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Great North-eastern Run, GNER 2017: Guwahati City is Ready, Are You?

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The Great North-Eastern Run - Guwahati City Half Marathon is back! Set to take off on the 17th December 2017, Great North-Eastern Run (GNER) runs with an important message- #WeRunUnited. A simple shout out to all the runners of the Northeast and around India to join and run unitedly for the love of running and fraternity.

Well, when you talk about a closely tied (geographically speaking) territory, things do get a bit politically and sentimental. Anyway, moving on, let’s discuss more about the GNER 2017. Keep reading!

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About Great North-Eastern Run (GNER) 2017

GNER 2017
Great Northeast Run 2017 (source)

The Great North-Eastern Run - Guwahati City Half Marathon is organized by Guwahati Runners, a running group based in Guwahati. Fresh among the country’s marathon events, the Great North-Eastern Run (GNER) started its journey only last year.

Although a new project, GNER was loved and well-received by people. It saw a huge gathering of more than 1000 participants. And this year, GNER is expecting better reception and participation.

Aside from enthusiastic runners, IPS Officer Sanjukta Parashar was also present at the panel. The chief guest and regional celebrities spoke about the virtues of running. According to the organizing committee, the sole purpose of doing the marathon is to create awareness of a healthy lifestyle through fitness activities like running, jogging and walking. Another lowkey objective is also to promote sports tourism in the region.

The venue of Great North-Eastern Run (GNER) 2017 is Wireless, Guwahati, Assam.

Information About Races: Types, Registration, & Eligibility

GNER 2017
Let's Run United! (source)

Great North-Eastern Run (GNER) is a road running event which has three race categories– Half Marathon (21.1km), 10km Challenge and 5km Fun Run. The Half Marathon and 10K races are competitive where the runners will be running with an automated time chips to measure the distance and time.

On the other hand, 5K run is a fun category where the race route is fairly easy.

The GNER 2017 registrations are open as of now. The last date of registration is 4th December 2017.

Registration fees for the races are:

GNER registration
GNER Registration Fee Chart

Your registration will include:

  • Post-Run Refreshments for all participants
  • Finisher T-shirt
  • All participants will get certificate
  • All participants will get finisher medal
  • Participants must have run a Half Marathon before
  • Transportation back to Guwahati from Chandu Bi Lake

The eligibility age criteria vary with the races:

GNER 2017 eligibility
GNER 2017 Race Eligibility 

The reporting time for GNER 2017 event is 04:45 am at Deepor Beel. The Half Marathon kicks off at 5:00 am.

The bib collection info: to be updated

Great North-Eastern Run (GNER) Race Route

Image: to be updated.

The Half Marathon race route starts from Deepor Beel, a permanent freshwater lake, and runs alongside the dense rainforest. The beautiful scenic route ends at the alluring Chandubi Lake. The lake is situated at a distance of 64 km from the main city of Guwahati.

Basic FAQs

  1. What is the last date for registration?
    4th December 2017
  2. Can I register on the day of the event?
    No registrations will be accepted on the main race day.
  3. Can I register for my friend?
    No. An applicant has to sign the waiver himself/herself. You cannot register on your friend’s behalf.
  4. Is there any upper age limit for each race?
    No upper age limit.
  5. Where is the venue for bib distribution?
    The venue for Bib Distribution will be announced soon.
  6. Can I transfer my application/registration-info in favour of another person?
    Registrations are NOT TRANSFERABLE but can be used for next year event.
  7. Can a representative collect my BIB?
    Yes. They should carry provide photo identification and a copy of application acceptance.
  8. Will I get a refund of my entry fees if I do not run the marathon?
    Registration fees are non-refundable.
  9. Will there be a baggage counter?
    Yes, but only for participants of the Half Marathon and 10K run categories.
  10. Can I change my race category once I have applied/my entry is confirmed?
    No, category change requests will be entertained. Re-registration will be required to change a race category.

How to Train for Great Northeast Run

Marathon training
Train Well But Enjoy the Run Too! (source)

Let us tell you first up that there are no shortcuts to running a marathon. You either do it or not. These long(er) race types demand a tremendous amount of stamina and high levels of endurance. Therefore, preparing yourself good for the D-day race is crucial.

Here are six things to remember while training yourself for full marathons and half marathons.

Proper Hydration

Consume plenty of fluids as you tend to lose a lot of body water through perspiration during workouts and training. Water contains essential minerals that can reduce muscle fatigue.

Eat for Energy

Gorging on the right kind of nutrition for runners is very important. Eliminate fats and add carbs to your diet. Fuel yourself with iron-rich foods, sports drink, prebiotics, and probiotics like banana, mushrooms, garlic, almond, and oats.

Check out the right food items for runners.

Motivate Yourself

It is easy to drop out but to keep it going requires a bulk of mental strength. Trust your Nikes because you can do it!

Recovery is Essential

Listen to your body. It needs recovery time as well. Train well for the marathon but also allow your body to rest. Try to arrive at the marathon with relaxed muscles.

Check out these dynamic stretching for runners.

Do Not Try New Tricks

Avoid experimenting the marathon with new shoes, garments, and other running gears. Pick a good pair of tried and trusted running shoes.

Learn how to select the running shoes for yourself.

For more marathon training tips check out our marathon training guide.

How to Recover After Marathon Running

Post marathon recovery
Learn How to Recover from Marathon Impact (source)

To avoid any injuries, it is crucial to recovering from sore muscles, cellular damage and suppressed immune system caused due to running for a long distance.

Here are eight things to do for quick recovery after marathon running:

  1. For pain relief, soak your tired feet in hot water.
  2. Rest optimally. Catch a nap for 1-2 hours immediately after the run.
  3. But not too much. Post marathon you might want to laze around more but do walk around a little in between your rest.
  4. Energize your body. Replenish it with lots of water and eat protein and iron-rich foods for runners.
  5. Shun from sports drinks, energy boosters, and junk foods.
  6. Take a break from running. Keep it to walking for a few days.
  7. Avoid Complex Stretches. Do some easy post-run stretches for some days after the marathon.
  8. Go for Yoga workouts and Cross-Training Activities to recover quickly

And that’s your go-to list on how to do a marathon the right way! The Great North-Eastern Run (GNER) is an excellent marathon program that striving hard to put Northeast on the global map. With an aim to promote the athletic talents of the region, GNER is doing a fantastic job here.

All the best GNER!

All the best marathoners!

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