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79 Thoughts While Running That Go Through My Mind !

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Ever had that moment where your kid decides to have a complete meltdown just when your most important client rings up to discuss the latest project status? I have those, and many others too. Too many, in fact. Moments that make me want to flee the country and shack up in Timbuktu. So why am I still here? Because I get all the crazy out of me when I run every morning, barring Sundays. Sundays are my free-pass days. Anyway, back to the exorcism of crazy through running! I run and indulge in some pretty interesting thoughts while running, just because that’s the time I owe to myself to be completely free. That’s the time to ponder, and li’ll ol’ me ponders on a lot of things.

The reason I’m sharing these thoughts here are, of course, for your entertainment, but also to enlighten you how being a little isolated, with only your thoughts as company, early in the day keeps you sane and strong the rest of the day. And for all you men out there, catch a glimpse of what any woman might think when they are left alone! So here are 79 thoughts that go through my mind while running – mind you, they keep changing according to my mood –

  1. Must. Stretch. Now. Oh man, the watchman is looking…. double stretch tomorrow!

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  1. My knees are clicking so loudly. Is that healthy?! Note to self – Google “loudly clicking knees”.
  1. Wait, what’s that noise?! Never mind, it’s just me huffing and puffing like a big bad wolf.
  1. Only 11 steps? Forgot to set up the step counter to “Aerobic” mode.. Aaahh!
  1. Ah such a nice breeze.. uh oh just swallowed a fly.. hopefully it was just a fly.
  1. Will I fall?
  1. If I fall, will anyone help me up?

– –

  1. My heart is racing. Am I experiencing chest pain?
  1. What was that damn formula to calculate the target heart rate? Why did I leave my phone behind?!!
  1. What if I have a heart attack – who will find my body?

– –

  1. Whew! False alarm. If I’m still running, I’m good.
  1. Right?

  1. Hmm.. I’m really running now. This is good.
  1. I should do this more often.
  1. What.. 3 kilometers only?! I’ll die today.
  1. Here comes the burn.
  1. Ride the burn.

– – – –

  1. Accept the burn.

– –

  1. No burn. Yay! Just an empty vortex right below the diaphragm that’s going to suck me in and create a blackhole in the universe.
  1. OK. Think something else.

– –

  1. Go on, think about something else.

ankitaa gohain dalmia running

  1. Whose sindoor does Rekha wear?
  1. Nah.. too much to think about.
  1. Think Trump.
  1. Trump and the wall on Mexico border.
  1. Wish there was a wall right here. I want to lean. I want to curl up and sleep.
  1. Ok, new thoughts please!
  1. Is my baby going to be okay alone with her Dad?
  1. What if she falls down from the bed while he’s sound asleep?
  1. I need to be there for my baby.
  1. Run, feet. Run.
  1. Wait. No panicking. Think better thoughts.
  1. Are my pants holding up?
  1. Yes they are.
  1. Am I still panting too much?
  1. Oh no! There comes a dog. Should I stop running? Oh stick, where are thou?
  1. Don’t make eye contact with the doggie. He will sense my fear.
  1. Run, feet. Run.
  1. Clear the mind.

– –

  1. I wonder if my maid will show up today for work.
  1. What do I feel like eating? Maybe some Chinese.. Yum!
  1. But what if the maid comes in?! No Chinese. Sniff! Sniff!
  1. Maybe we’ll go out for Chinese tonight. Double yum!
  1. Stop thinking about food!
  1. Double Chicken Whopper from Burger King.. With a side of Onion Rings. Aaahhh!!
  1. Ok, one last time.
  1. French Fries!!
  1. Hot, Salty, Crispy French Fries. Yummmmm!
  1. And I’m done. Back to running. Clear the mind.

– –

  1. I’m born for running.
  1. Running like the wind!
  1. Ok another burn.

– –

  1. Oh God, what’s that smell?! Oops.. it’s me.
  1. Run, feet. Run.

Climbing Stairs

  1. Thank the Lord.. I can see my house from here.
  1. Almost back to reality..

– –

  1. I’m exhausted!
  1. You can do it, feet. You can. I’m with you.
  1. Oh why did I even take up running?!
  1. I’m going to fall.
  1. Focus. Think about the Chinese dinner waiting for me tonight.
  1. But what if the maid comes in?
  1. Oh I don’t care.. Chinese dinner, you are mine!!
  1. Oh, shit! That’s my neighbour out for her morning walk. Do I wave or say Hello!?
  1. Okayyy.. she totally avoided me. What a bitch! Never doing that again.
  1. Did anybody see that? Maybe that dog.
  1. Oh no, dog alert!
  1. Don’t make eye contact with the dog.
  1. Keep running.
  1. Why are there so many dogs in this area?
  1. Was that the same dog I saw earlier?
  1. Oh who cares, where IS my house?
  1. OOh, there it is!

– –

  1. Must use stairs. Not the elevator.
  1. Maybe tomorrow. Go, Elevator.
  1. Home sweet home.
  1. I love you, dear Carpet.

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