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Hyderabad Ultra Marathon 2017- Down but not out

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Having missed SPBM 2017 due to viral fever, I didn't want to miss running the first edition of Hyderabad Ultramarathon 2017 on November 5. I returned to Hyderabad on 2nd early morning after a business travel for 2 weeks.

I had 2 days to get through my jet lag and be ready for the 25Km run. This is the route I have run many times. Its rolling hills and one of the tough routes for even experienced runners.

I didn't run for quite some time due to travel and that was the big mistake to start with. When I started to run I felt good and covered 10km mark with ease. I walked the elevations and ran the flat route. After I crossed halfway mark (12.5 km), I started feeling pain in my left foot.

I started walk run for another km, stretched my legs. but by 14th km, the pain was unbearable for each step I was taking. my left foot arch had become stiff. By 15th km aid station, I met the volunteers they helped me massage and took rest for 10 mins. In my mind, I thought I could finish it, but I couldn't stand when I got up. That's when I realized this could be my first "DNF" race. I was contemplating should I go ahead or should I quit. Looking at the route, I felt if I continue I could end up in serious injury and it was wise for me to quit. It was a tough decision and mentally draining but consoled myself that It was just a bad day and I should be able to start running soon.

Looking back I think I made the right choice of listening to my body and in 2 days I recovered and started to train for TMM 2018.

In life, there will many situations where we have to take the decision of doing or not doing. A temporary setback doesn't mean that all is lost. Its also not about falling down but getting up and moving forward. Though I was down on that I was never out and I am waiting for the next edition to kill that route :-)

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