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Reflect and Reform- What to do in the Final Week of Mumbai Marathon

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A marathon involves extreme dedication, perseverance, and determination to succeed. With the final leg of Mumbai marathon, the countdown has begun.

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Unlike the 5ks and 10ks, the final week of a marathon and half marathon needs a lot of patience leading up to the event. You cannot take a risk – be it a nutritional mistake or a training mistake.

Your hard work and training have definitely prepared you for the marathon. You are almost through with the taper. It's in the taper, that you run less and rest more.

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If this happens to be your first marathon, then you must be definitely anxious and excited at the same time.

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That’s the marathon effect – beginners, enthusiasts, advanced and elite runners are alike.

What to do in the Final Week

marathon week
Trust your training

#1: Be Calm and Relaxed

Relax and don’t change your normal routine. Now that you have given your best, this week is all about rest and short runs.

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#2: Sleep is Essential

Sleep is essential. A good sleep will prepare your body well for the anxiousness and excitement. It will also build up your immune system. If you can’t sleep the night before the marathon, don’t worry. 

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#3: Correct Nutrition

Eat Smart and Correctly. The correct nutrition and good carb stock is what you need this week. You don’t want to experiment with anything new and upset your system.

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#4: Hydration Alert

Remember you need to hydrate. Sip on during the day and monitor your water intake. You would not want to dehydrate yourself. Also, know about the correct hydration process during your run.

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#5: Stay Active:

Don’t forget to go for short runs. Run according to the taper plan; stay active but not overactive!

That’s the difference.

What are you thinking?

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#6: Check the Route:

Know and Check the route that you are going to run. If you are a local resident, visit the route and check the terrain. It will be great the know the inclines, the clear roads, the aid station points and bathroom scenes during the run.

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#7: Plan your Run

Plan how you will run. Are you planning negative splits? Or Are you planning to run alongside a pacer? Know your plan and don’t be confused on the race day.

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Your mental preparation can make or break you!

Race day Details and 10 Tips to Consider – Be Mentally Prepared

Running quotes

You need to keep a clear head and plan your race day. Keep these tips in mind while preparing for the race day:

1. Pre and post race transportation:

Check how will you get to the start point and vice versa. Be clear about how to travel and reach on time! You would not want to miss the start time.

2. Your race day gear/bag

What are you planning to carry? Keep the checklist ready.

Wear the correct clothes to avoid any kind of chafing. Carry a protein bar, your water bottle and consider what you will need immediately after the race.

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3. Correct warm–up

Running too requires some amount of warm-up which most people tend to easily ignore. A good warm-up routine for running allows your body to get used to the movement and effort you are about to engage in. 

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4. Don’t Experiment in the Last week

Race week is not something where you should try something new. Don't try new shoes, new clothes or new training routines. From your gear to your food, stick to what you are comfortable with! 

Do not try anything new. It is essential that your body is accustomed to whatever you are going to do on that day.

However, if you still have any sore tissues or pain, know all about How to Deal with Running Pain 

5. Know Your Body

Moments from your training sessions will help you complete your marathon. You know and understand what will happen to your body during the marathon.

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6. How to Behave on the Race Day

Race day etiquette is a significant aspect of taking part in any marathon; this is because it is a consolidated event where everyone wants to experience the best! 

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7. Stick to your Timings

You already know your best timing. This is not the time to compete or better it. Stick to your routine timing.

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8. Check the Weather Forecast

Keep a close watch on the weather conditions, and check the forecast a day before. Based on that, calculate the amount of water and fluid you will require when you run.

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9. What to Eat Before a Marathon

Take the correct amount of carbs the night before the race. Early morning, have bananas and scoop of Glucon C. This is what gives you that instant energy.

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10. Last, but not the least, AVOID peer pressure!

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What to do After the Race

You must have spent months to train your body for the D-day. However, taking care of it after the big run is equally essential.  Post-marathon recovery is very important as it helps to heal you faster and you can get back to your running!

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However, if you still face a difficult situation and have a bad experience, keep your presence of mind, and think smartly. Whatever your goals, whatever the outcome, you’ve worked hard to get here. Treat yourself to a great massage, too!

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Do your best, don’t quit, and take pride knowing you’ve done something difficult.

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