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Hyderabad 10K 2017 - Moment of Glory

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After a disappointing end to Hyderabad ultra 2017 earlier this month, Lot of my friends encouraged me that its one-off situation and I will bounce back. I have committed to myself that I will bounce back!!!

Registered for Hyderabad 10K which is one of the annual running festivals in Hyderabad around the picturesque Hussain Sagar lake.

I have been training for TMM 2018, so no special training for Hyderabad 10K. Just followed my Coach's advise on Food, Recovery, and Training for the last 20 days.

I had a busy day yesterday with My Son's Sports day and then visit my relative's place. I hit the bed by 10:30 pm with a alarm to go off at 3:45 am. First time in my life I missed to wake for an alarm since I started running (Of course previously there were many times the alarm will go off but I wont get up ;). I got up by 4:05 and got to know already my friends are ready. Got ready and drove to the People Plaza by 5:30 am.

I was still sleepy so decided to go for a short run for warming up and came back and joined friends. Took a Selfie with my running buddies.


Finish the run within 75 mins. Started with a good pace of 7:20 min/km.I took walk breaks for 10 secs at every 500m and then 30 seconds of walk break at the finishing of 1 km. I completed 5km mark comfortably by 36:45. It was a pleasure to see some of the friends whom I paced during club run. One of the first run this year where I finished 5 miles within 1 hr. With 2 km to go, and focused mind I followed the mantra of "Lift,Lift, Lift", "Swing, Swing, Swing" and glad to see finishing line in sight.

The last 100 m was the best and thoroughly enjoyed it. Checked my finishing time and glad to see I clocked my PB (Personal best ) 73 mins 25 secs.