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The Joy of Running : A way to conquer yourself

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There was a time when waking up early in the morning was an arduous task for me. An invisible force, that didn’t let me get up, tied me to bed even as the clock struck 8. But the day I took up running, everything changed. I couldn’t wait for the clock to strike 6, as I already found myself tying those shoelaces, to go for a 5KM run. I never for once realized that a simple routine like this could change me in a dramatic way.

Since early days, I’ve been constantly advised by people around me to walk slowly and never run. Yet when I discovered the joy of running, I slowly began to develop a passion towards it. The shackles were released and I began to feel like an explorer as I tried to outpace myself in the streets. Running gives you an instant joy, a delirious feeling as you felt the adrenaline racing and you slowly began to catch your breath. You look at the stopwatch and ponder, let me try to run even harder next time. You keep telling yourself that it’s just a few more metres ahead and you try to beat your own time. With every step you take, you want to go that extra mile and get a conquered feeling!

If there is an activity, that involves every single element in your body while burning out all those calories, it’s definitely running. Running reigns supreme over any physical activity while staying super fit and also lose weight in the process. Running helps immensely when you are really down, as it releases those endorphins and makes you feel awesome (The same effect you get while having chocolates, but the former being a far healthier option).

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10 Things to Do Before you Start a Running Habit

  1. Invest in a nice pair of shoes
  2. Stretch the calf muscles and legs properly, before every run so that you don’t strain
  3. Begin a small jogging routine to get into that groove and to avoid sudden increase in heart rate levels
  4. Try practicing in a simple treadmill to understand your stamina and running speed
  5. Don’t run on a heavy stomach. A simple granola bar or a fruit with some water should give you the required energy for the run
  6. Start with a 0.5 KM Run. Once you begin to feel comfortable, increase it to 1KM and so forth
  7. Pick a right spot for running. Preferably a park or a beach with minimal obstacles (you don’t want to be hit by an incoming car in your run)
  8. Wake up early and schedule a running routine, preferably in the mornings
  9. Have a fitness band/pedometers and time your runs to monitor calories burnt, distance you ran, speed of run and the time it took
  10. Last but not the least, don’t quit!

So the next time you have that big burger at McDonald or an extra cheese pizza at Dominos, say to yourself, “I’m going to RUN to compensate this.”

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Karthik is a data scientist in a Multinational Company and blogs about marketing, lifestyle, tech, travel, and sports at . Being a fitness enthusiast, he blogs about fitness and running.

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