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33 Best Workout Apps of 2017: A Cardio Guide for Runners

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Have you registered for a marathon? Or are you training yourself for a running event? Whether it is the need to look good or stay fit and healthy, there are fitness apps that will tell you exactly how to work out to achieve your goals. As a runner, just running won’t help. You need a mix of cardio exercises along with proper rest. All you need is the ubiquitous smartphone and internet connectivity. Be it strength training or running, yoga or calorie tracker download some of the apps on your smartphone and start your workout at a convenient time, and in absolute privacy. We have compiled a list of apps which are amongst the best workout apps for women as well as men.

Added advantage! Get all the instructions to do them correctly from professional trainers.

This curated workout app list will help you as a runner to achieve your goals. From what to eat in a day, sleeping pattern to finding a perfect personal coach, there are a plethora of apps that would cater all your needs and work on improving your fitness. Take your best buddy, your smartphone and download the best workout app that will guide you, push you to reach your fitness goals! Take a look.

Best Workout Apps For Runners

Abandon your search for that elusive personal trainer right away! Make use of our list of best workout apps that will help you exercise anywhere, anytime, and are suited to your needs.

1. Map My Fitness

Track your running, your athletic performance and set new personal goals with this app that has 600, or more fitness activities. It saves vital data such as pace, calories burned and distance covered.

map my fitness
May My Fitness

The app also helps you connect with other users and discover new running trails or routes. Personalized training programs and heart rate monitoring zones are few additional features available on its premium version.

2. Workout Trainer

Want to shape up for an upcoming marathon? Then Workout Trainer will cater your needs!

The app has limitless workouts with step-by-step instructions for activities depending on your personal
goal like getting ready for your next race.

best workout apps
Workout Trainer app

Access to the app’s library to customize your fitness routine and being able to share it with fellow users are other features. You will also find high-density workout videos and exercise routines on the premium version of the app.

3. Fitted Lifts

You would agree with us that you need to be fit to run like a Bolt. So why not use an app that would help you stay fit?

When it comes to strenuous workouts, Fitted lifts give you an array of options! You can record the lifting of your weight sets, create your own exercise routine from the app’s database (grouped focusing on engaging different muscles), or add your own routine, and customize your rest timing between exercises.

best app for weightlifting
Fitted Lifts

Also get a display of your progress and the time gap since your last workout for specific muscles. This app will make you achieve your goals easily!

4. Nike + Training Club

Known as one of the best workout apps, Nike + Training Club is the perfect app for runners and gym lovers.

Nike +Training Club

With three varied difficulty levels, the workouts on this app focus on strength, mobility, or endurance and provide audio cues for athletes. The workouts can also be streamed onto a television. You can track your activities such as running, or gym training and can also share your photographs with fellow users.


Runners! Check out this app- It is one of the most popular apps that help you shed those extra flabs, love handles in a jiffy!


The app not only offers 1300 plus exercises, detailed workout plans but even motivates you to workout and eat a healthy diet. You can customize your workouts based on your body and check your progress with progress tracker. Moreover, the app even gives you feedback and motivates you to reach your goals- How motivating is that!

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6. Yoga Studio

Undoubtedly a flexible body will help you run faster and even reduce your injuries! So, if you are unable to find a yoga studio near your place, then Yoga Studio is your go-to solution.

Yoga Studio
Yoga Studio

The app offers about 70 or more yoga and meditation classes lasting from 10-60 minutes each. You can choose one depending on the duration and difficulty level of the workout. The advanced version gives you access to the app’s library. Videos can be downloaded and class instructors can sync the app to a television. Bonus Point- Yoga will calm your mind on the iconic race day too!

7. Lose It!

You are what you eat! Along with excellent workout sessions, Lose It app guides you on what to eat.

Lose it
Lose it

Set and achieve your exercise, nutrition and wellness goals. Features include a calorie counter, a recipe builder, and an exercise planner.

8. Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout App

Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout App
Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout App

If you don’t have the time for exercise before work every morning, this 7-minute workout app is what you are looking for. This offers cardio workouts that cater to the entire range of fitness seekers, be it beginners or fitness freaks.

9. FitStar

Ready to lose weight with the help of a virtual trainer?


The app helps you customize your fitness plan and helps you decide on the difficulty levels you want to take on. It acts as your personal digital trainer and adapts its workouts to match your physical capability.

10. Sworkit

A variety of workouts offered to start from stretching exercises to yoga and also enabling a healthy mix of two or more that can be done at a time with this app.


Stated to be a fitness app that matches the closest to training guidelines of the American College of Sports Medicine; it comes with a timer and demonstrates how to do the exercises.

11.Pocket Yoga

Pocket Yoga is the go-to workout app for those who want both- weight loss and calm mind!

pocket yoga
Pocket Yoga

You can use this app based on your comfort. From picking different yoga poses to different difficulty levels, Pocket Yoga alters on your requirements. The best thing about Pocket Yoga is that it gives you a real time yoga studio feel. Added bonus is that there are close to 200 poses, 27 sessions that will make you a pro at yoga! Goodbye fat!

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12. Daily Ab Workout

This fabulous app is for folks who want to tone their core.

Daily Ab Workout
Daily Ab Workout

This offers an abdominal workout to help you strengthen your core muscles and tone up your body. The app has a trainer who would motivate you throughout your workout and even make sure you are doing your planks in the right way!

13. Fitocracy

The app is a social network for exercise addicts.


You can look up exercise routines and log your achievements displayed in a social media stream for fellow users to view, and comment on and likewise view and comment on the exercise regimen of fellow users.

14. Calorie Counter by MyFitnessPal

This calorie and nutrients counter helps you maintain a balanced diet that is in sync with your exercise regimen.

Calorie-Counter by MyFitnessPal
Calorie-Counter by MyFitnessPal

15. CARROT Fit

Hate monotonous workout sessions? Then add some fun with one of the best workout apps- CARROT Fit app.


This workout app would even motivate couch potatoes to gear up for the workout. The app basically challenges you for seven minute duration, right by insulting you! Yes, it is your ‘fitness overlord’ that will insult you, yell at you and make you shed those extra pounds that you have added to your body. Also the app has interesting names for exercises such as dragon mating dances, invisible iron throne and much more.

16. Seconds Pro

The app is a second’s timer, and helps athletes keep track of the time during the interval and circuit training workouts. It displays the current interval and the next one along with text-to-speech announcements.

best workout apps android
Seconds Pro

17. StrongLifts 5×5

The app offers a strength training workout constituting five sets of five repetitions of five free-weight exercises including bench press, deadlift, squat, overhead press and barbell row to be done thrice a week in 45-minute workouts.

StrongLifts 5x5
StrongLifts 5×5

Along with video instructions for each workout, you get to log your exercises. The app tells you which exercises to do in each workout with video instructions, and rest time in between sets.

18. 30-Day Fitness Challenge Workout

Challenge yourself to shape up in 30 days!

30 Days Challenge Workout
30 Days Challenge Workout

Are you a novice runner? Then you ought to tone your body and this app will help you achieve fit body in just 30 days! Shocked? But with their intense workouts for abs, arms, glutes and full-body workouts you would melt the fat easily. An added advantage of this amazing app is that there is a video instruction for each exercise. Excited? Moreover, the program has three difficulty levels and two plans for each exercise- so there is an exercise for all type runner.

19. Sleep Cycle

A good sleep will reflect in your workouts too!

Sleep Cycle
Sleep Cycle

A good’s night sleep is the best possible way for your body and mind to recover from the exercising. The app uses your smartphone’s built-in accelerometer to monitor your movements in your sleep and can tell the difference if you are in deep sleep, or light sleep phase.

20. Fooducate

With a race day on your calendar, you want to eat only healthy food. And if you want someone to monitor what you eat, then Fooducate is your go-to app!

best workout apps

The app helps you track intake of food, hunger levels, exercise, and sleep and encourages you to adopt real-food diets and healthier food items. It will indicate additives such as preservatives and artificial sweeteners in food items when you scan a barcode at the supermarket.

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21. Moves

The app uses your smartphone’s Wi-Fi location data, built-in accelerometer and cell tower to track your daily walking, running, or cycling activity, and sometimes uses GPS and phone sensors for the purpose.

best free workout apps

It enables you to track your progress too. Information such as road maps and familiar locations are saved and flagged on the app for your reference, thus guiding you through your run!

22. AllTrails

Planning for a trail racing with your buddies? Then download this amazing right away.

Best workout apps
All Trails

The app provides details about 50,000 or more mountain biking and hiking trails in North America along with directions through your smartphone’s GPS tracking.

It offers information on distance, elevation and maximum speed along the trail. Its advanced version provides maps for offline use.

23. Daily Workouts

Did you know even a 10-minute workout can make a huge difference to your body?

Daily Workout App
Daily Workout App

If you are a runner and have jam packed schedule, then we suggest you opt for this app. The app offers separate apps featuring exercises for abs, cardio, arms, glutes and leg workouts. They are grouped into five-ten minutes for targeted workouts, or 10-30 minutes for full-body workouts.

24. Gymaholic

This app is one of the best gym workout apps for the gym lovers. The app has a library of exercises and fitness routines.

best free workout apps

The highlight of this app being its 3D augmented-reality animated exercises as each time a virtual person pops up and instructs you on how to do the exercises.


Now searching for a perfect gym studio becomes easy! All you need to do is download the amazing MINDBODY workout app.


The app helps you find out the gym studio, yoga classes, Zumba classes around your location. Just add your zipcode and the app locates fitness classes nearby.

26. Runtastic Six Pack Abs

Want to know which is the best workout apps for men? Then Runtastic Six Pack Abs is the one you should look for.


This workout app is more focused and is meant for men to help them develop the famed six-pack abs. Stay hooked to this app and say hi to washboard abs within few weeks.

27. Relax Melodies

Relax your mind and body with this amazing app!

best workout apps
Relax Melodies

After all the strenous exercises and miles of running, your body needs to recover and your mind needs to calm down. So, relax your mind and get a goodnight’s sleep by listening to the calming sounds that this app offers.

Livingit Tip
The apps and the trainer may be digital but the health benefits are real! You can try a combination of two or more apps to suit your style of workout and fitness goals.

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28. Qinetic

Qinetic app makes you sweat and shed the stubborn fat within weeks.

best workout apps for men

Fitness experts offer a range of exercises starting from Zumba to high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts on this on-demand video service. You will not get bored exercising as the app offers a wide range of workouts and a mix of fitness workouts.

29. FREELETICS Bodyweight

Toned body is a plus point for winning a race! This bodyweight only workout app helps you build muscle and tone your body.

Freeletics Bodyweight

Before you can begin your workout it makes you undergo a fitness test to help you customize a weekly routine to suit your body type. The app can be switched to a 2×2 mode and access workouts that can be done even in a two by two meters space.

30. Keelo

Runners, we have a great news for you! Get a personal coach wherever you go and stay in shape forever.


Keelo is an app for those who are looking for a high-intensity workout but at their own comfort. You get a virtual coach who teaches you the right way to exercise, answers your queries and even gives you feedback on your workouts.

31. Charity Miles

Charity begins at home, but this app tells you charity begins by exercising!

Charity Miles
Charity Miles

Yes! Both charity and exercise together! Donate to charity for every mile you run, walk, etc. There are big brands such as Humani, Johnson and Johnson who donate few cents every time for every mile you run, cycle or even walk. What an incentive to get moving!

32. Daily Butt Workout

Want the perfect Kim Kardashian butt? Then get help from Daily Butt Workout app.

daily butt workout
Daily Butt Workout

This is one of the best workout appsfor women who want a firmer bottom. The app has targeted exercises such as squats, leg lifts, donkey kicks and other lower bottom exercises. Also, you get a free personal trainer who helps you during your workout.

33. Daily Yoga

Calm your body, mind and soul with the amazing Daily Yoga app.

Daily Yoga
Daily Yoga

You will find a personal coach who shows you all the yoga poses. It also offers meditation classes for de-stressing. So the days when you don’t feel like hitting the gym, you can still workout with holistic yoga!

There is an ocean of workout apps waiting to be explored. What more, this gives you a solid reason to buy a smartphone or make better use of the one you already own! Download the app that best suits your requirement and exercises away to good health and looks!

There are free apps and there are paid apps. Whatever be the case, you can safely presume that this will be more economical and equally beneficial to engaging a personal trainer. So, invest in good running shoes and download any one of the apps that would shape your body and make you win the marathon or any race!

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