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bSafal Marathon 2017: Join Ahmedabad in its First Full Marathon

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The countdown to Ahmedabad’s bSafal Marathon begins! This year marks the fourth edition of the marathon and the enthusiasm of Amdavadis is only growing leaps and bounds. bSafal Marathon 2017 is running on 17th December and we think all runners and fitness buffs should attend the marathon event for its uniqueness.

The bSafal marathon has a successful endeavor so far and if you also want to be a part of Ahmedabad’s running family then keep reading for all the related details.

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bSafal Marathon History

bSafal Marathon 2017
bSafal Marathon 2017 (source)

After successful endeavours such as Duathlon, followed by Super Sprint Triathlon later, Ahmedabad is coming forward with its own full marathon. The momentum that began with the Sabarmati Marathon continues to thrive in the right direction and has evolved to be bigger than its initial stage.

LS Sport organizes the bSafal Marathon. The fitness run journey by LS Sport kicked off in 2014 with the Duathlon and Super Sprint Triathlon events. After a gap of two years, the journey is being resumed with a full marathon of 42 km.

Through these athletic events, LS Sports attempts “to provide the best Running and Multi-Sport events in India with a Mission of having a healthy society for all.”

With this fantastic goal of stimulating the mass’s awareness towards health and fitness, LS Sports is organizing the event for the fourth time this year. Last year, bSafal Marathon saw an impressive reception with more than 11000 runners!

We hope you shall be at the venue, AES Ground, opposite Sarthi Banquet, Bodakdev to make bSafal Marathon successful this year too.

Information on Races: Types, Registration, and Eligibility

bSafal marathon 2017 registration
bSafal Marathon Registrations are Open (source)

The online registrations for bSafal Marathon 2017 are opened. Go to the official website to register yourself. For offline registration, check out the list of locations below:

bSafal registration locations
bSafal Offline Registration Locations

bSafal Marathon hosts four race categories: Full Marathon, Half Marathon, 10 K and 5 K races.

The minimum eligibility age for the various races are:

bSafal marathon eligibility age
bSafal Marathon Race Eligibility

bSafal Marathon Race Route

Please note that the route map will be updated soon.

Basic FAQs

  1. When is the bSafal Marathon 2017?
    17th December 2017.
  2. Can I register on the day of the event?
    No registrations will be accepted on the main race day.
  3. How will my entry acceptance be intimated to me?
    On successful completion of registration, you will receive an email confirming your registration.
  4. Is the bSafal Marathon a road race or a trail race?
    The bSafal Marathon is a road race.
  5. Can I pick-up my race kit on the same day as the race?
    Race kits will NOT be provided to runners on the day of the race.
  6. Once applied can I cancel my entry and get a refund?
    Refund requests will NOT be entertained once registration has been completed.
  7. Can I change my race category once I have applied/my entry is confirmed?
    No, category change requests will be entertained. Re-registration will be required to change a race category.
  8. Can I transfer my registration to another person?
    No transfer of registrations will be permitted.
  9. I am a student and do not possess any of the above ID proofs. What do I submit along with my application?
    You can submit a scanned copy of your school/college ID card for registration.
  10. Can I authorize another person to pick up my race packet?
    Yes, the authorized person will be required to produce your photo id and an authorization letter to collect your race kit.
  11. Will there be space for car parking?
    There will be limited space for parking of vehicles close to the start.
  12. Will medical facilities be available at the venue in case of an emergency?
    Yes, medical facilities will be available at the venue and along the race route.

How to Prepare for bSafal Marathon

bSafal Marathon 2016
Khushboo Bajaj - One of the pacers

If you still have half a mind to do the bSafal Marathon then perhaps these how to do marathon steps will guide you to participating in it, and maybe win it too!

Like we know a marathon is an intensive race type that requires good training and informative preparation before treading the route. Here are some important things to take care of while marathon running:

The Right Running Shoes

While selecting the right running shoe, you should consider many factors such as the terrain, distance, runners’ weight, feet type and much more. Cushioning and flexibility are the two key features you should check while picking up a running shoe. Marathon runners should opt for extra cushioning; it will boost your run and help to go the extra mile. Proper cushioning not only offers a comfortable run but also reduces the impact on your feet while hitting the surface and ensures energy return.

The Correct Garments

Choose garments in moisture wicking and perforated fabric to ensure faster sweat dry while keeping you 2 degrees cooler than the natural environment. Good ventilation and air flow mapping in the right zones are required for effective heat loss and increased air flow. Contemporary running attire goes beyond just a tee-shirt and pair of shorts. You can wear compression sports garments to increase agility and optimize your performance.

Training Plan

Get yourself a great training plan. In a week, attempt to complete runs for three days, dedicate two days to cross training, and give rest to your body for the remaining two days. Try not to skip out on your warm-up routine! If you are apprehensive to go directly on the road, then you can start initially in your gym on a treadmill. Gradually, increase the run duration and emphasis on cardiovascular stress by opting for a hill run. The distance needs to be to be increased to 13 miles to ensure that you are actually ready to run your first marathon which is approximately of 13 miles. Then you should aim at full marathon which is approximately 26.2 miles. Timing is an important factor, so never lose your speed.

Marathon tips - do's and don't in a long distance race.

Treadmill Running 

You need to build your stamina before jumping into a marathon event. Learn to keep a track of the distance and time. And to do that start training on the treadmill. After you have owned the treadmill, take it to the next level- burn some sole on the track and under different weather conditions like sunny, humid, and rain.

Work on Speed

When it comes to following your training plan, ensure you try to work on your speed as well, which is usually covered in tempo runs in many training plans. Running at a good pace can’t be done overnight, however, with regular practice you can achieve it. Mark goals and meet them. Speed is essential because speed and stamina together can help you to complete the marathon and even win it!

Learn how to train for marathons with the Livingit Marathon Running Guide.

Stay Healthy, Stay Hydrated

Ensure that you take a good and healthy diet. If running for an hour or more, carry water/fluids with you. Make sure to drink 6-8 oz. every 20 minutes. Carbohydrates are important nutrition in a runner’s diet as they provide the required fuel. During marathon training, your total calorie intake should comprise of 65% carbohydrates (particularly, complex carbohydrates), 10% of protein, and 20-25% of unsaturated fats. Proper nutrition keeps you strong and allows for adequate recovery.

Recovery is Essential

Recovery is critical and so, it is important that you take a break from the training. Allow your body to rest between runs so that it can recover from one run to the next, and your body gets stronger between each run. You can pick a cross training workout or an alternative to running to get the same benefits. Eating the right running foods at the right time also play a vital role in recovery. And don't forget to do a good session of stretching.

Tips on how to recover post marathon.

Summing Up

marathon runinng
Yes! You Were Born to run.

bSafal Marathon 2017 is a new milestone for the citizens of Ahmedabad. Because this year, Ahmedabad marathon takes a stride more than the usual half marathons that it has been doing so far. Since past few years, LS Sports have seen an appreciable amount of increase in the marathon participation.

In about less than two months, Ahmedabad will flag off its first full marathon and we just cannot keep calm! The full marathon adventure will garner more running enthusiasts from in and around Ahmedabad, and hopefully all over the country. With a strong core team of experts and past experiences, bSafal Marathon is here to provide a huge running platform for mass participation and celebrate good health.

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