiteface Mountains which is yet another beauty and a treat for the eyes.

Here is a glimpse of the course map of the Lake Placid Marathon

Lake Placid Full Marathon
Lake Placid Full Marathon

The course map of the Lake Placid Half Marathon

Lake Placid Half Marathon
Lake Placid Half Marathon

Marathon Complete Schedule

The Marathon run is scheduled to be held on 10th June 2018 from 8 am onwards.

Livingit Tip
Check in on race day is not recommended!

But before you get set for the race day, here is a handout to the time schedule from a day prior to the race where the essential registration process is to be accomplished by the participants:

For 9th June 2018, a Bib pickup activity and Kid’s Marathon race will be conducted:


Event Detail

Start Time

End Time


June 9th, 2018


Bib Pick up for Kids. A Photo ID is mandatory with a guardian along, for kids under 18 years of age.

1:00 pm

6:00 pm


Lake Placid Conference Center

2608 Main St. Lake Placid, NY 12946

June 9th, 2018


Free kids race for all over the same finishing line of the main Marathon run on Sunday. They are awarded medals and prizes.

2:00 pm


Olympic Speed skating Oval. 2634 Main St. Lake Placid, NY 12946

June 10th, 2018


Bib Pick up for the main race day. A Photo ID is mandatory with a guardian along, for kids under 18 years of age.

6:30 am

7:30 am

Olympic Speedskating Oval


June 10th, 2018


The race is on! Give it all your fitness and energy for the marathon will be over soon.

8:00 am

2:00 pm

Olympic Speed skating Oval. 2634 Main St. Lake Placid, NY 12946

June 10th, 2018


Award Ceremony

12:00 pm


Olympic skating oval adjacent to the finish line.

Finally on the main race day, the 10th June 2018, the race registration commences at 6:30 am and cuts off at 2:00 pm for all the races

Vital FAQ’s

Here is a know how to all the questions that pop up in your mind related to Lake Placid Marathon and Lake Placid Half Marathon.

This is a list of some of the important answers that are quintessential to know before taking part in this marathon. You can still ask them more, though!

Q: When and where is the Lake Placid Marathon? 
A: The Lake Placid Marathon run is being held on 10th June 2018 in Adirondack Park, a town in Lake Placid.

Q: In what all ways can I register for the event? 
A: The registration for Lake Placid Marathon and Lake Placid Half Marathon run is ONLY available online. Go to and click on ENTRY and follow the instructions clearly.

Q: What kind of identification proof is required to register for the Athlete Check-in at the event? 
A: Every participant requires a photo ID proof to be presented at the check-in spot in order to receive their athlete bag and other essentials. A driver’s license, student ID, corporate ID or any other photo proof should be good.

Q: Can the registration take place on the day of the race? 
A: There is NO immediate registration process for the race day. The registration needs to be completed online well before the main day. Kindly check the dates and deadlines, here.

Q: Are the entry bibs resalable or transferable to anyone else? 
A: The transfer or resale of Bibs is a strict NO because of authenticity issues related to the actual runner who has registered for the event.

Q: What is the typical weather in Lake Placid during the Marathon? 
A: The weather in Lake Placid can be varied due to hills and terrains, so be prepared in advance for forecast alterations. Lake Placid marathon in 2016 race had low temperature and clear skies, while 2017 on the other hand, was windy and hot. Make sure to check the weather guide well in advance before planning to pack your essentials for this marathon.

Q. Is medical support available?
Yes. It will be present and available in the finish area - Athlete Village.

Q: Where do I need to go to pick up my race kit/packet? 
A: You can pick up the race packet between 1 pm to 6 pm on 9th June 2018 from the Convention Center on the main street of the village of Lake Placid. You can also pick the kit on 10th June 2018 from 6:30 am till 7:30 am, from the check-in tent near the Speed-Skating Oval.

Q. What does the race kit/packet consist of?
A. The race packet contains your race Bib with ChronoSystems "B" tag timing device and the event athlete gift. Race numbers must be attached to the front of the clothing on race day. Safety pins are provided.

Q: What if I wish to switch from registration of Half Marathon to Full Marathon run? 
A: All you need to do in this case is send an email with your full name, address, and age. Also, if you have received a registration number, that would be appreciated. A minimal charge of $25 would be charged to switch the race registration. You will receive a confirmation email once your race has been changed.

Q: Is there a waiting or a transfer list, once the registration is full? 
A: There is NO waiting list, so make sure to register well in advance to book your slot.

Q: How big is the race? 
A: We are expecting runners from different countries and the numbers might shoot up over 2000 including Lake Placid Half Marathon and Lake Placid Marathon runners accompanied by a thousand of viewers that make the event spectacular.

Q. What is the record for each course?
A. The record holders are -

Lake Placid Marathon:
Male- Chuck Engle, Colombus, OH, 2:34:39 (2006)
Female- Katie Aldridge, Ithaca, NY 3:00:28 (2012)

Lake Placid Half Marathon:
Male- Nick Maracantonio, Glenns Falls, NY 109:39 (2013)
Female- Ironman World Champion Heather Fuhr, San Diego, CA 1:20:50 (2005)

Marathon Relay (discontinued in 2009):
Relay Team: The Administration 2:36:28 (2009)

Q. What kind of support is provided during the marathon?
The Lake Placid marathon supports 26 aid station opportunities in 26.2 miles (full marathon) and features 14 aid station opportunities in 13.1 miles (half marathon). The first four aid stations are water only. The remaining stations are stocked with water, sports drink and other nutritional items. Post-race food and drink is available at the Olympic Oval finish area for athletes only, free of charge!

Q. Is headphones allowed?
A. Yes! Headphones are allowed.

Q. Do all finishers receive medals?
Yes! However, the course time limit for the Full and Half Marathon six (6) hours and you need to finish the race to get the medal.

Travel and Lodging

Traveling to Lake Placid would include flight and by road, options both depending on where you are traveling from.

For those desiring to stay near the race venue, Golden Arrow Lake resort is the official hotel host of the Lake Placid Marathon and Lake Placid Half Marathon.

They have created special discount packages for those training for the marathon and for the runners arriving before the race day. The booking to this resort start post the registration opening of the Marathon run.

Parking Logistics

Lake Placid, is a small and beautiful town, has limited parking facility for the race. All the athletes who are putting up in the nearby village areas are suggested to walk to the starting line, whereas others can find a nearby parking situated on Cumins Road at the Shipman Youth Centre.

There is a specialized parking map that will guide you through all these specified locations.

Also, parking is prohibited now at Horseshow grounds due to certain guidelines. 

Summing Up

So are you all set preparing for the Marathon?

If not, pull up your socks and get ready for the destination race right here at Lake Placid on 10th June 2018.

You wouldn’t wish to miss this spectacular sporting event of the year, which guarantees an adrenalin rush in the lap of serene nature.

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