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Full Body Workout for Fat Loss and Balanced Muscle Growth

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We all want to lose some weight for a variety of reasons. To stay in shape, look leaner, maybe even fit into old clothes, but despite all the home remedies or quick fixes, nothing seems to change. The best way to shed is to muster up your courage and head to the gym or track. Yes, that means a workout but try to understand the benefits of full body workouts for cutting body fat. Weight loss scams aplenty, you would definitely not want to substitute them to actual workouts. Even better, a full body workout will help get you cut fat and balance muscular growth.

Learning the types of full body workout that you could try in your gym or home, will really benefit you on the path to your dream body. And no, a full body workout does not require you to exercise strenuously throughout the week. You only require four days of training per week with rest days. Do this consistently and you can see progress in no time! The perk of a full body workout is that it is not time-consuming; exercise routines only take up to a maximum of an hour per day and thus it is an easy way to lose weight while still having time for other things.

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Full Body Workouts: Cutting Fat & Muscle Growth

Full Body Workout for Cutting Body Fat & Balanced Muscle Growth
Full Body Workout For Cutting Fat & Muscle Growth

A great full body workout, when followed correctly, can yield the kind of results that you not only had in mind but also never thought of. You could be toning a part of the body that was not necessarily planned for, but you did anyway! To know more about the various effects of a full body workout, learn the benefits of starting this training in the first place.

Discover what full body workouts can do for you.

Benefits of a Full-Body Workout

You may know that it can get you in shape, but how much better is it compared to other exercise routines or workouts? Is this type especially suited for runners?

For Running

Sure, running can sometimes be considered a full body workout in itself, but training in the gym can also be beneficial even to the fittest of runners. Strength training for muscle growth, incorporated at least twice a week along with your daily running, can help improve your performance, overall strength, and endurance. This aids in preventing injury or other health-related issues.

Full Body Workout for Cutting Body Fat & Balanced Muscle Growth
Full Body Workouts Benefit Your Running

For Fat Loss

Full body workouts are your best option for shedding fat from the body. This is because the fast paced exercises you perform help burn the fat, while the rest of the regime provides for adequate time to recover from the workout.

The intensity of this workout creates a shock in the body, increasing its metabolism. This, in turn, helps in the breakdown of carbohydrates which would otherwise be stored later as fat.

For Muscle Growth

To gain and strengthen your muscles, a full body workout is a way to go. By following this regime you are in fact training all your important muscle groups in one workout session. This kind of workout stimulates growth, and over time you build bigger muscles. Frequent rest days allow you to recover from the intensity of the training, and while you rest, you gain.

One more reason why these workouts do so well for muscle strengthening is that they essentially include compound exercises. This ensures you to train more in lesser time, making it very efficient and easy to stick to.

For Overall Health

By focusing on your body as a whole, through a full body workout, you are able to exercise not only the vital but also the neglected parts which need attention. You can finish feeling toned and well balanced.

As it is commonly instructed, aerobic exercises are normally associated to maintain a healthy heart, but researchers now believe that intense training sessions can also reap success too. This is because full body workout assists in a more efficient use and transport of oxygen by the body than in split or regular training.

Time Saving

This regime is set in such a way that you do not have to workout every day. It is limited to a maximum of four days a week, and the best part is that the sessions are no longer than an hour each day. This gives you adequate free time, and no need to make a complicated plan or free time for your workout.

Enjoy your new found spare time to yourself, but remember that this means that you have no more excuses not to exercise!

Full Body Workout – Guidelines to Follow

Weekly 3 to 4 times

As discussed earlier, this makes time for rest days and allowing the body to recover from the intensity of a full body workout.

If you are a frequent runner or even if you are not, try to add cardio, like running, to the days where you take rest from training.

Train Heavy

Many a time, people doing a full body workout tend to lessen the amount of weights they lift, in order to conserve energy for the rest of the body. Keep your weights to your own set limit, and do not lessen their weight as this will not help your muscle growth.

Full Body Workout for Cutting Body Fat & Balanced Muscle Growth
Train Heavy

Stick to a Specific Exercise for Each Muscle

Since you are undertaking an intense workout for all your body parts, you are not required to perform more than a single exercise that works for a preferred muscle. If you wish to exercise your chest muscles, a bench press is more than adequate.

Less than an Hour

These compound exercises are great for boosting hormone levels required to build muscle, the workout is not supposed to be long, as you can acquire maximum benefits with an hours time. It is best to stick to this plan to avoid excessive strain.

Post Workout Nutrition

You use up a lot of energy during intense full body workouts, remember to always regain your strength with a carbohydrate and protein rich meal. Good protein muscle building powders are also recommended to make the most of your intense muscle building workout.

How to Plan Your Full Body Workout

You can carry out any of these workouts at home, at the gym, in your garden, well anywhere really! All it takes is the motivation and dedication to stick to your regime.

Depending on a number of hours you are willing to put into these workouts, what you want to focus on, and how much you can endure, try out different workouts or interchange the exercises from each. A combination of equipment and exercise means that you have many alternatives to choose from. These workout schedules can always be mixed and matched, don’t hesitate to tweak them to your preference.

30 Minute Full-Body Routine

The idea of this plan is that for each muscle, you spend only 5 minutes exercising them. So with the focus on six types of muscles, you spend a good half an hour.

Full Body Workout for Cutting Body Fat & Balanced Muscle Growth
30 Minute Workout

Day Wise Workout Plan

Keeping the rule of working out only 3 days a week, here is another plan. You can do eight to ten repetitions for each, and three sets. Take a 30 to 60-second break between sets, more if you need to.

Full Body Workout for Cutting Body Fat & Balanced Muscle Growth
Day Wise Workout Plan

Full Body Low Volume Compound Workout

This is a low volume compound workout, so it has lesser reps and sets. It focuses on maintenance of your muscles and strengthening. Those of you looking for a less intensive full body workout can try this one out.

Full Body Workout for Cutting Body Fat & Balanced Muscle Growth
Full Body Low Volume Compound Workout

Following these workouts can keep you in shape, build muscle, and a whole range of other benefits. If you are not already on a full body workout, try it out today! Let us know how you planned out your routine in the comments section.

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