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Goa River Marathon 2017: Let's Run by the Zuari River

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Let us give you another good reason to be in Goa this December. The one of a kind Goa River Marathon is taking place on December 10, 2017 and we think you should do this because why not?

After all its Goa and the marathon route runs along the pristine blue waters of the Zuari River. Just imagine- the beautiful river view, tree-shaded route, super slick roads and professional organization coordinating skills to give you a wonderful marathon experience. All of that has made Goa River Marathon one of the top marathons in India.

If this gets you pumped up then why not find out more?

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About Goa River Marathon 2017

Goa River Marathon 2017
Goa River Marathon 2017 (source)

Skechers Performance Goa River Marathon (SPSPGrm) is a 42 Kilometre run in the paradise of Goa. Held in the second week every year, the Goa River Marathon looks forward to a grand participation this year which will be its eighth turn out!

Anjali Saraogi, Bill Rowan Medal Winner, Fastest Indian Woman in Comrades speaks quite fondly about the Goa River Marathon. She says "… beautiful and scenic course with lively music bands ... Excellent pre- and post-race arrangements... I enjoyed the Kings Beer and music in the recovery tent... A “must-do” marathon and great running experience!"

The Goa River Marathon has also been duly acknowledged by various magazines including National Geographic which says "Goa River Marathon is one of the 10 Great Marathons in the world!"

Information on the Races: Types, Registration Fee & Eligibility

Goa river marathon Information
Goa River Marathon 2017 Registration Are Open!

The Goa River Marathon organizes four race categories- Full Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K and 5K run. The registration for all the race categories are open at present.

Registration Fee for the races:

Goa Marathon registration fee
Goa River Marathon Registration Fee Chart

Additionally, when you register (even first timers), your registration confirmation email will contain a referral discount code which you can send to 10 of your friends. Each of whom can avail a 10% discount when they register.

Last date of registration for Full Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K is 5th December and for 5K race, registration closes on 10th December.

The minimum eligibility age for all the race category is 16 years while for 5K runs, minors can join but should be accompanied by adults.

The race timings are as follows:

  • FULL MARATHON - Starts 05:00 a.m.
  • HALF MARATHON - Starts at 06:00 a.m.
  • 10 KM RUN - starts at 07:30 a.m.
  • 5 KM FUN WALK OR RUN - Starts at 09:00 a.m.

You can collect your race kits from the expo event at Chicalim sports complex, Airport Road, Chicalim on two dates:

  • 8th December- between 11 am to 0700 pm.
  • 9th December- between 0930 am to 0700 pm.

Goa River Marathon Race Route

Goa Marathon route
Goa Marathon Route Map (source)

The full marathon race route starts from Chicalim sports complex, Airport Road, Chicalim and is a 21.0975 Km from start to turnaround point and back. The marathon organizers have mapped a well-equipped race course which is adequately hydrated with hydration points at regular intervals (every 1 to 1.5 KM). Every alternate hydration station also has medical aid staff and additionally, there will be four or five emergency response ambulances patrolling the route. The route will be closed to vehicular traffic for at least 6 hours.

Zuari river, Goa
Aerial View of the Zuari River, Goa (source)

Race officials will be monitoring the route all through the race time. Photographers will be placed at strategic points to ensure maximum coverage. This will also ensure that each and every participant has a good chance of being photographed.

Goa River Marathon Prize Money

This year the organizing committee has decided to give prizes to the first six runners instead of three in the open category. A total of INR 706,000 distributed in cash awards. The prizes will be given within 45 days after the event day. The 5K fun race category does not have any prizes but that shouldn't be a problem because it promises loads of fun!

For Full Marathon:

Goa River Marathon full marathon prize list
Goa River Marathon Prize List for Full Marathon Category

For Half Marathon:

Goa River Marathon half marathon prize list
Goa River Marathon Prize List for Half Marathon

For 10 K race:

Goa river marathon prize list for 10k race
Goa River Marathon Prize List for 10K Race

Basic FAQs

  1. What is the date of Goa river Marathon 2017?
    The event is scheduled for Sunday, 10th December 2017.
  2. Where is the event going to be conducted?
    Sports Authority of Goa (S.A.G) Sports Complex Grounds, Air Port Road, Chicalim, Goa.
  3. When is the last date of registration?
    5th December 2017 (full marathon, half marathon, and 10K). 10th December for 5K race.
  4. How do I register?
    You can register online by clicking on the registration link and paying through a choice of Debit Card / Credit Card or Net Banking.
  5. Will there be a 'Goodie Bag' and what will be in it?
    Yes. Participants of Full, Half Marathon, and 10K timed run will receive a bib, a Grm T-Shirt, and a timing chip. 5K participants will receive a bib and a complementary good quality dry-fit T-shirt.
  6. Where is the bib collection center? And when will the bibs be issued?
    The bib collection center will be the same as event venue i.e. Sports Authority of Goa (S.A.G) Sports Complex Grounds, Air Port Road, Chicalim, Goa.
  7. Can I authorize another person to pick up my race packet?
    Yes, the authorized person will be required to produce your photo id, a copy of your registration confirmation email and an authorization letter to collect your race kit.
  8. Can I register manually (offline)?
    There are no manual registrations for the event.
  9. Can I transfer/cancel my registration? Will there be any refund?
    Sorry, no cancellations/transfers are possible and registration fees are non-refundable.
  10. Can I change my category once I have registered?
    To change race category, send an email to [email protected].com

How to Prepare for Goa River Marathon

how to train for marathon
Let's Train for Marathon!

Marathon running requires grueling training and total commitment. If you are determined to do the Goa River Marathon then you have, of course, fixed a good marathon training plan for yourself.

Here are some extra tips that you can include in your marathon training program, check out!

5 Things to Remember Before Your First Marathon

Select Your Gear

You need to select comfortable shoes, tee shirts, shorts, track pants, caps, belt pouch, towels, sippers or water bottles, and socks before you get yourself out there and start running marathons. One should be very careful while choosing running gear. When it comes to running marathons, the quality of shoes plays a vital role. If they are not chosen wisely, you might end up with injured feet.

Run a Half Marathon

It is advisable that before you actually sign up for a full marathon, you better opt for a half marathon first. It is better to test the waters by first running a half marathon and completing it successfully. Consider this to be a real milestone achieved by you. This will not just give you more stamina but also boost your confidence. A half marathon is 13.1 miles.

Take a few notes from tips to plan long distance runs.

Training Plan

Get yourself a great training plan that has clear milestones, schedule, and tasks. You can create your own training plan as well. In a week, attempt to complete runs for three days, dedicate two days to cross training, and give rest to your body for the remaining two days. There should be a rest day after the run day to give a chance to your body to recover. Almost more important than recovery time, do not skip out on your warm-up routine!

Check out running workouts to increase speed and endurance.

Try not to stretch yourself and limit the short runs to three to four miles only. If you have apprehensions in going directly on the road, then you can start initially in your gym on a treadmill. Gradually, you can increase the run duration and emphasis on cardiovascular stress by opting for a hill run. The distance needs to be to be increased to 13 miles to ensure that you are actually ready to run your first marathon which is approximately of 13 miles. Then you should aim at full marathon which is approximately 26.2 miles. Timing is an important factor, so never lose your speed.

Need for Speed

When it comes to following your training plan, ensure you try to work on your speed as well, which is usually covered in tempo runs in many training plans. Running at a good pace can’t be done overnight, however, with regular practice you can achieve it. Mark goals and meet them. Speed is essential because speed coupled with stamina can help you to complete the marathon and even win it!

Stay Healthy

You can only be successful in a marathon if you are healthy. For that, ensure that you take a good and healthy diet for runners. Also, take care of small things like a good schedule of stretching exercise before and after your runs. Drink lots of water because your body needs to be hydrated. But this should not be done before the run, rather do it the night before.

Running a marathon is more than being physically active and healthy. It is also about how healthy your mind is. Running a marathon can be an experience to cherish, a way of life, and a habit. It can lead you to a life full of positive energy. So, let’s make some splendid memories, a bunch of new friends, and say hello! To an active lifestyle.

Goa River marathon
You Too Can Run! (source)

Let’s do the Goa River Marathon!

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