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Gifts for Runners: Gift Ideas for the Runner in Your Life

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Are you running out of gift ideas for the runner in your life? Then you have come to the right place. Picking the right gifts for runners can be truly challenging. Especially if you want to gift something out of the box. But fret not, we have curated top gift ideas that you can easily gift your runner bestie, relative, anyone special or even yourself! And the good news is that we haven’t added any cliche gifts! From sassy gadgets to customised gifts we have got splendid gifts ideas for you. 

Gone are the days when people used to give gifts such as towels and socks or even running shoes to a person who is into running. In today’s world, there are more than a few options for you which will definitely brighten up and bring a smile on the face of the birthday boy or girl. Without further ado, let’s find out the top gifts and get on with the various different gift items which you can proudly wrap as a present for the person who is interested and enthusiastic about running.

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How to Choose Gifts for Runners

Oh yes, and one more thing which you must keep in mind before deciding on what to choose as a gift item. You will find a long list of gifts for runners ideas in the shop as well as online, but try to do some classification amongst them after knowing about the taste and preference of the person for whose you are choosing the gift. Let’s take a situation into consideration here to set an example-Are you are looking for a gift idea for presenting someone who participates in marathons? Well, opting for hydration backpacks for runners is one of the most popular gifts for Marathon runners ideas which will be both useful and reasonable for your buddy.

Explore the Brilliant and Affordable Ideas on Gift for Runners

Time for you to check out the various popular products which fall under the gifts for runners category.

1. Attractive Fitness Gadgets

Fitness gadgets are very popular and quite demanded in the present times. It is a type of activity tracker and records the activity of a runner. It records the distance which a runner runs or walks, also checks the calorie burnt. In some cases, it checks the heartbeat and quality sleep. As a result, with this application, one can keep track with its own health by calorie calculations. One can also see the improvement in running and walking within a certain time. So if you want your loved ones to improve their running, then this is a wonderful gift for them.

gifts for marathon runner
Attractive Fitness Gadgets

2. Stylish Sports Bandana Head Wrap

Do you have long hair? Or do you find your fringes falling on your face and eyes while you run? This then is a godsend for you.  Accessories such as a head wrap is perfect to stop the hair from falling on the face and eyes. It are also a very stylish gift for women runners.

gifts for runners women
Stylish Sports Bandana Head Wrap

3. Bright and Colourful Armband

Running and music go hand in hand! Why carry phones or iPods in hand when you can use an armband

Gift the runner in your life a high-quality armband and let the enjoy music while running!

gifts for marathon runner

4. Foot and Calf Massager-for those Aching Muscles

It is one of the best gifts for a runner.

With a slight increase in electricity bills this equipment will reduce the pain from your feet as well as calf muscles and make you feel relaxed. Know about the calf muscle pain and how to prevent it!

fitness gadgets
 Foot and Calf Massager

 5. Hydration Belts

Hydration is the key to sustain the run and hydration belt is the perfect gift! 

A hydration belt is a special type of belt, which is used for carrying water or any kind of energy drink. Running hydration belts are a perfect tool to carry the essentials while running and will serve as a very convenient gift. However, the belts are provided with a compartment where you can store wallet, home keys and other essentials. 

Hydration Belt
Hydration Belts

6. Thermo jacket-for protection from climate

Do you know someone who runs even in the winters? 

Well, thermal jackets are an excellent gift for winter runners These jackets are very comfortable and are suitable for both men and women who enjoy running throughout the year.

sport bandanna head wrap
Thermo jacket

Sneak Peek On Gifts For Women Runners

If you are planning to give a gift to a woman in your life who loves to run, then you must check out the gifts for runners women usually prefers. It may be your girlfriend your sister or any female colleague for whom you may want the perfect gift. 

Well, as we all know that girls actually are very choosy, hence you must know their taste and preference quite well before picking up a gift for them that will satisfy their running needs. If your lady is fashionable and loves to run in style, then you can without any hesitation gift her clothing apparels for runners or choose running sneakers of her favourite colour.

Also, check out the trendiest running accessory that you can gift a runner. Girls also love fitness gadgets such as good quality wireless headphones or a brightly coloured and well function GPS running watches. 

GPS running watches have become quite demanding in the recent times. These watches offer the person wearing it a detailed account of their heart rate and the speed in which they are running. 

fitness gadgets
 GPS Watch for Runners

They can be easily synced with your smartphones and is the perfect companion for your early morning and evening runs. 

Apart from this, we have something unique too!

Don't forget to try out cushioned insoles to keep your feet stress free and painless after running each and every day. Trust us, cushioned insoles are a blessing for women who love to take care of their feet.

And For The Men Who Loves To Run, There Are…

Now for the ladies, if you are looking for the best gift for your boyfriend or husband even your brother who loves running workout then you have come to the right place. 

This is the place where you will get to know about the best gift ideas for your “man” that will make him super happy. While looking for gifts for runners men, there is a long list which can be gifted to them. 

You can easily opt for unconventional gifts for your guy such as assorted energy bars to keep his energy up sheet his running routine or maybe top brand foot soothers to help with his soaring feet (if he has just started running on a daily basis to keep himself fit). Wouldn’t this be a unique gift?

Customized Gifts for Runners and Other Bright Ideas  

If you're looking for a customized gift to be given to your friend who loves running then Shopsmeade is the brand for you. You can add a personal touch to the gifts which will become a great gift to the person you love.

Especially the Shopsmeade Athletes Runners Marathon Man Mug Olympic Mug, Runner - Medal Hanger is long-lasting, unique design mug, which is round in shape and gives you premium printing. Made of ceramic this microwave oven safe fantastic gift will only cost you Rupees 399. 

gifts for runners
 Medal Hanger

You can even look for customised bracelets, T-shirts which are some impressive gifts for runners.

Do you want to gift a book to the person who loves running and takes part in marathon running? Well, you can choose from the Top 5 Books that every Runner Should Have!

Also, here are some of the Bestsellers in Marathon & Running, which might be an excellent choice for gifting:

  • Shoe Dog by Phil Knight
  • Beginner’s guide to running by Kanisk Nayan
  • Running with the mind of meditation by Sakyong Mipham
  • Chi Marathon by Danny Dreyer

Apart from all these, you can also gift a UV sensor which is quite popular nowadays. Even a heart rate monitor which would cost you anywhere between Rs. 600 to Rs. 2000 is an amazing gift choice for a person who loves to run. 

More Choices Just for You…

Don’t find above gifts interesting? Worry not, we have quirky gifts for runners that are sure to catch your interest. Have you heard of the brand Kalenji? Well, this is one of the brands that has gained a lot of popularity and has a number of products offered to you which will serve you as the perfect gift for runners. Listed below are the products worth buying:

1. Adaptable Belt Pocket Kalenji 

This running accessory is a saviour!

The adaptable belt pocket by Kalenji, which cost rupees 149, has a 2 years warranty and is made up of 100% polyester which we can use for long runs quite easily. It is one size which fits all and is great for adding an extra pocket on your belt for more storage during running. You can easily store energy bars gels all your keys by purchasing this adaptable belt pocket. 

foot and calf massager
Adaptable Belt (source)

2. Sponge Wristband + Running Pocket Sky Blue CN Kalenji

This product by this famous brand is all set to grab the hearts of runners who want style and convenience simultaneously. 
The price of this product is rupees 149 and it is excellent for carrying small but essential things such as keys while you are training or racing. It is also very convenient to wipe off your sweat using the sponge wristband. The pocket is waterproof and is made up of the component which absorbs perspiration quite easily.

foot and calf massager
Sponge Wristband + Running Pocket (Source)

ADD SOURCE LINK Sponge Wristband + Running Pocket

3. Running Headband Pink 2016 Kalenji

If you are looking for the perfect accessory to gift to your friend who loves running during cold weather then this product is best for you. 
The running headband from Kalenji is excellent to keep your head as well as your ears warm during the winter season and helps you to hold back your hair during running. The price of this product is very reasonable at rupees 149. 

sport bandanna head wrap
Running Headband (source)

4. Running Hat Black Kalenji

The black running hat by Kalenji is a very stylish head wear which is lightweight, soft and keeps you warm during the cold weather. It acts as an insulator and protects the runner from bad climatic conditions. The price of this amazing running accessory is rupees 249 only and has a warranty of 2 years.

Running sneakers
 Running Hat 

 Running Hat 

5. Running Tactile Gloves- Black Kalenji

Does the runner in your life run in cold weather too? Then running gloves would be a thoughtful gift!

The running tactile gloves protect the hands of the runner from cold weather and are very light weight so that it becomes very comfortable for the runner to wear it and run for a long distance. It is made up of a component which acts as an insulation from the chilled weather and it acts as a conductor of Thumb and index finger to be used to access your smartphone.  It costs Rs 499. 

 gifts for runners
Running Tactile Gloves

 Running Tactile Gloves

6. Running Arm Cover Black Kalenji

It is an excellent product from the Kalenji brand which helps you to protect your arms from getting tanned while running. Not only it protects you from tanning, but it also saves you and keeps you warm from the cold climate. Priced at rupees 299 this is an amazing gift for runners option.

7. Smartphone Running Armband Kalenji

The smartphone running armband is an ultimate pick why this brand costs only rupees 599 and is a fantastic gift for runners who love to carry their smartphones attach to them during running. You can access your smartphone without any hassle and can change your playlist using the transparent interface quite easily. 

gifts for runners women
Running Armband

8. Running Hydration Bag Kalenji

Running hydration packs are in a lot of demand at this present time as it facilitates the runners to run comfortably without any problems. The running hydration bag from Kalenji costs rupees 1799 offers the runners the facility to carry quite a few number of supplies and helps them to be hydrated while they are running. It is very light in nature and one size fits all. 

gifts for marathon runner
Running Hydration Bag (source)

These are the most popular options which you will get while searching for the perfect gift for your loved ones. Check out these mention items are said to be the ones which are most demanded and appreciated as gifts for runners. Then, choose the one which you think the person you are gifting will love the most. Happy gifting!

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