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How to Speed Up Metabolism: Easy Diet and Lifestyle Changes

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Metabolism and age go hand in hand! And if you are passionate about running, you'd definitely want to have a high metabolism level. However, the older you grow, the slower your metabolism is! But, now a lot of studies and nutritionists have come up with various doable and exciting ways to help you rev up your metabolism, not keeping the age in mind. The main reason why we increase weight is eating untimely and not following healthy eating, hormones, stress and muscle loss. All of this makes the fat burning process very slow and once you start aging it’s much slower. If you are wondering how to speed up metabolism, then we suggest eating metabolism boosting foods!

How simple right?

This will help you sleep better, feel fitter and firmer and you will notice a difference in your body in some weeks itself.

Metabolism is a word that is heard very often and is mostly related to weight loss. There are two things to be kept in mind when you speak about metabolism:

  • Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)
  • Level of Activity

The BMR is the calories your body will burn when you are at rest. This is specific to organs like the liver, brain, lungs, and heart.

The second type of metabolism is related to the level of activity you do. This could be when you run, workout, follow an exercise routine or do any kind of intense training.

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Eating Rules to Rev Your Metabolism All Day Long

Let’s figure out how to speed up metabolism by eating right and what are the ways in which we can speed up our metabolism for a healthy and better life! 

1. Drink Up

Drink your favorite beverage tea or coffee as they can rev up your metabolism by 5% to 8% as caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant. A cup of tea can increase your metabolism by 12% as stated by a Japanese study. 

2. Rev up in the Morning

If you don’t want your metabolism to slow down like a tortoise, then have a king size breakfast!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. There are no two ways to this fact. Eating a wholesome, healthy breakfast will keep you pumped up all day and will keep you high on energy as well. Skipping meals is not an option at all. Grab a granola bar or eat oats a fruit or just a yogurt but always eat something and not starve. 

Livingit Tip
Eat a breakfast that keeps you full for longer hours, opt for foods that take time to digest!

3. Make Fibre your Best Friend

If you want to know how to speed up metabolism then start loving fibre!

Fibre can help you burn fat to almost 30%. Fibre rich foods are a necessity in your diet. In at least 3 servings of fruits or vegetables, you must have fibre rich foods to speed up your metabolism. Add food like barley, citrus rich fruits, bananas, oatmeal, carrots etc. to your diet so that you can build stamina when you run and boost your metabolism. 

how to speed up metabolism
Make Fibre your Best Friend

4. Water, Water & more Water

Drinking cold water can raise your metabolism, says studies. Drink a minimum of 6 to 8 glasses of water every day and see the change yourself. You can also invest on sports drink for runners

5. Protein in Your Meals is Necessary!

Protein is the key to how to speed up metabolism.

Protein intake helps in maintaining your muscles. As runners, when your workout or go for a run, a lot of protein is broken down. You need to build the lean tissue again so that you’re up and running when you take the next stride.

Eat low-fat yoghurt, white meat, nuts or drink low-fat milk for your daily protein intake. 

6. Vitamin D is Important

It’s time to get some sunshine! Vitamin D is the key to speed up your metabolism. Get your daily dose of vitamin D shrimps, tuna, tofu or eggs. This vitamin helps in preserving the metabolism revving muscle tissue. 

7. Drink Milk

Did you know that calcium helps metabolize the stubborn fat faster? Cool, right?

Calcium will help you increase your metabolism says study. Consume low-fat yoghurt or fat-free milk so that less fat is absorbed in your body.

8. Eat Organic Food

Choose organic fruits and vegetables when you go out shopping. Peppers, celery, cherries, strawberries etc. are all rich and healthy foods and if you choose them from the organic category they will help you increase your metabolism. Goodbye junk foods!

how to speed up metabolism
Eat Organic Food

9. Eat Enough

It is true that you need to cut down on calories to lose weight! But if you go extremely low in your diet it will not give you the desired results. Thus, we have a good news for you! You need to eat everything but in good quantity and decent portions. Eat enough so that you don’t remain hungry. Don’t over eat or under eat.

10. Eat Iron Rich Food

Spinach, beans, shellfish etc. are the best ways to add iron to your body. If you’re a runner and a woman, you’ll lose iron from your body monthly due to menstruation and hence it is of key importance to add iron-rich foods to your diet. Iron helps in carrying the much-needed oxygen that your muscle need to burn fat. As runners, there is a lot of energy that goes into when you are doing a high-intensity workout. Iron-rich foods allow you to maintain the energy and release it when it is needed the most. Check out the foods to eat before running.

How to Speed up Metabolism with Drinks

Along with food, you can count upon drinks to speed up your metabolic rate! Check them out.

1. Green Tea

Yes, we all know that Green Tea contains antioxidants which are good for the body and help it remain healthy and away from health issues. 

But, here’s another reason for you to drink this Japanese invention. It will help you lose the extra kilos! Keep one thing in mind, you won’t get in shape only with drinking this alone but you will certainly burn more calories because tea boosts metabolism. 

2. Hydrate Yourself

Water is the best way to burn calories. Whatever be the case, your body converting food into fat reserves or fuel, water is what keeps this function going. Hydration is necessary for fast metabolism and burning calories. 

Want higher metabolic rate?

Then, you must drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water every day. So, drink as much water as you can and give the much-needed boost to your metabolism. Studies also state that you can get water from certain food and vegetables as well. Beverages don’t count in this! 

3. Caffeine (Black Coffee)

Good news for coffee addicts! 

Most of us needed that caffeine boost as soon as we wake up! It’s more like an energy booster, but what it also does is increases your metabolism rate. 

Stick to drinking coffee daily and see the difference yourself. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is that you should drink black coffee only. If you add milk, sugar, cream or other flavours the whole idea will change and you will gain weight instead of losing!

drinks to boost metabolism
Drinks to Boost Metabolism

25 Secrets on How to Speed Up Metabolism

Let’s now spill the secrets on how to speed up metabolism! Once you learn about it, you can incorporate them into your lifestyle, and we bet you would lose weight faster!

  1. Begin your day on a healthy note. Squeeze lemon in warm water and make it a habit to drink this every morning as soon as you wake up. 
  2. Move when you’re not exercising! If you are at a desk job for maximum hours of the day make sure you have some movement in every 60 minutes. Be it getting a document from someone or just going to fill up your water bottle. It is important to move around after regular intervals. 
  3. Don’t wait to go to the gym for exercise. Have a set routine when you go for a jog or morning walk. Do simple stretches and exercises and turn your surroundings into your own personal gym! 
  4. Choose foods which are anti-inflammatory. Salmon, berries, oats, ginger. Dark chocolate, beets etc. are all the foods that will help you fight inflammation and boost your metabolism. 
  5. Set a cardio routine right in the morning to boost your metabolism. Make sure you do this before eating your breakfast. This could be a run, working out on the treadmill or doing an activity like Zumba! Cardio exercises help in boosting your heart rate and pump up the blood circulation. When you do this in the morning itself your body automatically boosts its metabolism and functions better. 
  6. Tea is a wonder that is loved by many of us! A beverage like Green Tea or Oolong Tea increases the body metabolism by 4% over a period of 24 hours and burns up to 80 calories with just 1 cup of any of this tea! Make sure you sip on this every day at least once so that your metabolism rate spikes up. 
  7. Use supplements to boost up your metabolism. Vitamin D, magnesium, cayenne, digestive enzymes etc. are some supplements which are used by the majority of the people to increase metabolism. However, make sure you get them prescribed from a general physician before consuming any of these.
  8. Take it easy! Don’t rush yourself into doing workouts. Be comfortable and progress with ease. 
  9. If you are into intense training, such as Fartlek, Tabata workout then it is always recommended to do it a minimum of 4 hours before hitting the sack! This will help you keep your metabolism in check and boost it too. 
  10. Eat right and big after your workout! It’s important that the body gets the energy again and so eating healthy is necessary for the body and its metabolism. 
  11. Exercising isn’t everything! Don’t stress about it if you haven’t been working out. Exercising helps in gaining strength and stamina. A lot of other things help in gaining better metabolism. 
  12. Ditch the lift and take the stairs! Yes, make it a habit to take the stairs. The trick is to not to be still. 
  13. Don’t ignore your breakfast ever! It’s the first meal of your day, it will boost the metabolism and keep the fat away! 
  14. Build your muscle. When you build muscle, you burn fat. To boost your metabolism further workout in the morning and have high metabolism throughout the day. 
  15. Add proteins to almost every meal. White meat, eggs, protein shake etc. will help you maintain your muscle and increase your metabolism. Eating healthy is the key. 
  16. It is necessary for the body to produce and store energy. This can be done with the help of magnesium. Some of the magnesium-rich foods that can be added to your diet are Chard, almonds, black beans figs or even dark chocolate. 
  17. Sugar cannot be your best friend! Say bye to all your sugar cravings. The more sugar you consume the more energy (magnesium) you waste. 
  18. Sleeping appropriately is important for high metabolism. Do you know what happens to your body if you sleep less than 8 hours? Well, your body loses off the hormones that regulate your appetite, energy and henceforth your metabolism slows down. 
  19. No stress, high metabolism! Avoid taking the stress and try to stay happy. Meditate and calm your brain and body at least for 20 – 30 minutes every day.
  20. Spicy food is good! Jalapeños, Chillies, red peppers and eating hot veggies can rev up your metabolism by 30%
  21. Be a water baby! We told you 8 glasses is important, but if you get bored drinking water, then you can opt for water-based fruits and vegetables or infused water drinks.
  22. Get out! Go on a trek, run on the beach or just go for long walks! Sometimes doing simple things also helps you get fit. 
  23. Munch the correct snacks. Fibre rich fruits, nuts, shakes etc. are the best snacks you can get that will help you in maintaining and boosting your metabolism. 
  24. Say yes to healthy fats. Banana, dark chocolate is all the things that you should concentrate on eating when you crave sugar. You can also add olive oil, fish, nuts, avocados to your diet.
  25. Never diet. Yes, we agree that metabolism is genetic and can be only boosted by doing things which are mentioned above but dieting is not a solution to anything. Eating healthy is what is important and that is what you should concentrate on! 
how to increase metabolic rate
Foods that Boost Metabolism (Source)

How to Speed Up Metabolism after 40

The process of speeding up your metabolism is the same at any age it is just that a few things need to be kept in mind when you reach 40 years of age. Here are some things if you do that will help you speed up your metabolism after 40:

  • Eat Enough Protein

Ideally, you should consume 20gms of protein in every meal of your day. This can be in the form of three eggs or 1 bowl of lentil. Make sure you get into a habit of eating protein in your breakfast. As your muscle breakdown when you sleep, it is necessary for the body to regain the muscle. You can also drink a smoothie or eat low-fat yoghurt in the morning. 

  • Get your Protein from Various Sources

Get your proteins from healthy sources that are low in calories. You can get it from beans or lentils. You can get proteins from various vegetables as well. Asparagus, Amaranth, buckwheat pack etc. are good and healthy sources of proteins. Your diet should be a mix of everything after 40! If you love meats, make sure you also have essential amounts of fruits and vegetables along with it in your day. 

  • Do an Intense workout! 

Yes, challenge yourself and see the difference. Try and do strength training at least three times a week. The main purpose of doing this is to build muscles. The more muscle you build more are the calories that you will burn. When you do an intense workout the muscle tissue of your body will tear and your body will take a minimum of 3-4 days to repair the tissue. This process of healing will require extra energy in your body and thus will burn more calories.

  • Refuel Yourself

Post your workout your body will be very responsive to the Amino Acids it has. This will help the muscle to rebuild and burn more calories. You can eat berries, quinoa, hemp seeds, nuts etc. to refuel your body. 

  • Stay Hydrated

A hydrated body burns more calories. Drink a minimum of eight glasses of water every day and keep sipping small amounts of water between your workout as well. If it suits you drink cold water because that will help you burn more calories, faster. You can also consume oolong or green tea and fight the antioxidants in your body. Before you go for a run, check the hydration tips that can save you from feeling fatigue!  

Metabolism is nothing but the process your body follows to convert the food that you consume into energy and that is what keeps you going all day. It’s genetic and some of your folks will have a faster metabolic rate than you do! There is nothing to worry about this. Just follow this article and see the changes yourself. 

A slower metabolism is a result of diet ignorance and not keeping yourself fit. Sometimes a few medical conditions could also affect your metabolism and this can be corrected once you figure out what is wrong and take the preventive measures. Exercising with following the correct diet is important too. Building muscles and understanding the requirement of your body will help you speed up your metabolism. 

We’re sure the simple things mentioned above will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and boost your metabolism. 

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