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How to Start Running

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Today everyone is running after something or someone. Some are running towards a good job or money, some are running after kids and housework, and a few are even running away from such yearnings. In their busy schedules, people often tend to forget about their passion and health. Running is imperative, but not from things or people.  It should be embraced as a passion, as a sport, and for health.

In order to start running and to pursue it, first and foremost the person should enjoy it. Running is not easy, but then that is what makes it worthwhile because good things never come easy. So, the question is how to start running? Well, the answer lies in self-discipline, unprecedented commitment, and a passion for accomplishing targets. Let us look at the simple ways in which one can begin his running journey in a systematic way:

Start running by walking

While many people start with a bang they end up panting in no time, the intelligent ones are those who give time to themselves in order to pace up. Start with walks. Regular walks give an idea about stamina and commitment. These daily walks can be gradually turned into regular brisk walks. Slowly, after every 5 minutes of walk, one can add an extra minute of running. This is a great way to let the body know what’s in it for it. So don’t procrastinate, start walking now.

Too Soon Too Fast

Do not try to start running right away. Instead, give the body some time to adapt to the changing lifestyle. Slowly and gradually, decrease the walking minutes and increase the running time. If in the initial days, a lot of strain is given to legs, they might start hurting and then even a day’s gap can put the person back to square one. So, go slowly. The idea is to turn the hobby into a habit.

Get Proper Gear before you start running

Running isn’t an expensive passion yet the kind of experience one gets is priceless. A good pair of shoes is all that one needs. So ensure that the shoes that are used for running are of good quality and replace immediately if they are torn or not comfortable. Wrong shoes can give leg aches and other muscle problems to the runner. So, be careful!

While investing in a pair of good shoes, a smart runner will first know what kind of shoes he/she needs. Do you need extra support under your arch? Do your feet roll correctly or place more pressure on the outer edges of your feet? Know Your Feet and Pronation, so that way you can get the right gear.

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Get Company

Getting some company is never a bad idea. While running is fun even if it’s done alone, it can be more regular and exciting if done with others. Try and get a friend or partner to run. This will not only ensure that instead of one person there are two or even more enjoying something great, but it will also mean that you are not missing a day. Exploring places, things, and ideas together is the greatest thing that people can do. All this while doing something which is refreshing your body and mind is amazing.

Hitting the pavement with a friend will also help you overcome anxiety you might have about running in public in the first place! (If you do, also read: Embarrassed of Running in Public? 9 Tips to Overcome Anxiety!)


The next big step is to start participating in marathons. Organised marathons are amazing platforms for enthusiastic and new runners to get some inspiration and pursue the passion with more zest. In marathons, new runners can check their stamina and, with so many runners around, the motivation blows up to an incredible level. This is a great way to make the commitment stronger and also leads to making friends with people who have the same passion and think alike.

If you’re interested in taking your running to a new level, make sure to look at 5 Things To Keep In Mind Before Your First Marathon Run.

participating in marathons
Be a part of a Marathon: (source)

Aim for the Big Win

Once you become a regular marathon runner, the first aim should be to complete the race and then the next aim should be to become the winner. However, the passion and thrill involved in running keep a runner moving.

There are few others things that a person should keep in mind while training himself to be a good runner. Things like:

– Good diet (five small meals through the day)

– Plenty of water (to keep the body hydrated all the time)

– Enough sleep (to ensure that the body is not exhausted at the time of running)

– Stretching Exercise (to ensure that warm-up is done effectively and muscles are not strained before or after)

Running is a journey that you start every day. It has its own experiences and pleasures that nothing else can replace. People who follow this culture religiously claim to get addicted to running. There is no disadvantage to this sport. Just ensure that the body is not strained more than it can bear and make sure there are no injuries. In case if you are injured, take proper rest, let it heal and then get back to the tracks. Running is something that can be started with mere dedication, passion for it, and a good pair of shoes. There is no specific age for a person to start running. There are so many people who started in their 40s or 50s and there are so many who started in their teenage. All that it calls for is passion.

No fancy gizmos are required to pursue this dream which can lead you to a better and healthy life wherein you have something to look forward to on every run – a new road, a new track, new trees and clouds, new runners to accompany and new conversations. All this makes life adventurous in its own ways and, above all, it makes life more fulfilling. Start running for life and not from it.

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