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Top Android Running Apps For Tracking Your Run

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Running is an important exercise, and it has become a rage among fitness enthusiasts, owing to the plethora of benefits that it has to offer. Running to shed the extra pounds, getting into shape and increasing lifespan by making healthy choices has been incorporated into various lifestyles. Your Android phone might just be the right companion to help you run in the right manner and to beat the boredom that comes with it. The following Android running apps for tracking your run will come to the rescue!

Find the Latest Android Running Apps For Tracking and More!

Running is great, but it takes time to get the right technique or actually start enjoying it. There are numerous instances where we vow to run but are demotivated after a while. Check out these apps, they might just be your saving grace.



Runtastic is one of the best-designed apps for fitness. While the name suggests its association with running, it is designed for athletes as well. If you are engaged in any outdoor fitness activity, then Runtastic is for you. Progress analysis can be carried out in great detail apart from pace tracking for various activities including running, kayaking, snowboarding, and others.

Additional detail logging about the surface, weather, mood, heart rate, etc., apart from the general statistics of speed, distance and time sets it apart from other apps in the market. It effectively reflects the overall impact of your training.

Runtastic is one of the best free running apps that helps you achieve any goal in terms of calories burned, distance covered as well as pace, which you can set at the tap of a button. It provides access to an inbuilt audio coach that offers feedback based on preferences. If you still regard it as a run of the mill app, you have to know about its feature called Runtastic Earth that sets Google Earth view to show the workout in 3D mode.

And that’s not all; there are some other incredible features like auto pause, live tracking, and cheering, wearable connect and running leaderboard. The good news here is that Adidas has bought Runtastic and merged the Micoach within Runtastic. One can now have the best of both worlds in their fitness regime.

Recommended for: All levels of runners.
Cost: Free but comes with in-app purchases and a pro version with a complete set of features. Download HERE.


Endomondo Running Android App

If you complement your running endeavors with other fitness activities and need a free running app to track them all, Endomondo is the answer to your search. Its clean, clutter-free and simplified interface stands apart from other apps in terms of ability to track more than 40 fitness activities. A single interface can help pace tracking for all of them from running to kayaking, mountain biking and the like.

All it takes for the inbuilt coach to guide you through the steps to take you to your goal is picking an activity and setting a goal. Analysis of key performance metrics is carried out by the maintenance of a detailed training log for all activities. Details are saved separately for each workout.

It works like a charm if you wish to connect it to wearable devices such as gear, pebble or Garmin and adds fitness data to the dashboard by connecting it to Google fit. Your calorie and nutritional information can also be accessed right from the app owing to its integration with services like MyFitnessPal.

It is not just one of the apps that measure distance and speed. Its feature called social connect helps to encourage you to reach your goal by competing against your friends, exchanging pep talks in audio format with them and sharing achievements on social media.

Recommended for: Beginners.
Cost: Free! Download HERE .

Google Fit

Google Fit Android Running App

Google Fit is one of the free runner apps that simplifies the measurement of workout process through intuitively designed charts, making it a hassle-free way of fitness tracking. This distance measurement app helps provide deeper insights into the weight loss or fitness regime by using charts and diagrams intuitive enough to represent various data points such as pace, route, elevation, etc.

Workout durations are prolonged, and stamina building is fulfilled through personalized recommendations provided by Google Fit, that is based on personal goals and tracking data. Its best feature is its capability of combining fitness, nutritional and sleep information from various fitness apps and accessories. It rules out the need of maintaining different apps for varied purposes by simplifying aggregation of fitness data.

Recommended for: Intermediate to advanced runners.
Cost: Free! Download HERE .


RunGo Android Running App

Great running experiences are often offered by upbeat music and a great track of fitness statistics, but not getting on the right route may deteriorate the experience. One is often faced with this issue if new to a place. RunGo comes to the rescue by giving you the much-deserved respite of looking at the map using turn by turn voice directions.

It is a great route tracking app that is well-suited for adventurous runners as it offers voice navigation is real time apart from tracking statistics such as time, pace, distance, and elevation, and also suggestions for best routes that help avoid crowding and confusion. It also offers the functionality of saving favorite runs enabling offline access and hence making it useful for running in remote areas with little connectivity.

RunGo is also a blessing if you travel to different cities and intend to explore the attractions running and will suggest safe and scenic areas and offer continuous information of interest as you pass those areas.

Recommended for: Advanced runners.
Cost: Free with in-app purchases. Download HERE .

Running For Weight Loss

Running For Weight Loss

Due to the lack of a schedule or the consistency to follow one, most fitness schemes fail. But the biggest reason is the absence of a well-defined strategy to reach the goals. Running for weight loss is a running cadence app that bridges the gap between success and your resolutions with a plan. It works by a well-defined training plan set in advance and not a random approach. Goals may vary but the pre-defined plan is always customized at the start, be it losing weight or preparing for a marathon.

Runs are guided through a built-in audio coach. It is an app that measures distance and speed. You can always track the number of calories burnt and improvise with each workout through the track it maintains for your pace, distance, and heartbeat. Sticking to goals and covering distances is ensured through a regular inflow of tips and motivational quotes.

Through customizable and rigorous diet plans offered by the app, the effects of workouts are strengthened. It is also compatible with Fitbit and Runkeeper.

Recommended for: Beginners.
Cost: Free with in-app purchases. Download HERE .


Puma Trac Running Android App

While advanced features for tracking fitness activities are promised by various apps, many are not supported due to space constraints by entry level smartphones. PumaTrac solves the problem by being an app that is light and offers all the advanced functionality. The app is a breeze to use when on the run and can be attributed to its clutter free and no frills interface that comes in black and white. It doesn’t have any unique feature but is still a great mix of functionality and ease.

PumaTrac supports 30 more activities in addition to running and self-pauses when you halt. It also serves well as a community app with its newsfeed feature and a route tracking app as it allows you to explore routes in your area that have been envisaged upon previously by others.

Recommended for: Beginners to intermediates.
Cost: Free and unrestricted. Download HERE .


Runkeeper Running Android App

Professional runners and athletes can benefit best from Runkeeper owing to the simplicity and intuitiveness of its interface, which allows easy tab-keeping on workout and provides real-time statistics.

It is one of the best route tracking apps that enables covering exact distance without the fear of getting lost by offering the functionality to pre-plan routes, especially in cases when you are bad at remembering routes or new to a place.

It promises a unique workout experience by blending in audio updates with music that can be played from your Spotify library. Overall fitness and stamina can be improved with the help of professionally designed advanced training plans. Runkeeper allows pace tracking and recording progress of any fitness goal that it allows you to set.

Recommended for: All levels of runners.
Cost : Both free and premium available. Download HERE .


Starva Running Android App

The competitive running enthusiasts can benefit greatly from the unique running app called Strava designed specifically keeping competitiveness in mind. It helps in pace tracking comparative to the best runners in the world and connects you to athletes with superior levels of fitness, informing you of their workout regimes.

It offers a goal tracking feature that allows setting pace tracking , distance measurement or setting other goals while running. Its integration with specialized metrics helps progress training levels. The specialized metrics are SufferScore, that measures the level of your efforts, Power meter analysis that tracks performance per second, and race analysis that offers analysis of pace across a stretch.

Strava is a great free running app for community building and interaction. Weekly and monthly performance comparisons with other runners in the neighborhood is made possible through performance based individual rankings generated by Strava. It is the best for those who run to satiate their competitive spirit, but Strava isn’t an ideal choice if you are worried about the privacy of place of stay.

Recommended for: Beginners to intermediates.
Cost : Free! Download HERE .

Couch to 5K

Couch to 5k

Use this app as an avid running companion, capable of giving you constant feedback to ensure you are up and ready for a 5k marathon. This app boasts to be able to get you prepared for a 5k in just 9 weeks, and after completion, you can prep for a half marathon next.

This app, along with the use of many Android running apps for tracking runs, is trending because of a change in lifestyle and strive for better health. There is no gym, equipment or dieting necessary, only persistence.

Recommended for: Beginners.
Cost : Free with in-app purchases. Download HERE .


Map My Run Running Android App

One of the leading Android running apps for tracking route navigation, you can use Mapmyrun to plan safe and appropriate running destinations according to your preferences. You can create an entirely new route or load one of the nearby ones created by other users. This app comes in handy especially if you are new to a city and fancy a run.

You can add your running shoes and gear onto the app to track their performance and get notified when a new pair is required to prevent injuries. You can sync with over 400 apps and gears for updating stats about your mileage and achievements.

Recommended for: All levels of runners.
Cost : Free with in-app purchases. Download HERE .

Nike+ Run Club

Nike+ Run Club Running Android App

This app has a tracker that uses MotionX, which combines your phone GPS and accelerometer to accurately track your distance and time. It also promotes friendly competition between you and your friends. Join the Nike+ community of runners, share your best times and distances on the Nike+ feed and upload pictures of your workouts.

As you make progress with your running or training, trophies and badges for your accomplishments are rewarded to you on the app. Nike+ is also paired with Spotify so that you can conveniently access music while on your run.

Recommended for: All levels of runners.
Cost : Free with in-app purchases. Download HERE .

Zombies, Run!

Zombies Run Android Running App

This app has over two million runners using it, for one purpose- running away from zombies! Try out this app that combines the workout of boring running with the exhilaration of escaping virtual zombies. Complete with stories that you can choose from, listen to the audio drama tracks where these monsters creep up and chase you forcing you to run. Collect items to bring back to your base and protect the last few remaining survivors. Only you can save what’s left of humanity! Create your own personal playlists in the app and prepare to hear the zombies closing in through audio recordings. After each run or story, you can see your progress and run statistics.

Recommended for: All levels of runners.
Cost : Both free and premium versions available. Download HERE .

Garmin Mobile Connect

Garmin Mobile Connect Running Android App

Do you want to track or store your running stats more efficiently? If you have a Bluetooth-compatible device for tracking running, then look no further. You can sync your stats directly to the Garmin app on your phone, easily without any hassle.

This app has great GPS location and navigational features. Through ‘LiveTrack’, you can send all the details of your run and location to your friends live from the run itself.

Recommended for: All levels of runners.
Cost : Both free and premium versions available. Download HERE .

Charity Miles

Charity Miles Running Android App

Have you always wanted to donate to charity but never come around to it? The easiest way to donate and have a good workout is if you use the Charity Miles app. This app donates 25 cents to the charity of your choice for each mile, as it measures and tracks runs. The community has raised over 2 million dollars for charity through walking, running, and cycling. The ultimate running motivator, this app allows you to help yourself stay fit, and help others in the process. Choose from over 40 different charities to donate to, and make a difference.

Recommended for: All levels of runners.
Cost : Free and unrestricted. Download HERE .

Fitness is a personal target and goals can be achieved with perseverance. While maintaining discipline and interest in fitness activities comes from self-determination, your Android phone can be an ideal companion to help you with motivation, tracking, progress recording, and guidance.

Using Android running apps for tracking your run may just be the right step towards achieving your fitness goals. The right choice will be a fitter future. If you’re an Apple iPhone user don’t worry we got you covered. Here’s our list of Top iOS Running Apps for running enthusiasts.

Do check out the apps listed and let us know in comments which one do you use?

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