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Hydration Packs for Running: A Guide Every Runner Needs

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Do you love running? If it’s a yes, then you must know how important it is to keep yourself hydrated while you run. It is very essential for you to remember to drink lots of fluids and water if you are staying out in the heat. That’s why it is a must for you to get yourself one of the best hydration packs for running so that you are not affected by conditions that occur due to lack of water intake.

Here you will see the top 10 hydration running backpacks of 2017 along with their specifications. This will help you, choose the best hydration pack to suit your water needs during your running sessions conveniently.

In this article, we are going to give you details of a few of the best running hydration backpacks which are available in the sports industry so that you can make your run conveniently while keeping yourself hydrated.

Not only running, if you are addicted to biking or love adventure sports and hiking these backpacks will give you full assistance in your times of need. You will get to know all about how to choose a hydration pack by determining storage needs as well as fluid capacity, and popular running hydration pack reviews so that you can very easily know the pros and cons of hydration packs by various brands.

Why Runners Opt for Hydration Packs

Hydration Packs
Hydration Packs: A Runner's Perfect Companion (source)

A hydration pack is one of the five essential gears every runner should have! They help you to not only carry water but also drink it at your own convenience and preserve it efficiently. The best part is that it saves your lot of time that is otherwise wasted in searching for clean water. Hydration packs are an extremely efficient equipment for runners and serve as a blessing because you don't have to dehydrate yourself while running and can easily restore the water balance in your body by sipping on the tube connected to the bladder of the pack. Before you actually think what a bladder is, let's clear your doubt. The bladder is nothing but the water reservoir, which is installed in the hydration pack.

So are you planning to get one of these hydration packs for yourself?

Then you must know the features of hydration packs and know all about it before you blindly select one from the sports store near you or via online shopping sites. You must not forget that the main idea behind the hydration pack is that it helps you transport water while you are out running or hiking or doing any of the physical activity or sports.

What to Look for in a Hydration Pack

Top 10 Hydration Running Backpacks of 2017
Buy It for Yourself, Not to Increase a Company's Sale

The points given below are the various specifications of a hydration pack used for outdoor activity which you must keep in mind and compare among the various brands of hydration pack which you might see available. Let’s take a look at the different features of hydration pack before going into the reviews of the topmost hydration packs you can get in the market.

Determine pack use

The main objective of hydration packs is to give the runner the amount of water which is just necessary for him to complete his running. On the other hand, a more conventional running backpack will comprise of a reservoir full of water. Hence, it is very important for you to determine what kind of pack are you looking for as you can find various types of hydration packs available in various places. Choose your hydration pack depending on whether you are a marathon runner or a racer or just a casual runner who runs a few miles.

Select reservoir size

While searching for the best hydration packs for running one of the most important factors to keep in mind is the size of the reservoir of your hydration pack. The size of the reservoir depends on what type of a runner you are. The sip tube which is a polyurethane tube used to fill up the water reservoir. It is quite long-lasting and does not get tangled easily, but, due to the material, the water may sometimes taste like plastic. The second most important component which you should know about while choosing the best hydration packs for running is the bite valve. Made out of silicone, this what helps in the releasing of the water by applying pressure.

Determine storage needs

Before choosing a hydration pack for running you must be sure of the storage space and whether it will suit your need or not. For runners, a big storage space is not needed, unlike for people using hydration packs for the purpose of skiing, backpacking, mountain biking or hiking.

  • Fluid capacity

Knowledge about the fluid capacity is of utmost importance, before you select one of the best hydration packs for running. Generally, it is safe to carry around 2 to 3 liters of water in your hydration pack. If you are going for a long-running session or a marathon then it is advisable to actually choose a hydration pack with a higher capacity to store fluids.

Most Popular Hydration Backpacks of 2017

Here are 2017’s top 10 hydration running backpacks of along with all its specifications that will help you to choose the best according to your needs.

1. The OMM Phantom by Wiggle

OMM Phantom - Wiggle
The OMM Phantom by Wiggle

This hydration backpack is one of the best at present because of its unmatched features. It comprises of a harness which is fully adjustable in nature and is expertly customized keeping in mind the needs and wants of runners of all kinds. The straps of the chest and the hips can be rearranged according to your build and comfort level. Hence, once the adjustments are made in the initial level then there will be no chance of the backpack slipping or shifting, whether you are going on a casual run or training yourself for any competition.

The price of this amazing hydration pack is 64 dollars and 99 cents, which is actually quite reasonable. This hydration pack is made of a good quality, durable material called thermoplastic, which can handle any kind of weather conditions, wear and tear. This hydration backpack for the runners gives you special cushioning of 6 millimeters and the fluid capacity of this bag is 12 liters. It is a wonderful product if you need to store items and water bottles which you will need for your running trip.

And it looks classy, too!

2. 1.5 Litre Ultimate Performance Tarn Hydration Pack

running hydration pack reviews
Tarn Hydration Pack

At a really affordable price of $29.99, this backpack is a lifesaver for runners who need to carry the bare minimum essentials while they are out on running or hiking trips. The main feature of this ultimate hydration pack is that it offers a high volume straw, which is strapped in the shoulder along with a bite valve design for sipping water easily. If you go through the running hydration pack reviews you will find that this product is one of the best which gives you all the basic functions in a really affordable price range.

3. 32 liters Thule Capstone

Thule Capstone
32 liters Thule Capstone

Are you looking for a backpack that has the largest capacity to hold your stuff? If you're looking for a big sized backpack after you determine your storage needs, you can choose this particular hydration backpack without any second thoughts. This 32 litre hydration backpack is made up of ripstop nylon and has a lot of space for your each and every necessity right from clothes to your laptop and even some personal stuff. It comes with a suspension system which is quite easy to adjust, and to keep things in its own place there is a back panel made of mesh. It provides a decent amount of air circulation and also has the option of a reservoir which we can easily fit in this backpack. This is by far the best hydration pack if you are looking for endurance training cardio workout.

4. Salomon Trail 20

Salomon Trail 20
Salomon Trail 20

Looking for a tough hydration bag? You don’t have to look any further than the Salomon Trail 20, as it is the perfect choice for your needs. It is tailor-made to endure any high intensity running workout. This pack comes with numerous compartments to nicely accommodate all your things. The fluid capacity of this pack is 20 liters and along with it, there is a small pocket so that if any point of time you ever want to fit a bladder. Made from ripstop, this pack comes with elastic pockets so that you can easily reach your stuff while on the move. This backpack is lighter in weight than the other backpacks on the market and has an innovative system that keeps the floor of a continuous as you continue your run. The straps of this pack are quite secured while you are running and give you proper comfort and balance with its strong yet flexible hip straps.

So what are you waiting for? Get this amazing hydration pack today.

5. Amazon’s No Label T2

Determine storage needs
Amazon’s No Label T2

If you are looking for a hydration pack that will help you with your running workout even in bad weather then this is the backpack for you. This no label hydration backpack offers complete dryness in any weather. It is guaranteed that all your stuff will be dry and in perfect condition as this backpack is made of waterproof material, 500D tarpaulin on its outer cover, which is stitched with the inner cover so that all your stuff is not damaged in the rain. You can find out the running hydration pack reviews of this product online before you purchase it. This pack can easily carry up to 20 liters along with water pouches attached to it.

6. Go Outdoors- Osprey Duro 15

Osprey Duro 15
Osprey Duro 15

If you are looking for the top 10 hydration running backpacks of 2017, then this particular backpack surely makes the list for its ultra light feature and an effective 2.5-litre water bladder. The fluid capacity of this backpack is 15 meters and we made of nylon stretch mesh combined with ripstop makes it extremely light to travel with if you are planning for a long run. It's double-waist strap facilitates you to carry not one, but two water bottles of 500 ml each and has an impressive sip tube feature.

This makes drinking water while you are running easy and effortless. The cost of this backpack is $120, which is a little costly, but hey, nothing good is cheap.

7. Wiggle's Inov-8 Race Ultra Series 10 BOA

Wiggle's Inov - 8
Wiggle's Inov-8

If you are a serious runner and need a durable product then this kit is made for you. This high-quality, nylon-made backpack is one of the best hydration packs for running as it is not only highly stylized but it also has one of the best quality material. The carrying capacity is 10 liters, along with a compressed water reservoir of 2 liters, will give you more than enough fluids during your workout. You can buy this hydration pack at $119.99.

8. Camelbak Octane 16X

Camelbak Octane
Camelbak Octane 16X

If you are looking for a smaller sized hydration backpack you carry with you on your runs, then this pack will serve your needs without a doubt. After you determine storage needs, if you feel that a small backpack is all you need for your various types of run routine then stop looking and buy this product now. Amazon has made this hydration pack using nylon which is resistant to abrasion and has added several small pockets, along with a convenient system for drinking water. You must remember that this is not for any amateur runner, but for ones who need superior quality to overcome the hardship while running. This product expands up to 16 liters and has a high standard bite valve. The cost of this amazing backpack is $89.90.

9. Classic Hydration Pack by Camelbak

best hydration packs for running

This is the first ever model which is responsible for the popularity of hydration packs among runners as well as adventure sports fanatics. Even though several different kinds of hydration packs have been introduced in the market, the Classic hydration pack remains the favorite for one and all. If you're looking for a simple and easy to carry a hydration pack without any complicated adjustments, then this one will suit your needs bang on. This pack provides you the space for few snack bars along with approximately 2 liters of water. It is also reasonably priced at $59 and is perfect for a day out hiking or Rock climbing or for a short run.

10. Nathan Fireball

Nathan Fireball
Nathan Fireball

While looking for the best hydration packs for running don't forget about the Fireball manufactured by the company Nathan which, hands down, is the best for a long distance trail run. This hydration pack comprises of the fluid capacity of 1.5 liters and two insulated flask bottles of 12 ounces each. It is a snug fit and light weighted and keeps you comfortable during your long run.

All of the ten listed hydration packs are the best that the market has to offer, each having its own distinctive feature.

So, choose the best hydration pack for running from the above choices, keep yourself motivated with one of these 16 proven strategies, and have a great run each and every day without any difficulty.


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