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How to Run with Your Phone: Reasons & Tips to Run Hassle-free

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With the outbreak of the social media, smartphones rapidly crept up on us and took charge of our lives. So much so that now we are incapable of doing simple activities like running without it! The mere thought of leaving the smartphone behind and to miss a “like” on social sites or a text from a friend while doing miles in our slick running shoes might send shudders down the spine. But then again, the whole hassle of carrying the damn phone along, the perplexity of where to keep it while we go about bouncing off one foot at a time can be a pain in the neck. But what if we share some savvy tips on how to run with your phone and give you indisputable reasons to run with it…would you be interested to know?

If yes, then keep reading!

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Reasons to Run with Your Phone

Reasons to run with your phone
Running with Your Phone is a Prudent Decision (source)

Before you know how to run with your phone, let’s understand why you should run with your phone.

Some of us might frown upon the idea of running with our phones but in the hindsight, there are many advantages to running with your phone. From finding the motivation to run an extra mile to tracking your whole run routine, smartphones can do a lot more than to be a burden during the runs. If you don’t believe us then read for yourselves.

Here are some reasons to run with your phone, check out!

  • For GPS Purpose

Uncertainty is the middle name of life. You never know when or how a perilous situation might rear up. Hence, keeping the phone while you get some fresh air is advisable. If you are hurt, lost, or feel threatened, help shall be just a call away. Similarly, your family or friends can also be tension-free if you run late (no pun intended).

  • Some Music on the Run

Music is refreshing and elevates the mind and spirit. Why not do some happy running with a list motivating music? Yes, an iPod or a mp3 player may serve the purpose but a smartphone is multipurpose. Create your own playlist, put the best headphones/earphones and off you run.

  • To Light the Route

In case, you are an evening runner, we highly recommended to carry your smartphone that comes with a torch feature. You may head out in the twilight but chances are that it might be way past dusk when you run back home. In such situation, you can easily flash your phone torch and reach home unharmed.

  • Track Your Run Miles

There are quite a few pro-running apps that allow you to track your running pace and miles covered. Download any of these apps on your smartphone (be it iphone or android, we have done the homework for you) to keep a track of your training program. 

  • For a Selfie Break!

Oh! Who isn’t a part of the selfie trend? And clicking a mandate daily selfie is a habit of the century. So why not a running selfie? Okay, maybe you aren’t one of those runners but there could be moments during your run that you might want to capture. For example, breath-taking scenes such as gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, scenic water shots, scintillating city lights, or epic trail views, etc.

  • Run with Buddies Virtually

Stay connected with running buddies across cities with your smartphones. You can run with your friends, near and far, via Skype and Facetime and keep each other motivated.

  • Never Miss a Game

There could’ve been times when an important football or cricket match timings may have clashed with your run schedule. Well, had you run with your smartphone, you wouldn’t have to miss out on one. You can listen to your favorite game, or even watch it while you keep pounding.

  • To Listen to a Book

That’s right! If you do not find time for catching up on the latest novels that why not listen to one while you build your miles. Just download an audiobook of your choice and run and “read” at the same time!

So, now you see why you should take your phone along for the daily runs. And if you try to counter all the above eight awesome reasons to run with your phone with the fact that it is difficult to carry phones while running then we have smart solutions for you.

Of course, wearing a Garmin watch is an easy solution but what if you don’t have one? Does it mean you should run without this vital gadget called the smartphone? Absolutely not! For we shall see solutions to how to run with your phone. Stay with us for more details.

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How to Run with Your Phone

How to run with your phone
Handheld Water Bottle Carrier is Efficient to Keep Your Phones While Running (source)

All runners, mostly the recreational ones, have faced this dilemma of “’to take or not to take” their smartphones with them when out for a run. While most of them choose the “to take” option, they regret it soon!

But cheer up as we offer fashionable ways to carry your phone while running. Check out these swanky options on how to run with your phone.

Hydration Belt

Hydration bets for runners
Hydration Belts are Quite Eficient (source)

Hydration running belts are a great way to carry your most essentials while running. You can easily carry at least two bottles and your phone in the various compartments of the hydration belt. These belts sit right around your waist so you don’t have to break stride to take a sip or check your emails.

Hidden Pockets

Hidden pockets to carry phones while running
Slick Hidden Pockets in Running Shorts (source)

Secret pockets in running shorts and zipper pockets in jackets can be a really handy to store your phones. Many sports brands turn out flatteringly tiny, hidden pockets in their running shorts, tights, and tank tops that can securely store your phones, without any fear of it flying out.

Sports Bra

Sports bra pockets
Sports Bra Pockets to Hold Your Phones (source)

Women have been known to be efficient beings. Most female runners used to wedge their phones in the sports bra before top sports gear brands let loose these wonderful sports bras with compartments sewn on the inner side as well as the outer side of the bras.

Wrist Wallets

Wrist wallets for phones
Wrist Wallets are Quite Popular Among Runners (source)

Keep your hands free. Carry your phone in the wrist wallet while skipping across the asphalt. The mesh pocket of the wrist wallet can hold your phone and the small zipper pocket can fit your cash, credit cards, keys, etc.

Water Bottles

Water bottles for runners
You Can Carry Your Phones and Water Bottle Together While Running (source)

Hydration is critical for runners. And so is your phone. You can carry your phone and water bottle together in handheld bottle carrier.

With all these phone storage options doesn’t it now seem extremely easy to run with your phone? By now we hope you have picked one of the above options on how to run with your phone. But it is also important that you know where not to keep your phone while running.

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Places to Avoid Putting Your Phone While Running

Places to avoid keeping phones while running
Carrying Phones in Hands While Running isn't a Wise Idea (source)

Yes! Agreed that we all have separation anxiety when it comes to our phones but that doesn’t mean that you somehow wedge the phone anywhere and everywhere. After showing you various ways of how to run with your phone, there are certain places that you should avoid putting your phone while you skip and hop for an hour or so.

1. In your hand

Most obvious place to hold the phone while running but a few minutes into it, you shall sweat, your hands will become moist, and there are chances that your precious phone could slip out and crash on the road! Better not risk it.

2. Down Your Tights

Wedging the phone in the elastic part of your tights or shorts might seem convenient but it’s not practical. Chances are gravity will act sometime or the other and your phone will end up taking a journey from waist to your crotch area.

3. Taped to Inner Thigh

Many runners have tried this trick but haven’t proved to be quite favourable. Firstly, you shall wax off hair from one of the most sensitive body areas and secondly, the continuous friction between the phone and your skin may cause some nasty chafing.

4. In Compression Socks

These special socks are designed to compress the lower parts of your leg to increase blood flow while running. Keeping your phones hidden in your compression socks will keep it intact but will also leave an unwanted imprint of the phone on your skin.

5. In shoes

This is a highly risky chance. Putting your phone in your shoes is putting your phone up for potential damage. Not recommended at all!

And with that, we wrap up our tricks on how to run with your phone.

Running with your phone
Run, Selfie, Repeat (source)

Running with a gadget is advantageous to your training program. And smartphones, one of the indispensable gadgets of our daily life, can help to make your routine runs safer and more enjoyable. Run on the latest beats or take wonderful selfies, discover new running routes and return safely, a lot more can be done if you know how to run with your phone cleverly.

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