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LA Marathon 2018: Take the 26.2 mile "Stadium to the Sea" Route!

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Los Angeles is truly a city of dreams. Not only for struggling actors who want to get famous in Hollywood, but also for runners who aim to set personal best records and find motivation for running better. With the running fever gripping running enthusiasts at all levels of expertise, the preparation for the upcoming LA marathon is on.

Are you ready for the big day?

 If you don’t know the details of these events or haven’t yet decided to enroll for them, you should definitely read on. The important details about this race are mentioned below.

General Information About the LA Marathon

Almost 25,000 athletes from more than 60 countries will test their grit and limits by taking part in the Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon that is to be held on 18th March 2018.

This marathon has been a regular annual event since the immense popularity of the 26.2-mile footrace introduced in the Summer Olympics in 1984. The popularity and prestige of the Los Angeles marathon is evident by the steady growth in the number of participants over the years.

This event in 2018 will be officially known as the Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon. 

The peculiarity of this marathon is its iconic “stadium to sea” format. The LA marathon 2018 will start at Dodger Stadium and end in Santa Monica, where the lapping waves welcome the finishers. The participants get to experience the true spirit of the city as they run in the LA marathon from the stadium through Hollywood and Sunset Boulevard to finally arrive at the Santa Monica pier on the much-awaited Sunday morning.

While there are strict age requirements for participating in the LA marathon, this race also features a special event known as the LA Big 5K marathon, which is open for runners of all ages and abilities.

LA marathon
Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon (source)

Race Types

The LA marathon event will consist of three types of races-

  • Full marathon, 
  • LA Big 5K
  • Students Run LA (SRLA)

SRLA is an independent organization that mentors and trains school students for running and achieving their running goals. The full marathon will be run over 26.2 miles while the LA Big5K will cover a distance of 3.1 miles.

Registration Fee

The current registration fee for the LA marathon is $180 per participant. Prices tend to increase as the race day approaches, so an early registration is recommended. Please note that registration fee is non-refundable and non-transferable under any circumstance.

Participants can also avail the option of enrolling for the LA Road Runners training program for an additional $100 and opt for the Start Line Hospitality package for an additional $75.

The registration fee for the LA Big 5K race is $40 and includes an event T-shirt, finishers medal, race bib with chip timer and access to a post-race meal.

Age Requirement for Registration

The participant should have completed 16 years on the race day to be able to take part in the LA marathon. There is no age limit for participating in the LA Big 5K. The SRLA race is only for students between the age of 12 to 15 years.

Race Timings

The various sub-categories of races will occur as follows:

Wheelchairs - 6:30 am
Handcycles - 6:42 am
Women - 6:45 am
Men and full field - 6:55 am
LA Big 5K - 8 am

All participants of the LA marathon have to be off the course after 6.5 hours of the race starting time. Runners failing to do so will not be timed.

Awards and Medals

Participants will be categorized into Male and Female finishers and awarded in the following age groups:

  • 12- 15 years (Only for SRLA)/ Below 15 years (only for LA Big5K)
  • 16- 19 years
  • 20- 24 years
  • 25- 29 years
  • 30-34 years
  • 35- 39 years
  • 40- 44 years
  • 45- 49 years
  • 50- 54 years
  • 55- 59 years
  • 60- 64 years
  • 65- 69 years
  • 70- 74 years
  • 75- 79 years
  • 80 years and above

The first three finishers in each of these categories will receive a commemorative award and all finishers will receive a medal of participation.

For the LA Big 5K, the top two male and female finishers overall will receive $250 and $150 worth of gift cards. In addition, the top two male and female finishers in each age group will receive gift cards of $50 and $25. 

Health and Fitness Expo before the LA Marathon

This expo will be organized on 16th March 2018, at 7 pm and on 17th March 2018, at 5 pm at the Los Angeles Convention Centre. It is only at this expo that participants will be able to pick up their race packets consisting of the bib number, official shirt, timing chip and a bag. It is to be noted that the participants have to collect this packet themselves.

The expo will also feature some top-class running merchandise. Entry to this expo is free and open to all.

Details of the LA marathon - Information that You’ll Need

In order to prepare better, the participants should study the details of the LA marathon thoroughly. They should be aware of the locations of aid stations, restrooms and medical stations on the race course. These amenities are well-distributed throughout the LA marathon route. In addition, they should be well-versed about the race specifications. These vital details are discussed below.

The Course Map

The course map for the Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon follows a unique ‘stadium to sea’ format. It begins at the Dodger Stadium and passes through the city of Los Angeles before culminating near the beach at Santa Monica.

LA marathon course map
Course map for LA Marathon (source)

Aid Stations

In total, twenty-two manned stations will be available on the course of the LA marathon. These stations will provide water and electrolyte drinks to the runners. In addition, energy gels will be available to the runner at miles 12 and 19. Their exact locations are specified on the course map that will be given along with the race kit.


Plenty of portable restrooms are located on the course along the starting line, near every aid station and at the finish line. Their exact locations are specified on the course map available.

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Medical Stations

A completely trained professional team consisting of doctors, nurses and therapists will be deployed at different locations on the LA marathon route. A massage tent will be set up after the finish line.

Timing the Race

For participants, digital clocks will be positioned at different locations on the course. The digital clock at the finish line will only be used to estimate unofficial running times. Mile markers will be placed every 5 kilometers.

Officially issued race numbered bibs and individual timing chips will have to be worn by the participants at all times during the race. These items are non-transferable and tampering with them is punishable. The participants will be required to pin their race numbers in front of their shorts in a way that they are visible at all times.

What to Wear

Participants can wear any well-fitting garment as long as their face remains uncovered. For obvious reasons, costumes or apparel that is bulky or extends beyond the body frame of the runner are not allowed.

la marathon what to wear
Wear apparels that are comfortable (source)

Expectations from Participants

For the event to start and finish in a hassle-free manner, certain things are expected from the participants. 

  • Before the Race

Participants are required not to let unauthorized persons enter the course. This includes their family and friends who are not participating. All participants are subject to official anti-doping rules. If any participant violates these rules, it will lead to disqualification from future events and forfeiture of all awards and medals in connection with the event.

  • At the Beginning of the Race

Participants will be assigned to a particular Start Corral and they should start the race from this position only. Refusing to do so will lead to disqualification from the event. It is the participant's duty to reach the race venue on time and report at their designated corrals.

  • During the Race

A professional and courteous conduct is expected from LA marathon participants while they run. They should refrain from urinating or defecating anywhere except the restrooms. They should not indulge in any kind of protest or express their disproval regarding the rules of the event. The participants are expected to know and understand the notices and signboards located at different points in the course. 

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Intentionally obstructing or disturbing a fellow runner will lead to disqualification. Participants are also expected to run only on the course and should not attempt to cut short the course under any circumstances. If medical aid is needed, they should signal to the volunteers.

Runners are not allowed to carry anything except transparent trash bags, pocket-sized photographic or cellular devices and bottles for hydration.

Items such as a selfie stick, sharp objects, banners alcoholic drinks, opaque trash bags and glass containers are strictly prohibited. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: When will the next LA marathon be held?
A:  18th March 2018.

Q: What are the starting and finishing points of this race?
A: This race starts from Dodger Stadium and ends on Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica.

Q: Will transport be arranged for participants to reach the starting line?
A: Yes, complimentary shuttle service is provided to all registered participants.

Q: It is possible to get my registration transferred or refunded in case of an emergency?
A: No. Registrations are non-transferable and non-refundable under any circumstance.

Q: Will the organizers provide water and drinks during the race?
A: Yes, there will be 22 aid stations on the course that will provide water and electrolyte drinks; and 2 aid stations at mile 12 and mile 19 that will provide energy gels.

Q:  Is the use of headphones allowed in the race?
A: Except for athletes running for prize money, participants can use headphones on one side!

Q: Are skateboards or bikes allowed on the course?
A: No.

Q: Can someone else pick up my race packet on my behalf?
A: No. Race packets will only be handed over to registered participants at the Health and Fitness Expo.

Q: I there a specific time limit for finishing the LA Big 5K?
A: Yes, the race will officially end after 2 hours of starting.

Q: Where will the race packets for the LA Big 5K be available?
A: Race packets for LA Big 5K can be picked up at the Health and Fitness Expo, and also at the parking area of the Dodger Stadium from 6:30 am on race day.

Accommodation and Transportation

The organizers of LA marathon have tied up with Experient for providing official housing to the participants of the Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon. There are more than 20 partnering hotels to provide boarding and lodging options in Downtown LA, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Pasadena and Marina Del Ray. The special discounted tariff will be given to participants of the event.

Participants are encouraged to use the hotel reservation center of the official website to make their hotel bookings to ensure lowest room price and added benefits like free shuttle services. Other benefits of booking through here include no prepayment and possibility to extend the stay at reduced tariffs.

Transportation to and from the LA marathon starting and finishing points will be complimentary for participants. The details of shuttle services are as follows:

  • Santa Monica Shuttle Service

All registered participants are entitled to access the shuttle service that will run from the Santa Monica City Hall to the Dodger Stadium. Participants have to reserve this service at the time of online registration. The shuttle service will be scheduled for pick up participants between 3 and 5:30 am. The frequency of this pick up will be every 30 minutes.

  • Downtown LA Hotel Shuttle Service

Participants who have booked their accommodation in Downtown LA through the official hotel reservation center will be entitled to avail free shuttle service to the start point and from the finishing point. All information will be provided to the participants at the Hotel at the time of check-in.

  • Union Station Shuttle Services

One way shuttle service from Union Station to Dodger Stadium is complimentary for all registered participants. They have to make a reservation for this shuttle service at the time of online reservation.

Fitness Tips for Marathon Runners

Dr. Glenn Ault of the USC has been appointed as the Official Medical Director of the Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon. He, along with his team of medical professionals will take care of fitness and medical attention of marathon runners. 

Elaborate measures regarding fuel intake, hydration, energy bars, skin protection, proper footwear, body temperature and the appropriate pace are to be taken into consideration.

Also, clear strategies for post-marathon recovery are provided to ensure that you are back to your running routine shortly after this event.

Motivated Legacy Runners and Last Year’s Winners

You will be enthralled to know about the runners who haven’t missed even one LA marathon since its conception in 1986.

The website will provide you with the details of this elite group of runners who is in no mood to step down. They will also be taking part in the upcoming LA marathon to motivate newbies and to keep going strong.

The LA marathon 2017 saw the Kenyan marathoners sweeping the race with winners in men and women category. The timing chip of the winner in Men’s category, Elisha Barno read in 02:11:53, while Hellen Jepkurgat timed at 02:34:24 won in the women’s category.

winner of LA marathon 2017
Winner of LA marathon 2017 (source)

To win the coveted LA marathon is a matter of pride and honor. But to be able to finish the course is also a great experience that adds to your motivation to perform better. This event is the perfect platform for serious runners who are aiming at improving their personal best record.

To run among some of the best marathoners from all around the globe is a truly enriching experience.

Have you previously been a part of this event? Or are you aspiring to be part of the upcoming one?

Share your running story with us.

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