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The Hero of Boston Marathon 2017: US Veteran Earl Granville

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Running gives you a sense of release which you can get from no other workout. The best thing about running is that it changes your life and that’s what happened with US veteran Earl Granville. An inspiring story that would make you run right away. Granville is a nine-year veteran, who joined Pennsylvania Army National Guard after completing his high school. It was the summer of 2008, in Afghanistan when he lost his leg to a roadside bomb. He lost two of his friends in the accident and it wasn’t easy for him.

Granville had to learn how to walk on parallel bars, then with a cane and then he shifted to crutches. Once he attained his balance, he started running on small tracks. Unbelievable right? But indeed, Earl’s passion for running motivated him to follow a disciplined lifestyle and he did this because he wanted to prove himself that he could do it!

Earl Granville: Rising from Ashes

But the journey of life is never smooth! In 2010, when Granville lost his twin brother, his life changed. “My downward spiral happened after that,” Earl said and he started living an unhealthy life. But it was his brother’s friends who made him come back to his original self and that’s when he started running.

US Veteran Earl Granville

Granville became a part of wounded warrior group called Achilles Freedom Team and started running in 5Ks and his first marathon was the New York City Marathon. He then indulged in handbike and participated in All American Half Marathon, Disney Half Marathon.

Do you know what is his motivation to run?

Just keep running.

You would definitely fall, but you have to get back and keep going. Motivating right?

Boston Marathon 2017 – A Run to Remember

He met his guide Andi Piscopo at one of race and ever since, they became a team. The Boston Marathon 2017 was truly a challenge for him, as he decided to skip handbike and opt to run a full marathon. His guide Andi Piscopo helped him prepare for the Boston Marathon 2017. He started running 15 miles per week. He challenged himself by carrying a backpack (20-30 pounds) as he walked on 15% inclined treadmill.

Earl Granville at Boston Marathon 2017

Granville carried the US flag throughout to honor the city after the 2013 bombing. While running in the Boston Marathon 2017, his leg started to cramp at mile 10. As a result, he had to stop four times for medical assistance. But even the unbearable cramps didn’t stop Granville from completing the Boston marathon 2017.

After 9 hours of running and walking, determined Granville along with his guide completed the whopping 26.2 miles marathon. Close to the finish line, Granville carried his guide Andi on his shoulders and together they crossed the Boston Marathon 2017. This moment captured the hearts of many and undoubtedly teaches us the spirit to never give up!

earl-granville boston marathon 2017
Earl Granville and his guide Andi

This was Granville’s 4th successful marathon and in spite of being an amputee, he never decided to quit running. His inspiring story teaches us to stay fit, run and no matter what never give up! Keep running, it will not only change your body but even your life!

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