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Does Running Burn Fat? Here's an Answer You'll Love

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The majority of people are unhappy with their increased body weight and have tried numerous anecdotes to burn fats and get toned up. But alas, most of these solutions do not work effectively resulting in failure in achieving a balanced body weight and the desired body shape. One of these methods is running. But, does running burn fat?

Well, the simple answer is, yes, it does, but there are specific techniques that you must follow to get guaranteed results in a shorter period of time.

The fat burning running workouts work wonders if you know the proper way of doing it. There are a set of systems and methods which you should follow while running to achieve your ideal body weight and burn the excess fat. By following simple tips and tricks and different ways of running effectively you will get assured results without having to pop in various fat burning pills and weight loss shakes.

Meaning of “Burning Fat”

does running burn fat meaning of fat burning
What do you mean? (Source)

Let's start with this basic concept of what exactly do we mean when we say we need to burn fat.

Fat burning in simple terms is the ability that allows human bodies to burn or oxidize fat and use it as a means of fuel while doing various activities instead of using carbohydrates.

What most people are unaware of is that with the help of oxygen fat gets decomposed in our body.

Therefore, if you want to burn fat then you have to choose activities that need a high amount of oxygen, such as running, brisk walking, and nordic walking.

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When do we burn fat?

Usually, during low-intensity physical activities, most of the fat stored in our body is burned.

Studies show that more percentage of fat in your body will involve in the process of metabolism, according to the shape of your body. The better the shape the higher will be the metabolism process. The longer you perform a physical activity, the more amount of fat will be burned from your body.

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When Does Your Body Loose Fat

does running burn and loose fat
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While discussing the topic “does running burn fat”, one must know how fats burn during running.

Surveys show that you can ideally really burn fat when you are running at a speed in which you will be able to complete a conversation or interaction with someone. In other words, running at the pace which is comfortable for you to go on up to almost 8 hours, at a slow speed, is what is required to burn fat.

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So, now you know how long you have to run to burn fat in the most effective way.

Fat burning running workouts provide you with the benefit of getting rid of your body fat after your physical workout up to a period of 2 to 3 hours once you completed a run.

Livingit Tip
If you want to lose a few more pounds, try consuming liquids as well as a little bit of protein during these 2 to 3 hours after running workout.

Training on an Empty Stomach

A Healthy Diet
To Run or Not to Run (on an Empty Stomach) (Source)

Many of you might want to know about running before breakfast and whether or not it will improve your metabolism rate thus resulting in the burning of body fat. If you feel, you can go for a slow run before your breakfast time.

But keep in mind these two tips so that you improve your metabolic process and burn calories in the right way:

  • Run at a maximum consumption of oxygen (VO2 max) of 50 to 60%
  • On an empty stomach, in the morning, run for a maximum of 45 minutes only

These two tips will offer you great health running benefits if you follow these regularly whenever going for a run.

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High- Intensity Training

Heavy Workout
Faster and Better (Source)

High-intensity training, in short, is fat burning running workouts which not only aim at burning off the fat from your body, but they also keep your muscles by increasing your heart rate till the point it reaches the anaerobic level.

Basically, a long and slow run is great to get yourself in the perfect zone for fat burning. But, if you want to challenge yourself further than high interval training is the perfect intensive workout for you.

Through this workout, not only will you get positive results when it comes to burning calories and body fat, but you will also train your muscles.

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But, keep in mind that you are running to burn fat not tone your muscles. This interval training uses the carbohydrate reserves in the body, even after your workout is completed so you get the advantage of the burning of your body fat even when your workout session is done.

For this training routine, you will need a to consume a lot of energy by means of proper diet and lots of rest as high-intensity training not only burns more calories but also exhausts you if proper care is not taken.

Guidelines on Running Distances for Fat Burning

does running burn fat guidelines
Some Rules to Keep in Mind (Source)

It is the most direct approach, there is but there are some thumb rules you need to follow.

  • Develop a Running Plan:

Speed does not matter, consistency does. Plan your week. Start off with a flat surface and short distances and gradually increase time and miles. Increase your intensity and speed as you go further into the regime. Find your comfortable pace to run.

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  • Warm up Session Before Runs:

Go for an easy warm up like brisk walking or freehand exercising. Your muscles and joints will loosen up and you will last longer. You can follow it up with a quick jog before you start running.

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  • Go the Distance:

Try to finish the distance you have planned out to cover for that day. Take breaks if you need, but push yourself to achieve the goal. Break down long distances into short sections and motivate yourself mentally.

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  • Maintain a Steady Pace:

A slow and steady pace will ensure burning of fat over time. Tune yourself to find your pace by increasing or decreasing your speed. A slow speed will take you a long distance. Be comfortable enough to be able to converse while running. That's the key! However, if you are confused whether you need to run for a longer distance or run faster, you need to understand your body limits and take it step by step.

  • Keep Yourself Hydrated:

A hydrated body will boost your longevity, especially in hot weathers. Drink a good 8-16 ounces of water before and 8-24 ounces of water post running. Another tip would be to mix your water with sugar-free health drinks and electrolytes which will replenish your lost nutrients.

  • Stick to Your Plan, but Listen to Your Body:

Try to stick to your weekly plan to get in shape, but at the same time, if you feel worn out, give yourself a break for a day. Pushing yourself too much beyond your comfort zone can lead to injuries.

Understand when your body is asking for a break. Do other training if required like swimming or cycling on such days just to keep the train moving.

Remember, being patient throughout the whole process will take you places. Give it time. Also, cooling down your body with a cold bath or slow running will help with blood circulation.

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  • Incorporating Alternative Components to Boost Fat Burning:

Apart from running, there is some subsidiary fat burning running workouts that are proven helpful. Adding a few minutes of speed workout will work wonders. Running on a hilly terrain or inclined treadmill will potentially increase calorie burn by up to 50%. Using staircases and running in an obstacle course is helpful. Do full-body freehand exercises to boost strength and don't forget the post-run stretches.

Fat Burning Workout Routines

Let us now see the three most effective methods which will help you to burn fat while running. You must keep in mind that your top goal must be achieving your ideal weight by means of running. You must understand the fact that you are running to burn fat, not muscle.

Those of you who have a heavier lower portion must consider running as a mandatory workout session as it will have great benefits in achieving a leaner lower body.

By following these three effective running tricks you can achieve the body which you always wanted and can see the results within a few days.

Fat burner#1: Longer Workouts

does running burn fat exercise
Comfortable and Effective (Source)

Are you worried about your increasing waistline? If yes, then start running to lose fat in the stomach today.

One of the most useful tips on running is to go for a long run once every week. Start with 15 minutes, and gradually increase the time as the weeks go by. The maximum you should run for is 1 hour 15 minutes.

Fat burner#2: Intensity

does running burn fat exercise 2
Intensive is the Game (Source)

Does running burn fat all over the body? If you maintain the intensity of your workout, then yes, it will. If you are opting for an intensive workout then you will lose a greater amount of calories than with low-intensity physical activities.

The running interval regions or strength training will help you to achieve your goal of boosting a great deal of energy which helps you to burn fat even after your session has ended. A high-intensity workout will increase your heart rate with the help of a combination training which includes and obstacles.

Hence, do a little strength training so that you are capable of giving your hundred percent in a minimum of one hardcore workout session each week besides regularly running.

Fat burner#3: Frequency

does running burn fat exercise 3
Frequency Matters (Source)

The frequency of your running sessions per week should be a minimum of 4 runs. The number of times you work out affects how much body fat you burn, along with your heart rate. Try to improve the duration as well as the intensity of your fat burning running workouts so that you can get rid of your extra weight and achieve your goal.

Does Running Burn Fat: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) by Beginners

does running burn fat questions
Doubts are Out (Source)
  1. How long do you have to run to burn fat?

Depends on your body mass and metabolism, but be patient and make it into a daily routine. Remember, the longer you workout, the more fat you will burn.

  1. Does running burn fat or muscle?

Running essentially burns fat, but you may lose muscle mass. Eat protein rich meals to avoid that.

  1. Does running burn fat all over the body?

It definitely helps tone your body, but you have to add other exercises too, such as HIIT (Tabata workout for example), and strength training with weights.

  1. Does running burn fat in thighs?

Yes, with proper guidelines on specific running methods, such as running on an inclined surface, or running up the stairs, running will help burn fat in the thighs.

  1. Does running help burn fat on the stomach?

Running to lose fat in the stomach may help but you have to watch your diet.

So, does the question still haunt..... 


Does running burn fat? Well, we hope you’ve gotten all the necessary information regarding that question.

Running effectively by using the three tips given above will help you in your journey of getting your desired body quite easily. All you have to do is to follow it regularly without fail.

Don’t get laid back or be scared of working out as without hard work nothing can be achieved when it comes to weight loss.

Hence, stop delaying further and start running today!

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