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13 Highly Effective Habits to Become a Consistent Runner

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Running can be a substantially challenging hobby to maintain. It is especially harder for a beginner to commit to and the way to becoming a consistent runner is definitely not smooth. The first exhaustion and fatigue can be too much to deal with, and most people tend to give up during this phase.

It helps you channel all the negativity and vent it out.

However, once you get through the initial stage, running can be your go-to support for every situation  you have to deal with in life.

With all its health benefits apart, running is almost liberating in nature.

13 Tips to Become a Consistent Runner

Committing to running is a rather herculean task. However, if you want to become a consistent runner and do have the knack for it, the obstacles in the way wouldn’t seem that difficult, and it would be easy to float through the process effortlessly.

Here are a few tips that can be helpful along the way if you want to become a consistent runner:

1. Make a Decision and Recognize the Obstacles in Your Way

First things first, to become a consistent runner, you have to be clear and firm about your decision to take up running. Consider everything and try to commit to your decision as much as possible.

If this is something you truly have a knack for, do not back out once it gets tough to handle.

When you begin running, there is always an initial phase where you are exhausted, or your body starts to cramp. Like most physical activities, running requires an adequate time getting used to. So, be very clear about your decision.

Next, try to consider real hurdle that you might face and would make you want to give up. Consider the outcomes and how you will deal with it.

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consistent runner
Keep Running

2. Start Slow

It is crucial to start it out slow.

Begin by doing a 100 meters run and slowly progress to 200 meters after a few days. It is important to understand the importance of increasing your mileage gradually, especially for beginners.

You will strain yourself in the first run and have more cramps and aches than you’re supposed to. This may just stop you from continuing the run. So it is of utmost importance to take baby steps and begin slowly.

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3. Run with Others

Running with others can be a great way of receiving support. There are always going to be times where you would want to quit. Having others to support you through that phase is essential to become a consistent runner.

Running with other people helps build your social support and also contributes to developing healthy competition. This is an excellent way to keep your head in the game and maintain your consistency.

So, surround yourself with other runners.

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Running Helps To Heal
Be Consistent!

4. Do New Things

Do not back out from trying new things and exploring your boundaries. As important as it is to avoid strain initially, it is also necessary to have an option to explore your limits and see how far you can go.

Try running marathons, be open to new experiences, try running an extra mile!

It is very important to try it again new things occasionally to avoid a dull routine and keep yourself interested.

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Run with Roshni Rai
Source: From An End to A New Beginning: Run with Roshni Rai

5. Keep a Definite Log

Monitor your run to become a consistent runner.

Come back after a run and record your distance and time.

It helps you track your improvement and increase the quality of the run with time. This eventually helps you maintain your consistency.

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6. Consider a Coach

If you are looking to gain expertise in any field, taking proper coaching is a popular way of going about it. A coach will help you move along the process strategically and also keep you motivated.

When you begin running, there are likely to be mistaken for your form or otherwise. It would help to get the advice and training from a coach. When the entire process is done right, there are higher chances of you maintaining a consistency where running as a sport is concerned.

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7. Practice Good Postures

It is vital to have a proper posture while running and practice healthy habits. A good posture will help you live up to your full potential. It also contributes to avoiding cramps that may occur.

Good running habits include strength training yourself regularly. It is essential to practice them because they help you maintain a consistent quality of performance in the longer run.

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consistently running
Correct form is essential

8. Have a Definite Routine

Have a proper schedule for your run and try to stick to it as much as possible.

Running in the morning can be particularly beneficial for your body.

Have a definite time set for your runs. You may slowly increase the time spent as you increase your mileage. A set routine helps you not to fall short or skip a run. Find an appropriate time and adhere to it as much as you can.

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9. Follow a Warm-up Routine

It is imperative to follow a rigorous warm-up routine before the run. This is the step most runners seem to miss out.

A proper warm-up helps loosen your muscles and increases endurance.

Before a run, you can try sprints, leg exercises, thigh exercises, the plank, etc. Choose exercises that target the muscle you’ll be using during the run. This will help relax those muscles and increase your endurance during the run, thereby improving the overall quality of the run.

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warm-up is important
Do warm-ups to run consistently

10. Adopt a Runner’s Diet

If you are going to commit to running, incorporate that into your dietary preference also.

Try to cut out the junk and include more vegetables in your diet.

Make your diet as colorful as possible. Remind yourself to drink more water every day.

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It is important to do these small things because your diet eventually helps you in developing more stamina and energy which is necessary to become a consistent runner.

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Eat healthy
Eat healthy to run consistently

11. Keep a Proper Running Gear

It may not be the first thing on your mind but adopting proper running gear should be one of your initial steps.

Get the right kind of running shoes, clothes that allow good stretching and do not get in the way.

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Research and get the gear that would be best suited to your needs. The right shoes and the exact size vary from person to person. It is important to find the exact one that would complement you the best. Seek guidance and make sure you get the right gear before the run.

good running shoes
Get good running shoes for consistency

12. Make Running a Part of Your Life

Incorporate running into every existing sphere of your life.

To become a consistent runner, go running as necessary as breathing for yourself.

This helps you in not taking this as a chore but a necessity for your survival and helps you stay motivated. If you are at a stage where you’re unable to go a day without running, you have achieved the place where you would want to be a runner.

13. Celebrate

Celebrate all your big and small milestones.

Appreciate yourself for everything that you do as a runner. Even the most minor achievements shouldn’t go unappreciated. This helps in increasing the importance of the activity in your life and keeps your head in the game continuously.

It also helps in increasing your faith in yourself which is an important aspect to continue any sport with precision and consistency.

Lakshmi Marathon Running
Source – Running with team Nichebees

Once, you have crossed the initial few days; it gets easier to deal with the whole idea. Always remember to make running one of your priorities in life.

It is a slow process, so it is more than important not to lose hope along the way. Surround yourself with another runner; join communities and clubs if you can. It is important to have a strategy, but it is way more important to listen to your body and work accordingly.

Don’t be afraid of taking a day or two off from running when you need it.

Keep yourself trained and motivated, know the correct running technique and why you began everything.

But most importantly, as a consistent runner, don’t forget to enjoy yourself and let every inch of you go!

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