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Five Treadmill Workouts that Helped Me Run Better

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It’s April and more than half of the nation is consumed in the heat wave. So, let’s face it, running outside in the morning or evening or anytime during the day can only be possible if you are somewhere in the Arctic circle or the Himalayas. Or, in any other part of the world, you might need to wake up way before the hen does to have that soothing endearing non-dehydrating run.

I recently started running on the treadmill, and it has been really refreshing. I don’t need to care about the weather outside and I get to pursue something I absolutely love, running! So, here’s presenting the treadmill workouts that I absolutely love! Treadmill is one piece of equipment that you find in every gym. It occupies less of space, and is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment out there. For a beginner, treadmill workouts are a must and the gym itself is the perfect place to start. It monitors your heart rate, keeps the pace and speed consistent. However, you can do a lot more with this equipment that just run. If you, like me, let the weather play a big role in your workout module, or like to change your routine, I have the perfect answer.

Treadmill Workouts that Helps me Improve my Stamina

Here are the 5 treadmill workouts that I do on a regular basis to become a better runner.

Sumo Squats

For any runner, the focus muscles are mostly the legs and the heart. And there is no better workout than squats as a part of the treadmill workouts.

It not only strengthened my muscles to help me run longer duration, but also helped me increase my speed. Unlike the traditional stationary squats, these ones involve more power.


Squats and lunges go hand in hand.

If workout was the movie Sholay, squats would be Jay then Lunges would be Veeru!

These two workouts are the perfect combo, like Monica and Chandler, and Thanksgiving and Turkey!

While squats works only on the things, lunges works both on thighs and well as hamstrings and calf muscles. Together, both workouts make a complete package. They helped me increase my stamina and speed to achieve that 10 kms per hour mark.

Lateral Step

The best part about this exercise – its effect on your hamstrings. Hamstrings are the most important muscles which are prone to injury.

For someone who has had major injuries in this area, this exercise has helped me immensely.

Stronger hamstring equals better stamina and post run recovery. Moreover, they are absolutely wonderful for lats and side abs.

Backward Step

If appearances are known to be deceptive, this workout has to be included in that list. As easy as it may seem, the main focus areas of this particular treadmill workout is the stomach and calves. This set of treadmill workout is the best combination for that intense twenty minute cardio that just sets the tone of the day. I would do three sets with hundred repetitions of each of the four exercises in an elevation of 15. If you are keen on keeping your calories count, this regime burns around 800 to 1000 calories.

Make sure you cool down your body and muscles after this workout. For that I always go back to yoga. Retaining each stretch for around 30 seconds relaxes the muscle and gets my body ready for the next day rigorous session.

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To become a better runner, you need intense core strength and muscle power. Incorporating cross-fit as a part of the treadmill workouts has helped me achieve just that.

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