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Bosu Ball Exercises- The Total Body Workout for Runners

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How many times have you given working out a miss because you didn’t have enough time in hand? Well, most of us do this and promise ourselves of compensating this on the next day. But, that doesn’t really happen. So, can you perform cardio exercises in such limited time? Also, most people often wonder as to how to make exercise fun. Well, you could try the bosu ball exercises in order to build your muscles and burn calories. And in case you don’t what a bosu ball is, stress on your memory and think of all the equipment that you have seen in the gym.

Remember a half-circle ball kinda thing lying in one corner of the gym? You might not have used this on your own ever but if you do have a trainer, he/she might have made you do a few reps of certain exercises. Well whatever the case might be, the fact that a Bosu Ball is an incredible piece of equipment cannot be denied. It has the capability to make all those rather easy-seeming exercises a bit tough by adding in instability.

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What is a Bosu Ball

BOSU stands for Both Sides Utilized and has a flat platform on one side and a dome made up of squishy rubber on the other. This tool forces your body to remain steady and thereby can improve your balance and strength.

It just basically appears like a stability ball that has been cut in half. You can switch the sides of this ball depending on the exercise that you are doing. When you work out on this ball, because of the instability element to it, it makes everything a bit more challenging and your body is forced to use more muscles from the core. This means that each and every bosu ball exercise that you do is an abs exercise. 

Benefits of Using Bosu Ball

Exercising on a Bosu ball undoubtedly has several benefits. Listed below are a few of them. 

1. Improvement of Balance

This can be said on the basis of the fact that the core strength controls our potential to balance and this is why a bosu ball can help improve it.

Most people often wonder as to how to improve the balance.

Well, each and every exercise that you do on a Bosu Ball requires the stability muscles including the core to help keep your spine in appropriate alignment. When your core is tight and absolutely strong, it would act as a cushion for your skeletal system. This would also offer you the ability to keep yourself absolutely straight when on a stable platform.

Good news is that even seniors can perform this exercise! Bosu ball exercises for seniors has often proved to be more effective offering an improved static in just twelve weeks of regular training. 

2. Core, Stability, and Balance

It's all about the balance!

One of the biggest reasons why people choose the bosu exercises is because it can help to enhance the balance and strengthen the stabilizing muscles.

Here is the catch:

The unstable surface of these balls forces the body to use up more core muscles as compared to other exercises for the abs like planks or crunches. 

3. Adds an Element of Fun to your Workouts

When it comes to following a certain fitness regimen, most people often fail it as they begin to feel bored after a certain point of time.

And, when you get bored, you also eventually lose the motivation to workout and achieve your goals.

However, the best thing about the bosu ball exercises is that they are a refreshing change to your monotonous routine.

It also requires you to concentrate completely on just the exercise that you are doing. By this, the boredom factor is diminished and you would be more focused on performing the exercises correctly rather than just thinking about getting back home earlier. Good bye fat!

BOSU Ball Exercises that are Actually Safe to Do

There are several exercises that you can perform on a Bosu ball and are actually safe to do. Of course, follow your usual warm-up routine and then get started. 

1. Push-ups

For the push-ups, you would need to place the ball in such a way that the dome-side is on the ground and the flat platform is on the top.

With your wrist placed underneath your shoulders, grip the platform’s sides or place your hands on top of the platform in a plank or a push-up position.

Keep your feet about 12 inches apart so as to get more stability. While focusing on your core, start lowering your body to perform a push-up and then come back up to the starting position. Repeat for a few more times.

One of the amazing bosu ball exercises that work on the abs and the glutes as well. 

BOSU Ball Ab Exercises That Are Actually Safe to Do

2. Forearm Planks                                

For the forearm planks, place the Bosu ball with its flat side down and now place your forearms above the dome and come into the position of a plank.

Make sure that your shoulders are right over your elbows. Your full body, from head to heels should be an absolutely straight alignment. Now, begin to pull your abdominal towards your spine. As you do so, squeeze your gluteals. 

Remain in this position for a minute and then rest. Repeat this exercise for a few more times. If you feel you cannot hold the position for a minute, try doing it for 30 seconds first and then slowly as you learn to balance, increase the time.

A perfect bosu ball exercise for the abs that helps you to get in shape faster. Thinking to lose weight? Then learn how running can help you lose weight quickly!

How to Make Exercise Fun
Forearm Planks

3. Side Forearm Plank                         

Similar to the previous one, place the bosu ball with its dome side on the top and the flat side on the ground.

Now, place one of your forearms on the ball and begin to extend your feet so that you would be lying on your sides. Focus on your core and ensure that they are tightened. Once done begin to lift up into a side plank.

Hold this position for about 30 seconds or until you begin to feel that burn in your abs and legs. 

BOSU Ball Exercises for Total-Body Strength
Side Forearm Plank  

4. Mountain Climber          

This is considered as one of the best bosu ball exercises for total-body strength because it works on the entire body along with your arms and core. It also gets your heart rate up.

For this exercise, you would be required to come into a plank position on the Bosu ball with the ball’s flat surface placed on the ground. 

Ensure that you have a firm grip on the sides of the platform. Also, make sure that your hands are exactly beneath your shoulders. Now, begin to draw one of your knees towards your chest. Extend your leg back to the starting position and bring in the opposite knee. Repeat this arms and back exercise for about 20-30 times. 

bosu ball exercises for seniors
Mountain Climber

5. Side-to-Side Squats                                  

Place the bosu ball with its flat surface facing down on the ground.

Stand absolutely straight and place one of your feet on the ball's center. Bend down into the position of a deep squat.

Staying low in your squat position, step on the Bosu ball with both your feet. After this, take one of your feet off the ball and lower yourself again into a deep squat. 

Repeat this squat for about 20 times on the same side and then move on to your other side. When you feel confident with this, end your exercise with squat jumps if you want. 

LEGS exercises
Side-to-Side Squats

6. One-Legged Bridge                   

Place the flat side of the bosu ball on the ground and then lie straight on your back and place one of your feet firmly on top of the ball while keeping the knee bent.

Your other leg should be pointed perfectly straight out at a 45-degree angle. After this, push your hips upwards by stressing on your cores and glutes. 

Hold this position for a few seconds and then push your hips back up again before touching the floor. Repeat for 15 times for each leg.

This bosu ball exercises for abs are excellent for the core, hamstrings, lower back and your glutes. The additional challenge to maintain your stability would also help in engaging the oblique stabilizer muscles

bosu ball ankle exercises
One-Legged Bridge

7. Burpees             

Stand perfectly straight by holding the bosu ball with your hands wherein the flat surface is facing your body. Begin by bending at the waist and then slightly bend your knees as if you were attempting to do a squat and place the bosu ball on the ground.

Ensure that your hands are firmly gripping the sides of the bosu ball. As you are placing the ball on the ground, perform a full push-up and jump back up to your feet with the ball and stand up.

Raise the bosu ball as high as you can and repeat it for 10-15 more times. Make sure that you are stressing on your core and that it is tight while you are performing this exercise. 

These bosu ball exercises focus on many aspects of the body including your arms and legs. 

bosu ball exercises for abs

8. Side Lunges             

Side lunges are one of the best Bosu ball leg exercises that would tone up your leg and help your run faster! 

Stand straight by keeping your feet aligned with your shoulders and a Bosu ball placed right next to you. 

Step to the side on the bosu ball in such a way that one of your foot is on the ball and the other is on the ground. At all times, your feet should be perfectly parallel to each other. As you descend into a side lunge send your buttocks backward with all of your weight placed on the lunging leg. 

Squeeze your glutes and get back up into the starting position. The additional challenge to maintain your stability would help in strengthening your glutes. 

bosu ball exercises
Side Lunges 

9. Squats                           

For this particular bosu ball exercise, place the ball with its flat surface down on the ground so that the dome-side faces up.

Most people even prefer to place the ball another way round so that the flat surface is up and the other side is down. But it has a con! This creates more instability.

You would need to decide which one works best for you. Now, carefully climb on the ball with one of your legs and as you feel they you are able to maintain your balance, step on with the other leg too. 

At first, climbing on the ball itself would seem challenging and you can ask a friend to help you or hold onto the ground for stability.

As soon as you stand up, you would begin to feel the instability.

When you are comfortable, push your body downwards into a squat. Make sure that your knees are facing out and that you are driving them even more outwards as you are standing up. If you don’t feel confident about doing a squat, just bend your knees a bit and test your balance. 

bosu ball arm exercises

10. Side Hops 

The side hops are quite similar to the side lunges and yet is different. In this, you are going to alternate the side lunges with a side hop.

In a side lunge, you are supposed to stand back again after you have lunged on one of your sides. However, for this exercise, as soon as you have completed a side lunge, jump high up in the air off the bosu ball and switch your feet as you are in the air.

Repeat a side lunge but this time on the other side. Continue to alternate sides. Repeat this for 15-20 times. 

bosu ball leg exercises
Side Hops (source)

11. Bird Dog                 

For this bosu ball exercise, you would need to place the ball on the floor with its flat side facing down and the dome-side up.

After this, come on the ball with the help of your knees and hands. Now, after you have found your balance, begin to extend one of your arms say for instance your left arm while simultaneously also extending your right leg behind you.

Come back to the starting position and extend your opposite legs and arms. Alternate for about ten to fifteen times on each of your sides. 

Why do we suggest this exercise?

The bird dog exercise on the bosu ball helps in strengthening the stability muscles present in your shoulders, obliques, lower back as well as your glutes. 

bosu ball arm exercises
Bird Dog

12. Boat Pose                                              

For this exercise, you would need to sit in the middle of the bosu ball and work on finding your balance. 

When you feel that you have found your balance, begin by lifting your knees upwards into a 45-degree angle and make sure that you are balanced. 

At first, you can put your hands on the ball or on the ground so as to find your balance or hold them up in front of you. 

Remain in this position for a few seconds and then return back to the starting position. This bosu ball exercise is amazing to tone up your abs.

Slowly and steadily, as you have practiced for a few more times, try and hold this position for a longer period of time. Your goal should be to remain in this position for about a minute. Make sure that you are stressing on your core and breathe when performing this exercise. 

bosu ball exercises for abs
Boat Pose

There are of course a lot of other exercises that you can try with the bosu ball. At first, you might not feel confident about this workout but it sure is a refreshing change to your otherwise boring workout.

Happy news!

There are chances that this would make your entire core feel the burn for a few days!

But, this also means that you would be able to see the results in a few days. You would be able to achieve a sculpted core, glutes and attain a perfect balance and thereby prevent any kind of injuries. However, if you love challenges then try the Tabata Workout- 4-minute workout for Dream Body.

Have you ever tried any bosu ball exercises before? How was your experience with it?

Do you know any other exercise that works for your glutes and core? Feel free to share them with us in the below comments.

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