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Run Faster With These Easy 14 Techniques!

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Do you ever wonder how to sprint faster? The key lies in channeling the best of your ability to move your legs faster with full efficiency, keeping your body in a good shape. Although genetics play a major role in sprinting, training with proper techniques inevitably makes you a better runner. Read more about increasing speed and endurance.

Well, the good news is, here we have collected effective techniques on how to sprint faster only in a week!

1. Workout Routine

First of all, set up a workout routine for a whole week. Different people follow different routine according to their needs, but while sprinting, speed and weight-lifting are the two most important factors. Let’s consider an example,

  1. Weightlifting Monday
    You need to keep all your muscles in shape to sprint faster. Develop a habit of doing all the weightlifting exercises.
  2. Speedy Tuesday
    Run eight 80 meter stretches with 2 minutes of break in each stretch, five 70 meter stretches, followed by three 40 meter stretches, and one 100 meter stretch.
  3. Endurance with Speed Wednesday
    Run some 300 meter stretches to analyze your endurance level. Endurance is the key to faster sprint.
  4. Partial Speed Thursday
    Slow down a bit as compared to Wednesday and prefer to run four 200 meter stretches, followed by two 100 meter stretches and then, two 50 meter stretches.
  5. Weightlifting Friday
    Now is the time to challenge yourself more in the gym. With that being said, every gym has a different set of machines.
  6. Relaxing Saturday and Sunday
    Relax your body muscles and gear your body for the extensive workouts.

Keep your focus mainly on leg workout such as barbell squats, deadlifts, power clean etc. Once you gain expertise in particular exercise, choose the next one and go on until your body becomes habitual and more active. That’s how you sprint faster with time. A proper warm-up is a key to endurance and better performance.

2.Warm up Routine

Warming up before sprinting helps you to gain strength to run faster.

Warm up

Start with a walk or jog for 10 minutes at a comfortable pace, followed by some dynamic exercise to prepare yourself to run faster. You can opt for a warm-up routine following various exercises such as high knees, butt kickers, back extension and much more.

Get complete knowledge on Warm up routine before running.

3. Sync your Breath

Practicing for explosive breathing is really important when it comes to running faster. Make sure to keep your breath in rhythm with your leg movement and do not keep a hold of it. Sprinting requires muscle endurance, which also depends on the oxygen intake capacity. Practice breathing in through your nose and breathing out through mouth with a set of frantic breathing for about 30 seconds every day. It will help you to be comfortable breathing excessive oxygen while sprinting.

4. Avoid Long Strides

Shorter the strides the faster you run! Keep your focus on speed rather than the distance to sprint faster. If you take long strides, it requires more effort. Also, you have to keep your legs in the air for a long time which lowers the speed and efficiency.

Taking Short Strides
Take Short Strides

5. Correct posture

Correct posture is one of the sprint techniques that would help you sprint faster! Release tension from your body, keep your torso straight up and avoid contracting your shoulders and look straight ahead instead of staring at the ground. Even if you get tired after running for a while, rest, but do not break your posture. Even the champion sprinter Usain Bolt maintains the pose. It helps to conserve proper momentum of the body which in turn helps your body to lean forward smoothly.

6. Swing your Arms

Swing your arms such that it forms an L-shape. Do not swing your arms across your body, instead move them back and forth with the help of shoulder movements, not letting it touch the face, forming an angle of 135 degrees.

How to sprint faster in a weeks time!
Swing your arms

Livingit Tip
Avoid clenched fists, as it can disturb your arm motion.

7. Lean Forward

Always keep in mind to run leaning a bit forward. Do remember to lean the whole body forward rather than bending through the waist. The main motive of leaning forward is to let gravity help you to sprint faster. Champion sprinter Usain Bolt believes in the idea of gravity effect. It helps to conserve proper momentum of the body which in turn helps your body to lean forward smoothly.

8. Push Yourself

Even if you feel the need to decrease your speed when you are sprinting, push yourself to go to the extreme. But if you still cannot do it, prefer to start slow and then gradually sprint faster while you are moving towards the finishing point. It will motivate you to speed up during the race.

9. Landing Strategy

Before you make your leg touch the ground, make your toes point downward. For that, propel your front leg forward when you sprint faster and incline your ankle and then make contact with the ground on your forefoot.

Proper Running Posture
Landing Strategy Source

For that, propel your front leg forward when you sprint faster and incline your ankle and then make contact with the ground on your forefoot. This is one sprint technique that makes your calf muscle release elastic energy and you need to do the hard push for landing efficiently. If you are new to it and don’t know how to sprint properly, run uphill. It helps you to adapt the form automatically.

10. Kick your Butt

Butt kick is the sprint technique in which you need to fold your rear leg towards your buttocks when your lead foot makes contact with the ground. As you move the foot close to your body while the other leg moves ahead, it takes lesser energy which increases your stamina, leading to run faster with less effort!

11. Running Motion

The running motion requires your feet to move in a circular motion just like you do while cycling. Movement of legs should be such that your knees move up and down, and your thighs are parallel to the ground. It will help you to keep your strides short and enable you to sprint faster.

12. Eat Properly

Following a proper diet is as important as warm up while sprinting. Start with a healthy breakfast full of carbohydrates to maintain strength.

Healthy Diet
Eat Healthy Food

13. Keep Yourself Hydrated

Drink a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated. Sprinting requires a lot of hard work means more sweating and more fluid loss. If you are not sure how much water to drink, just weigh yourself before and after practice.

14. Gear that Fits

Get shoes which are light in weight and have sprint spikes. Sprint spikes make it easy to run on the forefoot. Do not spend much on clothes; you just need to wear clothes which makes you feel comfortable and maintain the body temperature while running.

Running Shoes
Spike shoes

Now that you know all about how to run faster, indulge yourself in these sprint techniques for a week and you are good to go.It is very well said by Dr. Robert Schuller, “Tough times don’t last. Tough people do.”

So, gain all your strength and endurance, and make every step count.

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