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7 Ways to get Your Mom Hooked to Running

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Its mother’s day round the corner, and are you facing the same dilemma? How to top that last year’s end-of-the-moment-hastily-thrown-together gift? The redundant cake, flowers, lunch, and probably a movie? Or the usual shopping spa day ? Or if you are totally innovative, something handmade, Which would invariably have mommy dear doing the cleanup after?

But, what if I said there is the perfect gift, Something that doesn’t involve booking those perishable flowers or those expensive spa treatment, something that will make you connect on a whole new level, and be beneficial for the both of you. SO, here I present to you, *drum roll* please

7 Ways to get Your Mom Hooked to Running

*Caution*: Please ensure your mom doesn’t have any medical conditions which might exacerbate due to running.

  1. Get the proper workout gear

Running can be very dangerous if you do not wear the right shoe or the perfect comfortable pants esp. for the elderly. A uniform denotes a purpose. For, a beginner, a workout is nothing short of going into battle, so like a soldier, you need a proper gear. The psychological factor of investing in gear makes you feel committed to the task. Moreover it makes you feel good and flattered and let’s face it, it gives us another reason to shop! This step will surely get your mom hooked to running.

7 Ways to get Your Mom Hooked to Running
A good gear is start to a great workout
  1. Suryanamaskar – Start her with Yoga

Another surefire way to get your mom hooked to running is Yoga. Running is the best way to get the heart going, but if the best way to increase your stamina is Suryanamaskar pose of Yoga. It works on all muscles of the body, especially the legs and focuses on inner core strengthening too. You can combine walking and suryanamaskar in one workout on the first week of getting mommy dearest fit.

  1. Breathing exercises

One of the biggest challenges in keeping up with running is dealing with the fatigue that sets it. Similar to how we have lamaze classes for mothers to beat child birth.To beat this, the simplest Yoga poses pranayama and kapalbharti works. Breathing aligns all the chakras of the body and improves focus. The ideal breathing count should be 2:1. Where you inhale for two steps and exhale for 1. And for the long distance running, 3:2. With practise, this will become involuntary. You can combine pranayama and running on week 1.

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  1. Say Bye Sore Muscles!

Running for a beginner is a big change for the body. To ensure you do not get post workout pains, make sure that you cool down and stretch those hamstrings, calf and glutes. The proper cool down will get you workout ready for tomorrow and hey! no sore muscles too. Its a Win-Win.

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  1. Location DOES matter.

To make it more interesting, choose different locations for your workout, you want to make her fall in love with the whole idea. Outdoors works best on the days you are doing pranayama and running. You can choose the gym or the terrace for suryanamaskar. A change in scenario will make it that much more fun.

Nature can be your best companion for a run
  1. Lifestyle Changes

Mothers have an amazing way of getting lost in house work. It would be easier to retrieve mass from the black hole than to get mothers to leave their chores and take out time for workout. One way to deal with it would be to finish it off early morning itself. We know it’s hard to wake up after binge watching an entire season, but this week is for her. You dont need a long workout, just a good one. Accommodate the workout timing based on her schedule, or if you may, even help out a little?

  1. The Tortoise ALWAYS wins!

Running is a full body workout. It not only helps your entire organ system to function properly, but also gets the mind running at an amazing speed. The hours of clear headedness that follows a good run is addictive. However, along with this a proper lifestyle change also helps.Take baby steps. Help mommy to Incorporate a new good habit every week, starting from her food habits to her workout ones. Our mothers come from an era where being fit meant eating only three meals a day.Post pregnancy diet involved only ghee and everything non nutritious. Her daily workout involved running behind you either for that last sip of milk or the last page of homework. There was no meal time not even proper meal, everything that was left after the family ate, would pretty much be it! Mommy dear is substitute of god on earth, and it is only natural that she stays here for as long as possible. The fact that there might be a day when you come home and she won’t be around is the worst nightmare. Wouldn’t you do just about anything under your power to stop that from happening? I know I would. So get up and get your mom hooked to running! Image Source

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