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Hyderabad Marathon 2017 : All Runners Gear up!

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On your Mark, Get Set, Flag off! All the marathon aspirants take a step closer to your dream by running in the Hyderabad Marathon 2017. As the season of marathon ushers in India, the Airtel Hyderabad Marathon is the first race to kick off. The Hyderabad Marathon is one of the top road races in India that calls out to the running community to assemble in the city of Charminar and promote the culture of running.

Running its seventh edition this year, the Hyderabad Marathon, 2017 will be held on August 19 and August 20.

As declared, the inaugural 5K run will take place on August 19 while the other races- 10K, half marathon (21.1K) and full marathon (42.2K) will take place the next day i.e. on August 20, 2017.

Read on to know about:

  • History of Hyderabad Marathon
  • Information on the Races: Types, Eligibility, Registration Fee & Route
  • Route of the races
  • Qualification for the races
  • Basic FAQs
  • How to prepare for Hyderabad Marathon
  • How to recover post marathon

History of Hyderabad Marathon

Hyderabad Marathon - initiated in 2007

The Hyderabad Marathon is India’s second largest marathon after the elite Mumbai Marathon. Sponsored by the mobile network giant Airtel since 2011, the race was initiated as a non-profit organization in 2007. In the beginning, it was a small race powered by Hyderabad Runners, a group of running enthusiasts with a vision to make running a part an of an active lifestyle. And after four years of its inception, the initiation took a giant form and began running across Hyderabad.

Gradually, the marathon became a signature event of Hyderabad, with the city’s big and famous, young and old, men and women running in it with a zeal in the heart and an undying spirit in the mind. The event roped in giant investors like Airtel and others to provide participants a better running experience.

Like the last five editions, the Hyderabad Runners group is organizing the 2017 Hyderabad marathon in close association with its partners and the Telangana state government. And might we add that the organization is doing a great job because it is regarded as ones of the best-organised city runs in the world.

The Hyderabad Marathon runs for a cause as well. With a mission to encourage philanthropic activity, the Hyderabad Marathon provides a sustainable platform for individuals who want to contribute to the society. A number of charities across the country are selected by the Hyderabad Marathon association to promote their noble endeavours. Apart from these charities, a couple of NGOs also participate in the event to raise awareness and garner help.

Information on the Races: Types, Eligibility & Registration Fee

Information on the Races

The Hyderabad Marathon hosts four types of races - 5k, 10k, half marathon, and full marathon.

The eligibility age for the runners is 18 years and above.

Keep reading to find out the details about each race type and related information.

Full Marathon

A 42.2 Km point-to-point road race, the Full Marathon takes the runners on a journey through Hyderabad, starting from the historical heart of the city to the modern technological metropolis at the far west end

  • Flag off time for the full marathon is 5 am.
  • Reporting time is 4 am onwards.
  • The minimum eligibility age for the full marathon is 18 years and above.
  • Registration fee is Rs. 1200.

Half Marathon

Half Marathon is a 21.1 Km point-to-point road race which takes the same route as the full marathon but covers only half the distance.

  • Flag off time for the half marathon is 6 am.
  • Reporting time is 5 am onwards.
  • Runners above 18 years are eligible to participate.
  • Registration fee is Rs. 1200.

10K Run

Another point-to-point road race, 10K course is entirely in the western part of the Hyderabad city.

  • Flag off time for the 10K run is 7 am.
  • Reporting time is 6 am onwards.
  • The minimum eligibility age for 10K run is 12 years and above.
  • Registration fee Rs. 900.

5K Run

If you are running enthusiast and participating in the Hyderabad Marathon for fun, then register yourself for the 5K run.

  • Flag off time for the 5K run is 7 am
  • Reporting time is 6 am onwards
  • The minimum eligibility age for 5K run is 10 years and above.
  • Registration fee is Rs. 600

The Hyderabad Marathon - Route of the Races

Route of the Races

The Hyderabad marathon will have the runners run in and around the entire city of Nizams. From old, historical parts of Hyderabad to the neo-tech the IT hubs of the city.

Below are the routes of the four races -

1. Full Marathon Route

Marathon Route

The Full Marathon kicks off from People’s Plaza on Necklace road along the Hussain Sagar Lake, passes through important landmarks like Raj Bhavan, the Governor’s official residence, secretariats of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, official residence of Chief Minister, Jubilee Hills, Banjara Hills, Hitech City, IT District, the Financial district, University of Hyderabad and ends at Gachibowli.

2. Half Marathon Route

Half Marathon Route

The Half-marathon has almost the same route as the full marathon. It starts at Necklace road and passes through the same points as the full marathon like the official residence of the Chief Minister, Banjara Hills, Jubilee Hills, Hitech city, etc. and takes a detour at Old Bombay Highway, crosses the IT district and finishes at Gachibowli.

3. 10K Run Route

10K Run Route

The 10 k run takes runners from Hitex expo ground to the Gachibowli stadium where the race concludes. The 10 K run course is only within the western part of Hyderabad city. The 10 K runners will join the full and half-marathon route along the way at Cyber Towers.

4. 5K Run Route

The 5 K run is the shortest race that starts and finishes inside the HITEX Expo Grounds in Madhapur.

Qualification for the Races

The qualification criteria for runners vary with each race type. Check out the criteria applicable to each type of race-

  • Full Marathon

A runner must complete 42.2 km within the 6:30 Hrs (six and a half hours) course limit to qualify as an official marathon finisher.

  • Half Marathon

In this group, a runner must finish 21.1 km within three and a half hours (3 hours 30 minutes) to qualify as an official marathon finisher.

  • 10K Run

In this group, a runner must finish 10 km within the 2.0 hours (two hours) course limit to qualify as an official 10K Race finisher.

  • 5K Fun Run

In this group, a runner must finish within the 1 Hour course limit to qualify a 5K Run finisher.

Some Common FAQs

Here's a quick FAQ session on the Hyderabad Marathon 2017.

  1. When do the events start?
    August 19- 5K fun run. August 20- 10K run, full marathon, and half marathon.
  2. How is the terrain/run route?
    With undulating route over three flyovers, the Hyderabad Marathon is a bit challenging but not undoable!
  3. Are headphone/iPods allowed?
    Yes, because what is a good run without good music.
  4. Is there a place to store baggage?
    Yes, all the baggage will be collected at the Starting point and delivered to you at the finish line.
  5. How to get back to the starting point after the race?
    All participants may avail the complimentary bus service from GMC Stadium at 9:30 am.
  6. Can the registration fee be refunded, transferred, or donated?
    No, there is no registration fee refund policy. And it is non-transferable as well.

How to Prepare for Hyderabad Marathon

Prepare for the Marathon

In all honesty, there are no shortcuts to running a marathon. You either do it or not. And marathons are long(er) races that demand a tremendous amount of stamina and high levels of endurance. Therefore, preparing yourself for the D-day is crucial. Serious runners buckle up almost a year before the main day of the marathon.

Here are six things to remember while training yourself for full marathons and half marathons.

  1. Consume plenty of fluids as you tend to lose a lot of body water through perspiration during workouts and training.
  2. Eating the right food is very important. Avoid fats and add carbs to your diet. Fuel yourself with prebiotics and probiotics rich foods like banana, mushrooms, garlic, almond, and oats.
  3. It is easy to drop out but to keep it going requires a bulk of mental strength. Trust your Nikes because you can do it!
  4. Your body needs recovery time as well. Train well for the marathon but also allow your body to rest. Try to arrive at the marathon with relaxed muscles.
  5. Avoid experimenting the marathon with new shoes, garments, and other running gears. It is always wise to stick to the tried and trusted gears.
  6. And most importantly, enjoy the running. Keep a healthy spirit and complete the run.

And if you make to the finish line (which we are sure you will) know how to recover post marathon.

An avid runner and former Hyderabad Marathon participant, Jagadish advises to train well…finishing the run should be the goal. And we agree with him. Running a marathon is competing with no one but yourself! Do give up until you cross the finish line. Jagadish is a part of the Hyderabad Runners group and has been doing the famed Hyderabad Marathon for quite some time.

Hyderabad Marathon 2016 Winners

Over 16000 runners had participated in the AHM 2016. Among the myriad of runners, six of them outrun to bag the top three prizes. The winners in the men and women category of AMH 2016 are as below-

Men Category-





Mesfin Balcha



Philip Kigen



Titus K Githu Wanderi


Women Category-





Jyoti Shankarrao Gawate



Ruth Njeri Mbogo



Hiwot Tefera


AMH 2017 Prizes

This year the prize money is Rs 7.2 lakh for the winners in different categories like the full marathon, half marathon, and 10K run. The 5K run on the August 19 is classified as a “fun run” and is without any cash prize.

AHM is more than just a run…

The Hyderabad Marathon has touched many lives beyond the race. For former participate Raghava, it was an emotional journey. Blind from one eye, Raghava ran the AHM in 2013 to prove that he isn’t a handicap!


“I started running to liberate myself and feel the freedom of air but along the way, I realized and started running for a lot of other reasons. I run because I decided to touch 1 million lives and I keep saying to myself- Run Raghava Run” He has also done a 14 km run with the Hyderabad Runners before.

On the contrary for runners like Maneka, the Hyderabad Marathon is a stress buster. Running for more than seven years now, Maneka had joined the AMH to enhance her performance. She says that running makes her feel ALIVE! Maneka is a charity runner supporting the Human Pet Society.

AMH is famous beyond India

Hyderabad Marathon

The Hyderabad Marathon brings everyone in the city together. Statistics say that 34 per cent of runners who had participated in the Hyderabad Marathon last year were from other states and some had even come from abroad! One such marathon enthusiast coupe had come all the way from Austria. Sonja and Rene had touchdown India, not to see the White Marble Wonder but to run in the city of Nizams. The Austrian couple along with their friend Juergan ran the 41 km marathon last year.

So, you see marathon isn’t just a long-distance race. It is a culture that brings the humanity together, and all run for a cause- some to instill self-confidence while others join to render contribution and donation.

"In this 7th edition of the Airtel Hyderabad Marathon, our focus first and foremost is on enhanced race amenities and ensure runners safety. We hope to see an increased participation from local schools and communities as volunteers and cheering along the race route," race director Abhijeet Madnurkar was quoted as saying in a release from organizers.

The Hyderabad Runners society is planning to add more star quotient into the marathon by inviting some of the country’s Olympic medal winners! Adding to the point, the marathon has not only helped Hyderabad gain mainstream popularity but has economically benefited the tourism sector of the city.

But enough about the race now. It time to do the run, don’t you think?

Put on your shining shoes, plug-in your earphones, play that upbeat tune and run the Hyderabad Marathon 2017.

Run for fun, Run for validation

Run with friends, Run with caution!

Get Started
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