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Best Running Songs You Should Be Listening to On Your Run

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Aren't you tired of listening to the same old tunes on your playlist? Can you feel the monotony in your everyday run and have you been looking for new music to get yourself motivated, then this article is for you! Read on for a compilation of, what we believe is the best music to run to. Here is a list of the best running songs that you should download in an instant.

Like any good runner, you know, that the songs you listen to can impact your runs. Whether training for a marathon or just going for a fun run, you always need to have the right track. There are multiple ways of finding the right music for you, from matching pace to the music beat, popular upbeat tracks, songs that you have an attachment to and so on. Let us help you make great playlists for running with the best running songs that you can be proud of.

Music You Have a Connection to.

Run to music you connect to
You Can Find Music You Really Connect to

When you begin your run, you would always want to play something from your playlist. Some people prefer to have a set playlist, some play only running fast-paced songs, and others well, prefer their own type of music. Most of the time, your first choice of song would be from your favourite genre. Even if it is slow paced and tear-jerking, it keeps you moving because you enjoy it. And no matter what you are doing, you would like to hear it.

Finding new music from your favourite genre can be exciting, new songs are special until you listen to them a hundred times. Looking for more of your type of music can not only be a way to make great discoveries but also get you motivated for your first run.

Music According to Pace.

While searching for the right kind of music, it is important for you to know what type of pace you run at, and then find the songs accordingly. Balancing your pace with a song’s BPM (Beats Per Minute) can really work wonders for you. It also helps maintain a desired pace and time goal. If you pick a higher BPM playlist, it would motivate you to run faster. Just to match the beats in the song, you could subconsciously increase your speed and pace.

It may take a little bit of research, trial and error, but if you manage to find the best running songs to suit your pace, it will work miracles for your running time.

A good way to find the suitable music to your pace is to know how long it takes for you to complete a kilometre run. Some common pace times and BPM combinations are listed below.

9 min/km = 105 BPM

7 min/km = 137 BPM

5 min/km = 169 BPM

3 min/km = 201 BPM

Upbeat Music.

Whether it’s a favourite of yours or not, upbeat tunes are known to get people in a more active state. In case you’ve never tried running to upbeat songs, give it a go and you’ll feel like going outside and starting a new lap. Even without making you realize, great tempos and choruses could really set your mood for a run.

Best Running Songs You Should Be Listening to On Your Run
Running With Music Gives You Motivation

Best Running Songs to Listen to on a Run.

Try out this list of tracks hand-picked, especially for you, to give your run an extra spark of energy and excitement. Add these tracks to your mix and create the best running playlist that you can!

Jess Glynne – ‘Hold My Hand’

First on the list is an upbeat, fast tempo hit by British singer Jess Glynne, popular for her dance tracks. The beats will leave a skip in every step of your run.

Calvin Harris feat. Ne-Yo – ‘Let’s Go’

A pumped up and motivating song about going out of the house, doing something for yourself and leaving everything behind. This song will make you want to get on your feet and just run, like the characters in the video.

Vulfpeck – ‘Animal Spirits’

This is a quirky song with a catchy tune, and if it’s your kind of genre you would love to listen on repeat. It’s pop-funk beat will make your run, way more groovy.

Imagine Dragons – ‘Believer’

Imagine Dragons never falls short of coming up with equally inspirational songs and music videos. ‘Believer’ is another one of their motivational game changers, let them awaken your inner drive.

Zedd – ‘Stay’

The title might suggest immobility, but this song from German DJ Zedd is hardly closer to it. It's about two lovers staying with each other even if it is for just a second. But the tune makes you do the opposite, start running!

Chubby Checker – ‘Let’s Twist Again’

A classic from 1962, it has still not given up on making people want to do the twist. Instead of dancing, use its tempo to run!

Daft Punk – ‘One More Time’

Repetitive and super catchy, this Daft Punk song, can really pump you up. Celebrate this song with a run?

Rudimental – ‘Waiting All Night’

Another fast tempo song to get you into the running state of mind. Most songs by the band Rudimental have a BPM of 175 - if you would like to match your pace with it.

Eminem – ‘Till I Collapse’

Another hard-hitting song about never giving up and working hard to achieve your dreams. The perfect motivation for running goals!

Wilkinson – ‘Afterglow’

The genres Dubstep and Drum & Bass are most known for their fast tempo, like in this song. Enjoy an upbeat workout with one of the best running songs.

Vampire Weekend – ‘A-Punk

This indie rock track can give you a really good nostalgic and warm feeling. Keep this song on your playlist for a good-hearted run.

Gorillaz – ‘Charger’

An alternative hip-hop beat and great vocals make this song really good. What’s better, is that it gets you pumped for running.

The Lumineers – ‘Ophelia’

This song may not be first on your mind for perfect running material, but its folk tune and soft quality could be great for a run by the beach or meadow. Play this track just for a calm and peaceful run.

Drake, Quavo, Travis Scott – ‘Portland’

Hip-hop never hurts when it comes to upbeat running music. They make for some of the best running songs. Why stop now?

Thumpasaurus – ‘I’m Too Funky’

A song, too funky to handle, it’ll make you get out of your chair. Pair that with some good sports shoes and you have yourself a great funky run.


Like the title suggests, you should run. This dance song will make you want to either way.

Paolo Nutini – ‘Pencil Full Of Lead’

Paolo Nutini usually sings Blues and Soul, however, this track brings a more upbeat rhythm.

Temples – ‘Certainty’

If you’re a fan of psychedelic rock, you will probably love the Temples. If you love running you will really like this tune. It’s more of a slowing down tune, play it towards the end of your run.

Daymé Arocena – ‘Stuck’

Jazz music is great for runs, its got the right amount of energy to keep you going. Try it out on this track.

David Guetta – ‘Titanium’

Titanium is one of the best running songs with motivational lyrics. It’s about overcoming obstacles and not letting anyone stop you. Don’t let yourself or others get in your way of running.

A good run is the unified product of motivation, exercise, music, and gear. In order to complete this equation, make sure you have what is required- shoes, confidence, tunes and more. We hope you try out different ways to find the perfect running tracks for your runs, and they bring you the motivation and confidence needed for a successful run.

Good running songs are not that hard to come by, keep looking out for them and adding them to your playlist. Soon enough, you’ll have a great playlist of songs for running.

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What, in your opinion, is the best form of music to run? Do you have a selected preference or can any upbeat song get you ready for a run? We’d love to know, tell us some good running music you know in the comments section!

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