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5 things not scrimp on for your Health.

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While it's always a good thing to be careful with your money, there are some things that for the sake of your health, you really shouldn’t skimp on. Here are five things you should consider spending a little extra money on if you want to make smarter lifestyle choices as an adult…


As the old saying goes - you are what you eat. By simply upgrading the ingredients that you cook with, you can make a huge difference to the health impact your food has. It will be immediately obvious in the taste and you’re likely to develop a new appreciation for food. Changing habits and starting to shop local or heading to farmers markets can often work out cheaper than supermarket choices and will be much healthier.

If you shop seasonally, you can probably get your produce much cheaper, which organic and free range meat might cost you a little more. Invest in healthy and fresh ingredients will be kind to your body and taste much better!


Old and cheap running trainers will probably end up hurting your feet, disadvantage your game and don’t last for long. By investing in a couple good pairs of running shoes p/year can can actually save more money than you would buying twice as many cheap pairs. A good pair of running shoes will help you to improve your ability and will last you so much longer that you’ll end up saving money in the long run.


Your body deserves exercise, and you deserve to do it somewhere clean, welcoming and inviting. Signing up to the cheapest membership you can find may seem like it’s a good idea at the time, but will you really want to go to an overcrowed and dingy gym week in week out?

Spending that little bit more weekly means to will be able to find a gym with much better facilities, classes, and equipment. If the gym in clean and welcoming, you will want to go! So it’s definitely worth investing in a proper, well-run gym.


So you may be able to work out just fine in you old sweats and grubby T-shirt, the same rule as above applies here. When you’re wearing a killer workout outfit that looks amazing on you, you’ll feel amazing.

This feeling will almost certainly make you work out harder and enjoy your workouts more. These high-quality pieces will also last a little longer than cheaper alternatives and can improve performance.


As you get a little older, you start to realise that good health is basically a blessing. If you find yourself regularly falling ill, you’ll soon see how difficult this can be if you also have to work full-time. While it may have been a welcome break from lectures during your student years, when it comes to being in the working world, it will soon get to the point where taking a sick day is no longer fun.

Taking care of your health by investing in a health care plan. Simple things like signing up with a private dentist will pay for itself in the long run. Good health doesn’t just start and end with seeing a doctor or a dentist, and there are plenty of holistic practices you can try to ensure you are healthy.

Meditating, getting a good amount of sleep and keeping your stress levels in check are all good ways to stay healthy in adulthood. Remember, don’t be afraid to spend a little extra on that fancy gym membership if the yoga classes and steam room will help you to de-stress!

To sum it up...

As the saying goes, you can’t afford to be cheap. So what are you waiting for?

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